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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Stealth Symphony 6

Act 6: the wolf of the wasteland

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Mar 27, 2014 09:13 | Go to Stealth Symphony

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Reserved for substitute

Act 6: the wolf of the wasteland\\
Box: dear lil, are you doing fine?\\
Box: your brother finally found a job\\
Box: it is a really lively working place with people around my age\\
Lai: are you all right? You look a little pale\\
Sieg: no, I’m fine\\
Box: there is just one thing that I want to tell you in advance\\
side: sieg went to save a kidnapped group of people together with 2 students of the cyborg soldiers school!! But who is the enemy!?\\
box: … tell our parents that “I’m sorry” if I do not come back home alive\\
?: h-hey…\\ what will happen to us?\\
?: I ended up in here because of a gambling debt… they told me that they would make me work in some factory…\\ but this is not was they promised\\
boy: I heard that they are a group of people who kidnap other people\\
boy: we will become guinea pigs for some experiments\\
mer: g-guinea pigs?\\
boy: they want to experiment on different kind of people, ranging from infants to adults\\
goblin: seriously…?\\ could it be that none of us will come back alive?\\
mer: i-it’s alright!\\
mer: I’m sure that someone will come to help us!\\
sfx: look\\
mer: furthermore…\\
mer: the woman who is guarding us is alone…\\
mer: I’m sure that if we all put our efforts together we will be able to survive!\\
boy: … I hope you are right\\
sfx: batan\\
ali: I’m a little…\\ reluctant about this job\\
sfx: hyoi\\
toro: oh? What’s wrong?\\
ali: on the data it is recorded that “they are labourers who are sent to work in a factory in order to repay a debt”, but…\\ they do not seem really “legal labourers” to me\\
ali: furthermore I do not like when people are handled like simple “cargo”…\\
toro: I see, I agree with you\\
ali: and there is also the rumour that the place where this trailer is headed is a suspicious pharmaceutical company\\
toro: alice-san\\ our job does not consist in exposing other people crimes and judge them\\
ali: I know that, but…\\
toro: Instead I am worried about the reason why such people asked for guards for their cargo\\
ali: eh?\\
toro: if this is really illegal, I am sure that they would like to not involve external people in this matter\\ therefore, the fact that they hired some guards means that…\\
toro: there is an high probability that someone will attack\\
lai: I see\\
sfx: shin \\shin\\
rai: so you didn’t know that these wings were a “dragon legacy”\\
rai: even now they are emitting the typical trace of a legacy\\
rai: what happened to that director you were talking about?\\
sieg: it seems that he did a lot of other illegal things, so they arrested him\\ the police told me that I have to go testify against him during the process…\\
poli: you are a witness, right?\\
poli: we really count on you\\
lai: you seem reluctant about that\\
sieg: I still cannot believe that\\ he is a bad person…\\
lai: but you are really incredible after all, sieg-kun\\
sieg: I think that I can become a good protection against bullets\\
hank: hey man, are you insane?\\
sieg: I want…\\ to help you save those people\\
hank: you have good intentions but…\\
hank: your sense of justice doesn’t protect you from bullets, you know?\\
sieg: yes I know, but…\\
sieg: with my “wings”…\\
lai: I agreed after hearing about the power of your legacy, but…\\ I never thought that we would bring an amateur with us\\
sieg: sorry, I said something unreasonable and at the end I will just become a burden to you…\\
lai: it’s alright, don’t worry\\
lai: because colt-kun is the one in charge of this mission\\
colt: … there’s no problem\\ if you will become a protection for bullets, so be it\\
box: cyborg soldiers school, total sum of money acquired for rewards: 7th place\ “fortified doghouse”\ yumimiya colt\\
sieg: y-yes!\\
col: if you will become a burden I will just throw you away\\ that’s all\\
sieg: yes…\\
sfx: viiiin\\
wolf: don’t be reckless\\
wolf: don’t be reckless\\
sieg: t-thanks\\
wolf2: if you think that things are dangerous, just run away\\
rai: he is not that sociable, but his ability to carry out jobs is the real deal\\
sfx: grrrr\\
rai: he came to the cyborg soldiers school just recently, but he is in the top ranking in earned rewards\\ furthermore he is the best wolf borg users among us\\
sieg: I see…\\ laika-chan, why did you become a mercenary even if you are so young?\\
lai: me?\\
lai: hum…\\ when I was little I was hurt by a magic bomb, you know\\
sieg: m-magic bomb…?\\
lai: therefore my body became half mechanical since that time\\ and I’m quite sturdy, as you can see\\
col: put it down\\
lai: ah, sorry\\
lai: and one thing brought to another and I felt like working in the cyborg soldier school\\
lai: well, the money I earn all goes to the maintenance of this little guys after all\\
lai: it’s difficult to have three vision parts after all\\
sieg: … three?\\
colt: your chit chat ends here\\
lai: ok\\
colt: that’s the trailer\\
colt: we will begin in one minute\\
sfx: pata\\pata\\
wolf: it is better if you hide\\
sieg: … ah, yes\\
sieg: I cannot go back\\ once I came all the way here\\
sfx: glom\\
sieg: the only thing I can do… is protect them from bullets…\\
lai: there is no need to become so worked up so soon, are you alright?\\
sieg: r-really…?\\
lai: the trailer is still far… from this distance they will confuse us with the shadows on the mountain and not notice us\\
lai: well, that’s what normally happens\\
ali: … eh?\\
toro: what’s wrong?\\
ali: well. I can see your shadow senior yabusame…\\
mas: sorry\\
mas: the flow of wind changed\\
sfx: suu…\\
mas: let’s ask for a little help\\
sfx: hyun\\
ali: what’s wrong master-san?\\
ali: eh…?\\
ali: the shuurikens\\
ali: are indefinitely dividing…!?\\
lai: … sorry sieg-kun\\
lai: things could get really troublesome\\
sieg: … what do you mean?\\
ali: there are high rank people from V&V\\
sieg: t-toroma-san!?\\
sieg: why…!?\\
sieg: uwaah…\\
sieg: what…\\
mas: iruma ninja corps' secret move\\
mas: bamboo cutting wind\\
colt: the number of our preys increased\\
colt: well them… it’s feeding time\\
inserted text: ninja Vs wolf borg!!\\

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