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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 220

Night 220: the thing in common

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Apr 1, 2014 08:09 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Night 220: the thing in common\\
inserted text: Solomon and his group are pursuing the enemy’s leader, but…?\\
solo: surrender.\\
solo: stop the entire fleet, the outcome has been decided.\\
boss: I wonder about that…\\ your third eye is disappearing. It seems that you can fight with the “divine staves” for just a few minutes. Solomon jehoahaz Abraham…\\
she: the priest is saying it for a while now, but is that true…? Is he really the son of elder David…?\\
she: is he really so incredible…!!?\\
solo: the Agenda* of the orthodoxy is a forgery. It has been bended in order to be convenient for the humans.\\
TLN: could it the that the Agenda is some kind of bible?\\
Solo: there is no difference between humans and the other species.\\
Boss: heresy…!! You heart has been sullied. I do not have any other choice than erase you…!!\\
she: !?\\ w-what is this!?\\
boss: to the entire fleet.\\ ready you cannons and fire at the flagship.\\
boss: there is a really great impurity on this ship. To erase such impurity is the mission of a real believer.\\
ugo: the “isolation barrier”…\\ it is a barrier that doesn’t make a magician use his magic. Not even the borg works.\\
ugo: it is often used by magicians to commit suicide.\\
she: s-\
she: suicide…!?\\
ugo: also called “martyrdom”.\\
boss: god is calling the both of us.\\
solo: sorry but I disagree\\
boss: what!?\\
?: the manticoras tribe,\\
?: the hermit tribe,\\
?: and human-serpent* tribe!?\\
TLN: I translate the name literally, but maybe “gorgons tribe” would not be so bad\\
Boss: w-why are they here…\\ no, more importantly, why…!?\\ why are “other species” using magic…!!?\\
She: what is the meaning of this…!!?\\
solo: I will give you this staff.\\
solo: this is a divine staff that we remodelled following ugo’s ideas…\\
solo: we embed in it an apparatus with the same role of the “third eye”… the invisible organ that enables magicians to receive the magoi sent from “illah”.\\
solo: when you have this in your hands you become a magician. Therefore the mind breaking magic will not work on you.\\
solo: I had previously established that I will give one of these staves to each tribe, but you will be able to use really powerful magic with it. Could you protect your comrades in critical moments with this from now as a chief?\\
aga: I understand. My name is agares…\\
aga: the one who governs on the tribe of fortitude and creation, the “manticoras”!\\
aga: pierce through the earth…\\
aga: aug alhazad (earth shell revolving cutting claws)\\
boss: what blasphemy…!! You gave the divine staves to other species!!!\\
she: …ah! I see… these people, they knew that this would happen since the beginning…\\
solo: it’s alright now. The enemy is retreating.\\
solo: furthermore, The ones in charge of the three “divine” staves I gave you
will be able to use their power to spread huge “isolation barriers”. If you live in those barriers, magic will not work. And you will be able to live without being manipulated.\\
ugo: Solomon, your words cannot reach three different species.\\
solo: that’s right.\\
arba: just talk and don’t worry. I will translate it for the manticoras,\\
ugo: I will translate for the hermit and the human-serpent tribe.\\
she: Solomon… he is going to tell the manticoras the same thing he told to the priests… will the they listen to what he has to say…?\\
solo: “we…”\\
solo: we will free all the lands and build together with the other species “alma torran” where we will live together with them on equal terms.\\
solo: that’s the only atonement for us magicians, because of the stupid behaviour we had until now.\\
boss: that’s impossible…\\ and there is a clear proof to that impossibility. Because…\\
boss: the only ones that god chose are the humans!!!!\\
boss: that’s the proof that humans are different from the others!! We will never be able to understand each other!!!!\\
aga: human.\\
solo: what is it, agares?\\
aga: we are really surprised about this “alma torran” proposal…\\
aga: you are presenting to us. And we are really confused as well. Because…\\
aga: we will never be on equal terms with humans.\\
aga: humans are too different from us…\\ you can use magic, you are the only species that was chosen to receive such a power from god, a power that manipulates the very fabric of this world… you really are a miraculous existence.\\
aga: don’t you think that the differences between humans and other species is hopeless?\\
aga: probably we are… a species that was forsaken by god…\\
she: momo…\\
solo: such thing is absolutely…\\
solo: wrong.\\
solo: the real intention of illah’s revelation was just to “put an end to the strives among the different species and save this world”. I heard such talk directly from a species that lived before the humans became magicians.\\
solo: furthermore, why do you believe such a thing?\\
solo: the manticoras have claws capable of break up the land, they are able to create elaborate tools and houses,\\ to raise their children and to fight for their comrades…\\ you are a brave and magnificent species.\\
solo: furthermore, the difference among us is not hopeless. All the species, even humans, have a thing in common that is exactly the same.\\
?: thing in common…?\\
??: what are you talking about, human?\\
solo: that’s love.\\
solo: it is not such an exaggerated thing.\\ for example, I know that any cruel and demonic magician,\\
solo: would show his good side to his family and children.\\
solo: if you are necessary for others you find a purpose in your life, and if you are alienated from them you fell sorrow.\\ such a thing is really strong in species that attained the ability to think and the ability to create societies.\\
solo: no matter what kind of kind of life you have, you will be inevitably charmed by the most bright and honest direction…\\ and yearn for it…\\
solo: and then,\\ when you will put your own self in common with others…\\
solo: and be touched by their kindness…\\
solo: no matter how much you hated that grotesque and different species until yesterday,\\
solo: you hearth will be inevitably moved…\\
solo: that’s why I want that we go together.\\
solo: we all\\
solo: desire to live happily after all.\\
solo: we love and suffer in the same way.\\
solo: that’s our only guidepost.\\
solo: we cannot be certain about god.\\
solo: so it should be fine to choose by ourselves the way we want to live our life…\\
solo: let’s do this together.\\
solo: let’s change the world together, in a place that will be ours…\\ and where anyone can live proudly!\\
she: this person is incredible.\\
she: I don’t know anyone else who could give so much self confidence to so many people. He gave us a magnificent feeling, which makes us want to face forward…\\
she: will I one day be able to do such a thing as well?\\
she: I want to try to illuminate the life of others just like how he just did!\\
inserted text: next issue, the time flows… we will see Solomon when he is 17 years old!!\\

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