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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 563

Battle: 563: the two orders


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 563

Battle: 563: the two orders\\
inserted text: kenichi and kajima, clash!\\
miu: yah!!\\
kaji: you have look on your face.\\
miu: be careful, kenichi-san, the way this man moves, it’s like…\\
inserted text: one issue of kenichi… festival\\ check the anime announcement on the… left\\
miu: the way he moves is like…\\
miu: the fuurinji household’s “martial arts style”!!\\
ken: so it was true that he is furinji saiga’s disciple, huh…\\
miu: furthermore…\\
miu: there is even one more thing…\\
miu: he has movements similar to those of kanou shou and mine…\\
miu: the movements of a kuremisago!!\\
kaji: exactly.\\
kaji: one of my masters is fuurinji saiga!!\\
kaji: and the other is the strongest chief of the kuremisago…\\
kaji: his name is senzui!!\\
niji: hey, didn’t you say that miu-chan’s father told you to bring us inside of this base!!?\\
kaji: I brought you here, right?\\
kaji: next I will accomplish senzui-sensei orders to “kill” you.\\
niji: uuh…\\
kaji: I was really looking forward to fight against you.\\ shirahama kenichi.\\
ken: I don’t have any other choice but…\\
ken: to fight!!\\
niji: I will retreat by using my secret technique!!\\
kaji: ah, I really want to crush you after all.\\
kaji: you will not run away!!\\
kaji: you infiltrated this base because you had some kind of scheme, right?\\
ken: shinken shirahama dori\\
kaji: you have good reflexes…\\
kaji: but, that’s not something you have naturally, right?\\
ken: indeed, this power was awarded me by my masters!!\\
ken: in order to stand against…\\
ken: the evil that everyone pretends to not see!!\\
ken: kao loi!!\\ ukyuu haitou!!\\ kuchiki taoshiiii!!\\ strongest first combo!!\\
kaji: guh!!\\
niji: oooh!!\\
niji: I see… that’s how it is, right!!?\\
ken: haah!!\\
niji: until now he fought mortal fights with several members of yomi, and he was able to survive.\\
niji: unexpectedly…\\
niji: he could do it!!\\
kaji: kakah.\\
kaji: good!\\
ken: cheah!!\\
kaji: he stopped my kick with another kick!!\\
ken: oooooh!!\\
ken: chintsuikei!! (strong sinking fall)\\
kaji: kah…\\
kaji: kakah!!\\
kaji: kakakah!!\\
kaji: you…\\
kaji: are strong.\\
kaji: seal phase…\\
kaji: kicking seal!!\\
miu: that’s!!?\\
kaji: keaaah!!\\
ken: oooah!!\\
ken: this is bad!!\\
ken: tan guard muei!!\\
ken: kuaah!\\
niji: what the hell is happening!! His kicking power swelled up all of the sudden!!\\
miu: my grandfather told me about it once, it is like the moves that the mountain ascetics use.\\
kaji: heh, exactly.\\
kaji: the seals are now only related to religious ceremonies, but originally they were performed because they hid some particular strength!\\
kaji: for example this seal is the vestige of when humans walked on four feet, with the tension applied by the seal I formed earlier, my body began to move together in a particular way. It is a vestige of when people lived on trees, and gave me a power as if I had to grip to a tree with my feet!!\\
niji: seals!!\\
niji: are you some kind of ninja!!?\\
kaji: originally the kuremisago were a ninja lineage!!\\
kaji: muuh!!\\
ken: guwah!!\\
ken: are you a kuremisago as well!!?\\
kaji: no, I am not a descendant of such a blessed clan.\\
kaji: those two are members of the clan which “a single one of them is worth several army divisions”!\\
miu: kuh!!\\
ken: kiu-san!!\\
miu: it’s alright!!\\
miu: just as I thought…\\
?: is this really a descendant of the kuremisago most excellent lineage?\\
??: our lineage is more suitable…\\
??: to be the main one after all.\\
miu: puh…\\
miu: puh puh puh.\\
niji: puh puh!?\\
ken: kuh…\\
ken: now!!\\
ken: hah!\\
ken: huh…\\
ken: guaaah!!\\
ken: what strong sweeping! I don’t think he is a disciple class like me…\\
kaji: you don’t need necessarily to form seals with just your hands!\\
kaji: if you make seals with you feet, the effects will be evident on your hands.\\
kaji: feet seal, hollowing hands!!\\
kaji: well then, let’s go!!\\
kaji: fuurinji…\\
ken: eh!!?\\
niji: f-\\
niji: fuurinji!!?\\
kaji: cross wheel!!!\\
ken: ebuh!!\\
ken: t-\\
ken: this is impossible!!\\
ken: I don’t feel like I can win at all!!\\
side text: he is overwhelming kenichi with several kinds of moves. Kajima, “the strongest disciple of satsujinken”. Are there any paths of survival for our timid first disciple!?\\

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