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Stealth Symphony 7

Act 7: personal enemies

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Apr 3, 2014 08:18 | Go to Stealth Symphony

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reserved for substitute

Act 7: personal enemies\\
Side text: sieg went to save the kidnapped people together with the members of the cyborg soldier school!! But who is the enemy!?\\
colt: well then…\\ it’s feeding time\\
sieg: toroma and the others…\\ are the enemy…?\\
frog: ooh\\ it has began\\
mai: … it is just as our information reported \\
box: secretary mai\\
frog: to think that they would hire mercenaries\\
box: human sacrifices supply company (stork*)\ vice head-chief\ quake\\
TLN: this should be the name of the company\\
mai: so the information that there was the relative of some wealthy person among the people suitable for the experiment was true\\
qua: well, it would be better if he is not part of the royal family or some important family in the government\\ once we will be able to take them to the indicated location, the pharmaceutical company that hired us will be able to deal with them quite well\\ they share their lot with us after all\\
mai: why did you hire the “V&V” this time?\\
qua: the members of the private army would just die in vain against the monsters of the cyborg soldier school\\
qua: we need to do things flawlessly in order to don’t get in the way with the boss’ hobby\\
mai: h-hobby?\\
qua: yeah, he has a special kind of illness\\ which irrationality knows no bounds\\
qua: the boss has the hobby of…\\
troll: hey hey\\ can’t you hear some incredible sounds coming from the outside?\\
qua: seeing people despair with his own eyes\\
mer: I’m sure that the police came to save us\\
mer: everyone\\
mer: we just have to wait a little more!\\
boss: … I hope things go well for us\\
colt: … let’s end this all at once\\
sfx: pachin\\
sfx: viiiii\\
sfx: ban\\
colt: to think that he could bend a light ray\\
colt: what kind of magic technique is that?\\
ma: the path of a shinobi is different from the works of a god or a demon\\
ma: it is the aggregation of the techniques polished by human hands\\
colt: …. What is this “shinobi” thing?\\
ma: words are unnecessary on the battlefield\\
colt: … isn’t that just some trick? (we are just working after all)\\
ma: they are coming!\\
sieg: why are toroma-san and the others here!?\\
lai: weren’t they just hired…\\
lai: by the slave dealers of that trailer?\\
sieg: impossible!\\ it cannot be that toroma-san and the others would be allies with slave traders…\\
sieg: I’m sure that there must be some kind of mistake…\\
?: no, there is no mistake\\
sieg: eh..?\\
sieg: this voice is…\\
?: the protection of that trailer is an official V&V work\\
sfx: chakin\\
sieg: bats…?\\
sieg: alice-san!?\\
box: V&V rank 5\ “soul picker”\nijigami alice (vampire)\\
ali: why are you here, sieg-san?\\
sieg: I…\\
sieg: came here in order to save the people in that trailer\\
over ali: sigh…\\
ali: just as I thought\\
ali: to bring an amateur here… what is the cyborg soldier school thinking?\\
ali: I suggest you to run away immediately\\
ali: if you oppose us, even if I know you, I will…\\!\\
sfx: ban\\
ali: a wolf borg…!\\
ali: yukikiya… colt, huh!\\
sieg: uwaah!?\\
sieg: alice-san…?\\
?: … san\\ … lice…\\ alice-san\\
sieg: eh?\\
sieg: this voice… toroma-san!?\\
toro: that voice… is it you sieg-san!?\\ why are you here!?\\
sieg: ah…\\
sieg: well… the truth is…\\
ali: to eliminate you (the main strength) is… the fastest way to end this\\
colt: … I will eliminate anyone who gets in the way\\
toro: I see\\ that is the reason why you came here\\
sieg: h-hum… I…\\
toro: well… congratulations!\\
sieg: eh?\\
toro: I’m really glad that you found yourself a job!\\
toro: it was a good idea to suggest you to go to the cyborg soldiers school!\\
sieg: no, well…\\
toro: this time it happened that we are business rivals, but…\\let’s do our best without any regrets\\
sieg: he is not ironic\\
sieg: he is saying all of this… earnestly…\\
sieg: h-hum toroma-san!\\ … are you really ok with this!? To just leave the kidnapped people like that without doing anything…!?\\
toro: sieg-san\\ for me the futures of a good person or a bad person have the same value\\
toro: and that is the reason why I leave the priority of that future to my “commission”\\
toro: what I can do is to protect them until we arrive to the requested location\\ only that\\
sieg: didn’t I already realize…\\
sieg: that toroma-san helped me because… he is exactly that kind of person…?\\
lai: is sieg-kun alright?\\
wolf: maybe his spirit is broken?\\
sieg: … on the documents about this job… there was written…\\
inserted text (sieg): but…!!\\
sieg: that the people in that trailer…\\ could be used as guinea pigs for “legacy” experiments\\
sieg: and you totoma-san became my ally, after I was used as a guinea pig\\
sieg: I… am aiming to a way of life that you could acknowledge, toroma-san\\
sieg: I want to help the others… just like the others helped me\\ and for that reason…\\
sieg: I will become your enemy\\
side text: his “feelings” swell up!! “I will save them no matter what” with such a firm determination sieg challenges toroma!!\\
text below: in the next issue, what will be sieg’s life treating secret plan to rescue those people!? And what will toroma do then…!?\\

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