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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 221

Night 221: lovesickness

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Apr 5, 2014 10:40 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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reserved for sense

Night 221: lovesickness\\
inserted text: the fight of the liberation army continues\\
1: after 5 years\\
1: ales!! Abril!! Go to reinforce the right wing!\\
3: conquer the central plaza!!\\
4: understood!!!\\
1: damn you daephs who oppose to god’s will!!!\\
1: w-what is that!? What kind of borg is that!!?\\
1: gyaah!!\\
1: she is the so called “eight heads defensive wall” magician user!!\\
2: she was able to bring her own borg at extreme heights and made it into a powerful offensive magic!! What incredible genius…!!\\
1: sheba (17 years old)\\
1: it’s alright now, the enemy has retreated. Let’s fight together from now on, phenex.\\
1: however the humans are too different from us. Is it really possible to live equally together with them?\\
2: yes! The depths of our hearts are the same after all!\\
1: ah, that’s something that a person who I really admire told me, but I share his same thoughts!\\
1: three quarters of the world have already fell in the hand of the resistance and the other species…\\
2: why isn’t elder David taking a thorough search-and-destroy operation ?\\ more than 10 years have passed since lord Solomon begun to oppose him…\\
1: eighth base of the resistance\\
1: welcome home, sheba!\\
1: I’m home everyone!\\
2: how went the operation?\\
near fal: your turn comes later!!\\
near waid: but one of them is free!!\\
3: it went great! The garda(bird people) are living together with the centaurs and the griffons and now that they have created the isolation barrier they should be alright!\\
1: I see, you did a great job, sheba!\\
2: you want to become a good child too, aru?\\
3: eeh, stop that falan, waid, I’m not a little girl anymore…\\
1: you are right, sheba. You became a little taller since the last time, right?\\
2: you didn’t change at all.\\
1: that’s normal. Aging is a system error of the human body. Only a third rate magicians isn’t able to control his aging process.\\ sheba, you should control the rate of destruction of your cells just like we do.\\
2: maybe I should get a little more older\\
1: you are already quite cool, brother.\\
2: s-stop that setta, you are a handsome man yourself, you know! You resemble me.\\
3: you are not related by blood, right?\\
near ugo: you were just raised in the same church after all\\
1: I have decided it. I will become older. In order to become bigger than this insensible muscle daruma.\\
near ugo: this daruma\\
2: eh~~~ but that’s just impossible~~\\
1: how old are you all?\\
2: my brother is 24 years old.\\
3: ugo is 58 years old!\\
1: e-eeeh!!?\\
2: fuah~~~ ugo was unable to get a girlfriend even if he is 58 years old, aru. With the passing of the years he became more and more unable to talk with girls he is not familiar with, aru.\\
3: gah.\\
1: that’s great! I want to become an adult as soon as possible! So strong and wise that…\\
2: I can get along well with Solomon!\\
3: ah.\\
1: you like Solomon after all, sheba.\\
2: i-it is not like that!\\
1: I could never like such guy who looks like a nagging and stubborn father!\\
2: ok, we understand.\\ just go to him to tell how the battle went. Maybe he will caress your head and praise you.\\
1: I-I told you that I don’t want such a thing at all!!\\
1: he said that probably Solomon will praise me!!?\\
2: what should I do!?\\ normally he would never do it!\\
1: Solomon when he is normal\\
2: listen, sheba. You get too much caught in the moment.\\
1: just retreat when the situation looks dangerous.\\ and don’t forget to bring with you your staff.\\ did the wounds you suffered the other day heal? Show them to me.\\
2: ah~~~~ geez, I told you that I’m alright!! I’m strong you, know!? I can do everything alone!!\\
1: that’s what I’m telling you… you are too stubborn… and I cannot leave you alone!\\
1: eh!?\\
2: d-does that mean… that you worry about me in a special way…?\\
1: no, I meant that in certain occasions your eyes have the same dangerous look they had in the past…\\
near solo: I’m worried about what you are thinking\\
sheba face: isn’t that written in the sacred scriptures!!!?\\
2: that’s what it worries me the most.\\
1: well, I was just like you in the past, after all.\\
1: you resemble me,\\
2: a lot.\\
1: he said that I resemble him! Solomon!?\\
2: that’s right! I did my best until today just to become like him!\\
1: I’m back, Solomon are you in here~~?\\
1: eh?\\
1: I have lost little lord.\\
2: arba…\\
1: you were holding back, right? \\ who do you think trained me in swordsmanship?\\
2: it was me, right?\\
1: and stop calling me little lord. I told you that countless times, right?\\
1: yes…\\
2: but I am nothing more that your menial servant, so…\\
1: that’s a really old story. Do you know the reason why I brought you with me from the great temple?\\
1: in these last 10 years the number of our allies increased.\\ from time to time, certain species treated me like a god, but…\\ the only thing that worries me is that you don't treat me as an equal.\\
1: I’m worried that if there isn’t someone who knows me since the time I was a stupid kid…\\
2: I could become conceited and have the pretence to be a god just like my father.\\
1: just like in the past,\\ when we are alone,\\
2: talk to me without honorifics.\\
1: yes,\\
2: little lord…\\
1: in that case let me tell you something…\\
2: your sword style sucks, Solomon!\\
3: smirk\\
1: could it be because you are quite short? I would like to see a bigger and stronger Solomon!\\
2: hum,\\ really?\\
near solo: I can grow this much you know\\
near arba: you should become more like this…\\
1: ah, welcome back, what happened, sheba?\\
near ugo: you are just lying in the bed\\
1: fuah~~~ stress eating, aru.\\
2: that’s not cool.\\
1: you cannot get yourself between them no matter how much you eat.\\
1: I know.\\
1: leaving that aside…\\
1: it really changed in the last years.\\
2: so you notice it too, right?\\
3: what did change?\\
1: the quality of the magoi.\\
2: the magoi sent from il illah became heavier… it feels like it got impure.\\
1: the quality of the magoi…?\\
1: you are right, aru! My shoulders are getting stiffer and stiffer, aru! And in addition to that now I have two men who are unable to get away from my tits, aru!\\
2: w-what are you talking about falan, who is this suspicious guy who is always all over your tits!!?\\
3: idiot, aru! It’s you, aru!\\
1: I wonder what is causing that…\\
2: I don’t know. But… I think that it is a serious matter that could break the balance of this world.\\
1: that’s why I think that after a long time I will…\\
2: go to ask for their teachings. Maybe they will be able to tell me something.\\
1: ooh, a lot of time passed since then!\\
2: hum… do you mean the ones who are alive since before the humans became magicians?\\
1: that’s right… I think that he said it in the past…\\
2: I heard that directly from a certain species that is alive since before humans became magicians.\\
3: but I wonder who is the world could be the species to which Solomon could “ask for teachings”…!?\\
1: let’s try to meet them.\\
2: the “origin dragons”…\\
inserted text: in the next issue another important piece of history will be revealed!!\\

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