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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 564

Battle 564: the time of demise


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 564

Battle 564: the time of demise\\
inserted text: do your best every… one\\
side: ryouzanpaku continues its death match against the combined forces of yami and the eight radiant executioner blades. Are the masters being slowly driven in a corner because of the numerical disadvantage?\\
aki: kuh…\\
aki: be careful everyone. From time to time she changes the trajectory of her arrows!!\\
apa: apah!!\\
aki: are you doing fine, shibacchi!?\\
aki: you are too quiet.\\
oga: the guy you brought with you vanished all of the sudden.\\
near oga: and when I was beginning to have fun\\
aki: shibaaaaaaah!!\\
kage: nyo~~~\\
miku: kegerou-dono…\\
miku: an assassin from yami who was blessed with the strength of the earth… you are skilful in several ways… but,\\
miku: the time of demise is drawing near…\\
miku: you are finally being called by hell… be ready!!\\
kage: noyoh!!?\\
kage : now!! Secret move usuba(thin blade) kagerou!!\\
kage: roll roll roll~~~…\\
kage: roll…\\
miku: kushinada style…\\
miku: chichuu nage (centre of earth throw)!!\\
miku: it does seem that rotting in the land is your real wish…\\
miku: well then everyone…\\
miku: there is no meaning in being obsessive about 1 Vs 1 fights and then lose the war.\\
kuga: nuhn!\\
kuga: danki doesn’t want to move there!\\
kuga: guah!!\\
aki: kugatachi-dono!!\\
aki: touryaaah!!\\
miku: it is true that you of the katsujinken show your real worth when you put your strength together… but,\\
miku: every time you cover one of your allies, your heart brings you into a predicament.\\
aki: hah!!\\
saka: be careful, akisame!!\\
mil: got you.\\
aki: sorry sakaki!!\\
saka: heh, they are not that different from ma’s needles, they will be good for my health.\\
ma: how dare you!!\\
miku: ichiei-dono…\\
miku: how is the defence going?\\
ma: nuh…\\
ma: it’s coming!!\\
sa: the time to ripe the fruit is near…\\
?: what do you mean why is the US abandoning japan!?\\
?: it is not like that.\\
??: don’t play with me, isn’t this incident part of your country’s strategy!?\\
???: wait, this is a conspiracy!!\\
miku: the conflicts in the world that didn’t disappear in the last 100 years are going to hit now with a thunder…\\
miku: the origin of the sun.*\\
tln: Japan means “origin of the sun” that’s why it is referred as "Land of the Rising Sun"\\
ma: nuh!!\\
ma: otto!!\\
miku: a world without fights\\
miku: becomes something empty even inferior to being animals…\\
ma: shit!!\\
apa: aaah!!\\
apa: tobuh!!\\
ma: I got her!!\\
ma: to think that she would be able to get away from my demonic hands!!\\
ma: guoh…\\
ma: what kind of knight attacks his opponent from behind?\\
miku: indeed… history shows that…\\
miku: humans…\\
miku: can be humans…\\
miku: only into wars.\\
scy: these guys have some good gauntlets!!\\
ki: heh, we need these just for defence!\\
ki: yah!!\\
?: nuhn!!\\
scy: guah!!\\
uki: are you alright, kisara!!?\\
ki: kuh…\\
scy: kuhahah!\\
scy: you would have lost a leg if it wasn’t for that protection!\\
uki: you bastard!!\\
kana: stop ukita!!\\
scy: that stick, maybe your master is able to use it, but you really cannot handle it, right?\\
kana: what did you say!?\\
scy: kuoh!!\\
kana: heh!\\
thor: freya is incredible!!\\
nagi: why is he singing!?\\
knight: why is he going around like that!!?\\
tar: heh!!\\
sieg: Bach’s bow reincarnation!!\\
tar: guah!!\\
thor: to think that she would push me back with just her small stature!!?\\
blonde: what are you doing unarmed people? Will you not help us?\\
rach: we were just admiring your skills, people of the armed division <3\\
ki: be careful, ukita!!\\
uki: uoh!!\\
rach: well then, I…\\
rach: will fight a little too!!\\
?: oh!\\
take: shi shi!!\\
rach: heh!\\
?: ukita!!\\
uki: gyah!!\\
blonde: are you not going to… fight?\\
blonde: our masters ordered us to not let anyone escape. What will you do kushinada’s disciple?\\
ku: … yes,\\
ku: I am aware of that.\\
side text: there is quite a difference in enthusiasm between the armed and the unarmed division. But will also chikage take part to the hostilities? A sudden development in the next issue!!

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#1. by Silverblade ()
Posted on Apr 8, 2014
This is should be History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi, right?

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