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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 222

Night 222: mother dragon

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Apr 12, 2014 10:53 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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reserved for sense

Night 222: mother dragon (dragon of the creation)\\
inserted text: the one that Solomon and his group visit is…!\\
1: did you come to talk with me…\\
2: little one?\\
1: yes, mother dragon.\\
1: does this person understand the human language?\\
2: he knows a lot of languages. Because he lived for thousands of years.\\
1: this person… is he really part of the “mother dragon” race, a race that it is said to live for 8000 years, and with the longest life span in the world…?\\
2: it is completely white and so beautiful… but… this place looks somewhat lonely…\\
1: Solomon is nervous… what in the world is he going to ask!?\\
1: no no and no!! I will go too!!\\
2: I want to meet that white dragon!!\\
1: don’t act like a spoiler child.\\
2: that’s right, sheba.\\
3: b-but… arba has already met that dragon, right?\\
4: yes, sure. I escorted Solomon several times in the past\\
1: hum~~~ you seem to be angry at arba, sheba… but when you were little you slept and did a lot of other things with her and she was really dear to you…\\ it seems that the only one who does understand the reason for that is ithnan, aru\\ don’t begin to talk like ugo!\\ brother, just remain like that forever.\\
1: but, it is not easy to meet it. Because that dragon…\\
2: lives at the bottom of the “continental rift”, you know.\\
1: eh!?\\
2: it lives in such a place!?\\
1: do you know about that place, sheba?\\
2: sure. That place is…\\
1: the nothingness that god have forsaken. Even light doesn’t reach that place, even if there is nothing getting in the way. You cannot use levitation magic to fly there.\\
2: that’s why in the church, they would threaten to “drop there” the children who did impure pranks…\\
1: hahahah. It doesn’t look like such a god-forsaken place.\\
2: it is just a “incomplete part of this world”.\\
1: an “incomplete part of this world”…?\\
1: that’s right. if you think about this huge piece of creation that il ilah made, doesn’t it look like that god stopped mid-way with the kneading of this world?\\
2: this world is too huge, and it is not all consistent.\\
1: that’s why in that black rift the laws of physics are unstable and you don’t know what could happen. it is a frightening place where even the orthodoxy cannot get near carelessly…\\
1: h-how should we go to…\\
2: such a frightening place…?\\
1: it’s alright! The magic of solomon’s staff is able to manipulate the laws of physics after all!\\
2: gyaaah~~~ I will die, god has abandoned me!!!\\
3: hey stop making all that ruckus. You were the one who wanted to come, right? ah and stop touching me in strange places!\\
1: currently, there are two species capable of intellect that didn’t fall to the magicians, even considering the power they have. \\ those two species have such a strong live force that even the mind breaking magic bounces back against them…\\
2: the “red lions” of the isteka continent.\\
1: and the ones who lives at the bottom of the “continental rift”…\\ the mother dragons.\\
1: however… I am the only one left.\\
2: that’s why… little one, I was a little happy when I met you…\\
1: at that time Solomon volunteered to subjugate the other species and was a faithful servant of elder david.\\
2: originally, it was my father who invented the “gnud” 500 years ago together with the comrades he had at the time.\\
1: eh, 500 years ago!?\\
2: elder david is more than 800 years old. He is the oldest magician in this world.\\
1: I see… so it was solomon’s father the one who created those towers. Even if no one talks about that in the resistance, there are a lot of people who think that…\\
2: that’s the reason why this person feels to be more responsible than the others and is fighting to release the other species.\\
1: it’s alright!\\
2: eh?\\
1: you are helping everyone right now, and…\\ we are fighting like this, devoting our power to help everyone thanks to you. Now that we became like this…\\
1: we will always, always be…\\
2: on your side, Solomon!\\
1: … yes,\\
2: thanks.\\
1: at that time…\\ I received from my father the responsibility of claiming the depths of the “continental rift”.\\
1: but, then I still didn’t receive the divine protection of the divine staff.\\
1: and the one who saved Solomon in this subspace was…\\
2: him*.\\
TLN: I cannot believe it, in almost 1000 translations this is the first time I get the indication of the gender of a new introduced and ambiguous character.\\
1: he told me a lot of things. I began to think that the emotional biased exclusion doctrine toward the other species that my father imprinted in me was stupid.\\
2: after that I came here a lot of times, and little by little my way of thinking changed.\\
1: I…\\
2: saw it. The way in which this world came to be.\\
1: several millions…\\ several billions of life were born,\\ continents were created…\\ and then destroyed again and again…\\
1: just like at my eyes the live of a human is fleeting…\\ from the point of view of this world, my life is fleeting as well…\\ and again, the life span of this world is fleeting from the point of view of “god”…\\ furthermore even that god has someone higher than him, for which is life is no more fleeting than an instant…\\
1: wait, now my head is beginning to hurt.\\
1: hahahah!\\
1:eh? Hey wait a moment.\\
1: you just talked about the life-span of this world, right? even worlds have a life span?\\
1: I have a theory about that. Because at any rate… the magoi that god is scattering is becoming weaker and weaker.\\
1: just like I thought!\\
1: I can feel it… 800 years ago god was brimming with power and was shining of white.\\
1: however… the humans continue to steal magoi from god… and with the passing of the days god continued to lose his radiance and he is assuming a pinch black appearance.\\ when god will completely run out of its power and become a black and empty shell…\\
1: the power that makes this world move will vanish.\\
2: and the life-span of this world will be exhausted.\\
1: what will happen after the life-span of this world…\\
2: will be exhausted?\\
1: we will all die.\\
1: wait a minute, that’s strange.\\
1: why is god doing such a thing? if giving magoi to humans is a suicidal action…\\
2: why did he descend upon us 800 years ago and gave humans that power and that mission?\\
1: I think that legend itself is suspicious.\\
2: eh? What do you mean?\\
1: this is what I think. Probably… “god” doesn’t have any will. It is nothing more than just a lump of power.\\
2: furthermore, did you even thought about the possibility that the people who saw him first maybe have distorted it?\\
1: that’s right,\\ what if they have distorted the meaning of the so called “human’s noble mission”…?\\
1: that’s cruel! What the hell are you saying? God does exist!\\
2: then are we really doing the right thing?\\
1: she is right, Solomon. I like that part of you, but…\\
2: I think that you said too much right now. You know…\\
1: you always say this when we release the other species.\\
2: “the orthodoxy’s agenda is wrong, god’s real intention is to erase the conflicts among the different species, so you don’t have to worry”.\\
1: everyone is fighting because they believe that.\\
1: yeah, you are right.\\
2: sorry.\\
3: by the way.\\
1: it is strange that the life span of this world has been exhausted in just 800 years.\\
2: the magician’s “magic” is nothing more that borrowing the power of the natural phenomena that already exist in this world.\\
1: in that case it means that something that exceeds the simple natural phenomena of this world has been done…\\
2: someone must have reached with his hands the domain that only the “god” of this world should touch.\\
1: everything began 500 years ago…\\
2: and in this last few years it was brought to the extreme.\\
1: in other words…\\
1: in other words…\\
1: someone is surpassing god, and is about to accomplish something.\\
2: even if that something will kill god himself…\\
1: k-…\\
2: kill god…\\
1: who is the world would do such a thing…?\\
1: Solomon…\\
2: I know…\\
1: at least… there is a single magician who was alive 500 years ago and still lives today.\\
1: what the hell is he thinking?\\
2: elder david…\\
inserted text: in the next issue, a magi special arc!!\ it will continue in “king david’s memorandum”!!\\

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