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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Stealth Symphony 9

Act 9: water boys (tiranny)

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Apr 17, 2014 08:23 | Go to Stealth Symphony

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Reserved for substitute

Act 9: water boys (tiranny)\\
TLN: tyranny in Japanese is “boui” that is just like boy in English. It is a simple play of words\\
side: sieg’s plan to save the kidnapped people succeeds!! In meantime souya is looking at him.\\
sou: oh my\\
sou: to think that I would find him in such a place\\
sou: maybe our fate is connected after all?\\
sou: … or is it connected to the assassin guild?\\
qua: w-what the hell is happening!?\\
qua: could it be that the “goods” were damaged in the trailer!?\\
mai: no\\
mai: the goods seem to be fine \\
toro: splendid\\
around sieg: haa\\haa\\
toro: you are an incredible business rival, sieg-san\\
lai: are you alright, sieg-kun?\\
sieg: ah… yes\\
lai: in any case you were really reckless\\
lai: you even let a wolf eat you in order to be carried there\\
sieg: well… I saw someone do something like that before, so…\\
lai: the kidnapped people are all aright\\it seems that they were all able to get outside\\
sieg: that’s great…\\
lai: but if things went wrong, it would have ended up in an horrible tragedy, you know?\\
sieg: I… believed in toroma-san\\
sieg: because he said that he would protect the people inside the trailer no matter what would happen\\
lai: did you put your life and the life on the others at stake on such naïve basis?\\
lai: you are a little strange after all!\\
wolf: I don’t think it was a clever thing to do\\
sieg: r-really?\\
lai: well, we will talk about that later\\ we still… didn’t finish our job\\
sieg: ah…\\
troll: hey… what the hell just happened?\\
mer: I’m sure that those people came to help us\\ this must be thanks to god’s will!\\
colt: … well then, what will you do now?\\
colt: the trailer has been destroyed, will you still fight?\\
toro: sure\\
toro: our work is to escort these people, not the trailer\\
toro: we have the duty to deliver them save and sound\\
colt: … I see\\
colt: our work is to help those people instead\\
toro: well then, let’s do like this\\
sfx: poh\\
toro: we will walk all the way to the designed location\\
toro: will you come with us?\\
lai: eh?\\
?: what the hell!?\\
?: a talking mask…\\
toro: our contract lasts until we enter in the designed location…\\
toro: what happens is not of our concern once we get there!\\
?: hey what the hell are you talking about?\\
sieg: I see… what should we do?\\
colt: … in the moment we will get into the designed location\\
colt: we will crush the one who are there to “receive the goods”\\ that’s all\\
sfx: kacha\\ cough\\cough\\
?: boss! We have too much troubles!\\
?: you should stop pretending to be part of the goods, boss!\\
troll: …?\\ what the hell is he talking about…?\\
?: you shouldn’t waste time playing around…\\
?: guah!?\\
sieg: eh!?\\
??: geez, I was enjoying myself so much now…\\
mer: if I hid myself to the last moment\\
mer: I could have turn the tables at the end…\\
mer: didn’t you just make me miss…\\
mer: the desperate faces that everyone would have then?\\
box: human sacrifices supply company (stork)\ president\ waybis\\
sfx: koboooo…\\
way: are you still half asleep because of the shock due to the incident?\\ maybe I should clean your brain tissues?\\
troll: hey, what the hell are you doing!?\\
way: what, you say…?\\
way: I’m getting rid of my useless subordinates, don’t you see?\\
troll: subordinates…?\\
way: that’s right, I’m the one who was going to see you off\\
way: the slave dealer boss, you know?\\
ali: I didn’t know about that… why were you in the cargo…?\\
way: for no particular reason. That’s a hobby of mine, you know?\\
way: I just wanted to see\\ the moment the faces of these people would change from hope to despair with my own eyes\\
troll: … so that’s why you were saying such encouraging words\\
troll: you just wanted to make us fall in despair since the beginning, right?\\
sieg: that’s… a slave dealer?\\
way: you have such a surprised face\\
way: is that because I am a mermaid? Because I am a woman?\\
way: it is true that the “mermaids” are sold more often in comparison to the other species\\ but couldn’t the reverse happen according to the dedication you put in your job?\\
way: if you have the determination to step on the other people, I mean\\
sieg: …!\\
way: I will give you this present to make you remember me in the underworld, boy\\
way: something that you cannot see with your eyes\\
sfx: koboooo…\
sieg: uwah!?\\
sfx: shuubon\\
way: what the hell are those wings…?\\
?: ah… it’s that brat!\\
?: he was the one who broke the trailer!\\
way: wow… you are also one of those who “don’t match with their appearance”, huh\\
way: those wings… could it be that they are a “dragon’s legacy”?\\
way: bingo\\
way: well that should be expected by a member of cyborg soldier school\\
way: what the hell are you doing?\\ hurry up and kill all of these mercenaries, please\\
toro: we cannot do such a thing\\
way: … what’s the meaning of that?\\
toro: to use force other than the case in which someone intercepts the cargo is not part of the duties that our company has toward you\\ we don’t have any better plan that stop them for the time being\\
toro: if we enter in a battle without the necessary preparations, we could expose the object of our escorting to risks\\
way: … the other two agree with him, right?\\
way: oh well\\
way: I don’t need you anymore\\
sfx: beko\\
way: gather, everyone…\\
way: I will drown every one of you\\
box: dragon legacy\ C rank\ “seajack (water spirit pattern)” \(function: it lets the owner control all the kinds of liquids mixed to his blood freely) \\
inserted text: “united front” Vs the water queen!!\\

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