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Chrono Monochrome 1

1st match: the king and the Turk

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Apr 20, 2014 12:59 | Go to Chrono Monochrome

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Well considering that Naruto is going to end soon and that stealth symphony already has a foot in the grave, let's translate one of the biggest success on sunday for this 2014.

1st match: the king and the Turk\\
box: some of them called it in several ways…\\ an art, a trial, a torture, a sport, a cold bath.\\
?: oh man!\\ I will be late!\\
sfx: gah\\
box: to me it is…\\
inserted text: he guides the pieces on the chessboard\\ he takes the time he needs…\\
inserted text: the thing he is searching for is… a far away king!!!!!\\
yellow: a new serialization\\
on the board{
above: second year, annonucement for the higest ranked students for the end of the term test
first row: rank| class | full name\\
first position: inubuse kuromu\\
?: the “king” is once again first, huh…\\
??: who the hell is that?\\
?: don’t you know about him? He is inubuse kuromu!\\ he is some incredible guy who was ranked first since the time he entered in this school.\\
??: and you call him “king” just for that? You are exagerating things.\\
?: no, he is really incredible! Because of…\\
?: the diligence he puts into his studies!!\\
?: he obviously studies in class even during breaks,\\
?: but there are even rumours that say that he broke his fingers because he wrote too much, that he bought so many workbooks that he broke the floor of his house…\\ they even say that made a cram school teacher cry because of his sterness!\\
??: … so in other words he is an idiot, right?\\ I wonder if he ever enjoys himself…\\
?: don’t ask me that.\\
???: what? Are you talking about the rumours surrounding inubuka-kun?\\
???: I know a few ofthem, I heard that he appeared on the TV once.\\
????: that’s right,\\ they say that he was japan’s representative for some kind of competition!\\
?: seriously!?\\ that’s the first time I hear something like that!\\
??: hey…\\
??: then why does such a famous person study so much?\\
?: … maybe it is because of that…\\ do you want to hear about the rumour…\\
?: that says that inubuka was…\\ “broken”?\\
?: so you are inubuta, right?\\
?: so it is true that you study even during breaks.\\
??: I heard about some interesting rumour, you know…\\
?: why don’t we see if it is real?\\
inu: uguh!!\\ cough\\
?: he puked for real, this is so funny!\\
??: so it was true.\\
?: “the predisposition to be not able to sit in front of other people”\\ that’s how it’s called.\\
boobs: hey! What are you doing!\\
boobs: kuro!\\ are you alright!?\\
boobs: leave him alone! I will not allow such a…\\
bobs: riki!!\\
boobs: I heard that you will leave earlier, so I brought your stuff,\\ I will leave it here.\\
inu: thanks, nene…\\
inu: … sorry.\\
inu: I’m really pathetic, right…?\\
inu: the teacher was also angry at riki…\\ they only thing I do is to be a bother to everyone…\\
nene: it’s not like that! It was those guys’ fault…\\
nene: and even riki… you helped him study right?\\
nene: he gave up on high school, but you helped him to raise his grades,\\ so he is really thankful to you.\\
inu: yeah…\\
inu: but, I’m sorry…\\
nene: … kuro,\\
nene: you have changed so much after you stopped playing chess.\\
nene: kuro,\\ in the past you were incredibly cheeky, remember?\\
nene: when we met in the chess classroom you were so engrossed that you didn’t even greet me\\ you were so proud and you made fun of me.\\
nene: yet, you didn’t have any problem with copying my homework…\\
TLN: the worse you treat them, the more they fall in love\\
Nene: and now you hands are full of calluses from writing…\\
Nene: and around those calluses your hands are all consumed…\\
Nene: are you really alright with that, kuro…?\\
inu: … did you know about this?\\ freshwater fishes die of dehydration if they are put into seawater.\\
inu: but the salmon can even live in the sea…\\
inu: because it obtained the ability to control its osmotic pressure as a result of evolution.\\
inu: I have a weapon to compensate for this body.\\
inu: I’m continuing to play chess for the time being…\\
inu: but not as I did in the past…\\ I’m satisfied with just “playing around”…\\
inu: as I am now…\\ my best move is to study.\\
inu: … ah, that’s right, here…\\
inu: the notes I took from class…\\ you were absent last week, right, nene?\\
nene: eh?\\ t-thanks…\\
inu: sorry to make you worry…\\
inu: and thanks, nene…\\
nene: kuro…\\
paper: to kuro\\ I will be late because I will be at the neighbourhood association\\
box: chess site against human players “chess forest”\\
box: username “king”\ raked first for 30 consecutive weeks\\
on the screen{
king is really incredible!! (>o<)\\
the other time he even fought against a strong foreign player. To think that he would still be undefeated…, “king” is god.\\
quick games are really good. I feel refreshed.\\
… eh? “king”?\\
“king” is here~~~~!!! (^0^) /))\\
show us some good matches for today too, “king”!!\\
inu: I’m just “playing around”.\\
this is bad, “king” is unstoppable.\\
almost instantaneous matches…
not even bulet wasn't so fast. He is not human\\
is someone able to win against him? This is pathetic.\\
TLN: the rest is almost unreadable\\
inu: … with this I have defeated 10 people!\\
inu: the break is over!\\ I have to study now…\\
box: a request for a match has arrived\\
box: the turk\\
inu: …\\ the turk… Turkish…?\\
inu: that’s some strange user name… I wonder if there is some meaning behind it.\\
box: the turk\\ it was an automata developed in the 18th century.\\
box: its creator was Wolfgang von Kempelen\\
box: it had the reputation of being a machine that could play chess, but they soon understood that there was someone inside it who made it operate.\\
box: he was so skilful that he almost never lost a match\\
box: however no one ever discovered who was the human inside.\\
inu: so this is how it was…\\ in other words…\\
inu: you are saying that you are hiding yourself behind a computer, but you are still a real person after all.\\
inu: you asked me for a match, so…\\
inu: … this guy…\\
inu; he is incredibly strong…!!\\
inu: …? This unfolding… the state of the game…\\
inu: it is the same! It is the same of another match I had!\\
inu: … impossible…\\
inu: is it him!!?\\
box: 3 years ago, Russia.\\
box: world youth chess championship.\\
?: a comment from a candidate for the championship!\\
??: look at this side! Smile please!\\
???: how does it feel to be the first japanese representative to take part to the youth tournament!?\\
???: do you think that you will be able to win?\\
???: the young chess genius…\\
???: inubuse kuroku-kun!\\
?: kyaaah!!\\
inu: nene! It is just as I said! This gal’s pants are strange!\\ she only has a ribbon!\\
nene: geez, kuro!\\
?: she only has a ribbon…? A g-string…?\\
near him: it’s so good to be a kid…\\
??: g-string…!\\
???: hum… kuromu-kun…\\
???: do you think that you will win?\\
inu: sure.\\
???: do you dream to become a grand master in the future?\\
inu: sure.\\
???: what is the secret of you strength~?\\
inu: aren’t you even able to understand such obvious thing?\\
???: fucking brat…\\
????: I’m sorry.\\
????: he is still a kid…\\
???: uooh he is so handsome!\\
???: who is he!?\\
?: he is tobiume satomi, the japanese champion!\\ do your homework!\\
???: I always cheer for you <3\\what kind of player is kuromu-kun from your point of view, satomi-san~~~?\\
sato: kuro? Well, look at this first, ok?\\
sato: do you know the name of this piece?\\
?: you idiot! That’s a bishop!\\
???: hum~~~…\\
sato: the point is that this is the current state of Japanese chess.\\
sato: the people around the world play chess, and finding people who are unable to answer to this question is really difficult.\\
sato: but, he will change it…\\ one day kuro…\\
sato: will change the story of Japanese chess…\\ he will become a star!!\\
sato: right! kuro!\\
sato: kuro!! The camera! Leave it alone!! (you too nene)!\\
inu: then be sure to look after us…\\ you should be the one in charge today…\\
?: oh well~~ I’m looking forward to see how he will become in the future.\\
???: really? He will become a creepy adult in my opinion.\\
?: what? Do you hold a grudge for your g-string?\\
???: that’s sexual harassment!!\\
???: … eh? But that kid said “just as I said”…\\
???: does it mean that… he already knew what kind of lingerie I was wearing…?\\ why…\\
???: oh well.\\ more importantly I should interview satoru-san a little more\\
near her: I have to do that…\\
box: I aimed to be the “king” of chess with all myself.\\
box: I continued to aim to such a thing since the time I was aware of myself,\\
box: I thought that I was natural for me to life with chess.\\
box: until that day…\\
box: when I met him.\\
nene: good job kuro!\\
inu: eh? What about my match…!?\\
nene: ?\\ it ended a while ago.\\
sato: the investigative commission is that way.\\
nene: it’s a pity that you lost.\\
inu: what, I lost…?\\
nene: cheer up kuro.\\
nene: I will continue to cheer for you,\\ so I’m sure that next time…\\
nene: … is something wrong kuro?\\
nene: hey,\\
nene: is there something on my face?\\
nene: kuro!?\\
nene: kuro cannot play in matches anymore!? What do you mean!?\\
sato: he pukes a soon as he is facing someone while he is seated…\\ he cannot participate in matches like that.\\
sato: the doctor said that there isn’t anything wrong with his body, so it must be something in his mind…\\
nene: that cannot be…! Why…\\
sato: I understand him a little.\\ I always shiver during a match too, and there are even players who lost 5 kilos after a match.\\
sato: chess is a considered a war that… shaves both your flesh and your mind.\\ during certain fights something unimaginable happens…\\
sato: and kuro was broken by such unimaginable thing!!\\
box: I still don’t remember\\ what happened at that time.\\
box: and the scar that remained\\
box: changed my life…\\
inu: and yet,\\
inu: why am I still…\\
inu: tampering with my old wound…?\\
inu: why…?\\
inu: why…!\\
text: why\\
inu: the chess is a war on the board?\\
inu: I know about that… that’s a famous declaration among chess players!\\ because it was a game that was originally played instead of war.\\
?: that’s right,\\
?: but it is not only that.\\
?: war is cruel.\\ and in extreme situations it can show the humans’ real nature…\\
?: and the same thing happens to the people who are in front of the chess board.\\
?: the chess reflects everything\\
?: the desire for victory,\\
?: the emptiness of hesitation…\\
?: and even your feelings toward\\
?: chess itself.\\
inu: I am an idiot…\\
inu: the thing I dedicated myself the most was study…\\
inu: while searching for other ways of living…\\
Inu: even if I clearly understood…\\
Inu: that nothing could replace chess…!!\\
Inu: … I want to go back,\\
Inu: to when I was aiming to become the “king”!!\\
inu: !!?\\ w-what!?\\
inu: wait… \\ let me continue\\
inu: I have to play against him not matter what…\\
inu: if I play with him, I’m sure that…\\
inu: please…\\
inu: let me play!!\\
inu: wah!!\\
inu: …\\ ouch~~~!\\
inu: what the hell just…\\
inu: a blackout!?\\
inu: eek!?\\ What the hell is this, I feel something wet under my feet…!?\\
inu: ah…\\ some light…\\
inu: buwah!\\
box: inubuse kuromu, 14 years old…\\
box: former Japanese representative for the world youth chess championship\\ username on the chess-net “king”.\\
text: his tale to become king begins here.\\
side: destiny plays its first move…!!\\

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