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Chrono Monochrome 2

2nd match: chess from the future

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Apr 20, 2014 15:32 | Go to Chrono Monochrome

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2nd match: chess from the future\\
side: what awaits the young chess player in the place he has reached…?\\
box: I am inubuse kuromu 14 years old, living in tokyo\\
box: just a moment ago I was playing net chess in my own room.\\
kuro: my opponent was someone with the mysterious name of “the turk”.\\
kuro: during the match a light flashed in front of my eyes… \\
kuro: and now I am in a place that I never saw before…\\
kuro: … people!!\\
kuro: hum…\\ excuse me…\\
?: it was a big catch, gerdi\\
?: you saved me, can I pay the normal daily allowance as always?\\
ger: I’m fine with that, call me whenever you need me.\\
?: you… have such beautiful hair…\\
?: maybe I can sell them for an high price…\\ give them to me…!\\
kuro: what the!?\\
kuro: what the hell happened…!!\\
??: eh?\\ what are you doing in such a place?\\
?: you should be hungry, right?\\ come inside!!\\
??: hey! Bring me another one!!\\
woman: leo!\\ hurry up and help me!\\
leo: I’m working you know! This is a customer!\\
leo: well, drink this, do you want something to eat?\\
kuro: no well…\\
leo: so you want our speciality, leave it to me!\\
?: the price for cereals increased once again, huh…\\
??: I heard that they are hunting a lot of sparrows in the north, I’m worried that there could be famine this year.\\
?: wow,\\ so those are preparation for the association, huh?\\
??: her majesty is sponsoring once again for new inventions.\\
kuro: this is…\\
kuro: no, impossible.\\ I can understand their words, they are supposed to be talking in Japanese…\\
kuro: it’s bitter…\\ is this beer…!?\\
leo: sorry to keep you waiting!\\
leo: our saiblinge is really delicious!!\\
leo: hurry up and eat!!\\
leo:_ well then\\ pay for it.\\
kuro: eh?\\
leo: money! You have to pay because you have eaten!\\
kuro: hum… I left my wallet home…\\ ah\\
kuro: I think you can charge on this one…\\
leo: are you fucking kidding with me!!!\\
leo: like hell that thing would be money!\\ you have to give me a Thaler, thaler!\\
kuro: that’s some kind of money I don’t know…\\
kuro: could it be that…\\
kuro: sorry but…\\ can I ask you something?\\
kuro: this is Tokyo right?\\
kuro: what year is this?\\
leo: what the hell are you talking about?\\ we are in Wein, in the sacred roman empire.\\
leo: and we are in the 1770.\\
kuro: the 18th century…!? Wein …?\\
kuro: what the hell is happening… w-why?\\
kuro: I was just playing chess in front of my computer…\\
kuro: I have to go back…!\\
kuro: but they don’t have internet here, well they don’t even have electricity for that matter.\\
kuro: there isn’t anyone who I can rely on… and I don’t even have any money.\\
kuro: there isn’t a single thing…\\
kuro: I can do…\\
kuro: I can hear it\\
leo: he doesn’t even have a thaler with him…\\ my mother will kill me (he looked like some rich guy, and yet…)\\
leo: I will not get any money even if I make this midget work…\\ she will take the money from the tuition* I was saving…!\\
TLN: there was a school for citizens at the time\\
Leo: hey!\\ why don’t you…\\
Leo: hey don’t run away from me!!\\
leo: hey!\\ wait\\
leo: you have to pay me…\\ …?\\
sfx: kon\\
leo: hey…!\\
kuro: I’m so glad…\\ you have chess here…\\
kuro: I’m so glad…!!\\
?: dammit!\\
??: he won again…\\
??: he is really creepy.\\
near leo: so you weren’t running away\\
leo: what? Do you know how to play chess?\\
leo: he is some merchant that shows here quite often lately\\
leo: he bets against other customers and charge everything on them.\\
leo: that game lately is becoming popular even among us townsfolk\\ in the past it was an hobby for nobles, but I can understand that you think it is cool.\\
kuro: hey!\\ what about playing together against him?\\
kuro: we can earn money if we win against him!!\\
leo: eh!!?\\
leo: why me too!?\\
kuro: hum…\\ the truth is that I cannot play chess alone… help me please…\\
leo: you don’t make any sense! Just sit there and don’t move!\\
near leo: my mother will get mad!\\
kuro: hey…!\\
leo: hey! What’s wrong!?\\
kuro: …\\ sorry… but this is the only way for me…\\
kuro: please…\\
kuro: help me!!!\\
leo: I only know the basics of chess…\\
leo: and that guy is quite strong,\\
leo: al least, he always paid us with the money he won from others.\\
mer: two kids, huh…\\ I don’t mind it, but…\\
mer: you bet one thaler and if you win you get 10,\\
mer: I cannot accept a wager lower than that.\\
leo: hey… we cannot pay all that money! We shouldn’t do this after all.\\
kuro: I cannot accept such a thing.\\
kuro: triple that wager, please.\\
leo: whaaaaaaaaaa!!?\\
kuro: in exchange for that I play as the black\\ and I will begin with just one rook.\\
?: what peculiar way of doing things.\\
??: is he insane?\\ not only the white has the advantage, but you cannot win if you begin with such an handicap\\
leo: … really?\\
?: in chess the white is the one who makes the first move,\\ so in the beginning of the game that’s a huge disadvantage.\\
?: furthermore the rook.\\ it can move both vertically and horizontally on the board…\\
?: generally it is considered as the second strongest piece on the.\\
?: it’s just one piece…\\ but that’s the chess board you know…\\
leo: that’s an unfathomable handicap!!\\
leo: will we be alright…?\\ he generally looks so weak… eh…?\\
leo: he is not thinking about the consequences at all!!\\
near leo: we don’t have any other choice…\\
box: kuromu and leo Vs the merchant\\
kuro: it’s alright…\\ even I can fight in this way.\\
kuro: well then…\\
kuro: come!!\\
kuro: e5\\
kuro:f4\\ take that pawn.\\
kuro: Nf3…\\
kuro: he is here…!\\
kuro: it was the same in the previous match as well…\\
kuro: the merchant’s favourite move is…\\
kuro: king gambit accepted (KGA)!!\\
kuro: I thought that there were high probabilities that he would use it once again…!\\
kuro: he is determined to use the knight as the pivot of the attack by rushing into a melee…\\ it is the white’s strong attack move!!\\
kuro: however…\\
kuro: d6!!\\
?: hey…\\ this is…\\
?: isn’t the black winning…?\\
??: are you kidding me!? they only played 10 moves until now…\\
kuro: the KGA is strong after all. However that’s…\\
kuro: something that belongs to the past!!\\
kuro: in the 20th century a chess genius called Fisher thought of a move to make the KGA totally obsolete…\\
kuro: with just a pawn it is possible to protect the board from the knight’s control in the centre. The name of that tactic is…\\
kuro: fisher’s defence\\
kuro: with this momentum…\\
kuro: we will make up for the handicap of not having a rook!!!\\
mom: what is all this commotion?\\
mom: could it be that leo did once again something reckless…\\ geez… didn’t I tell him that I would save the money he would earn for his tuition…?\\
mom: leo!\\ what the hell are you doing today…!\\
mom: leo… what the hell is that…!\\
?: it was incredible! Was he one of your friends, leo?\\
text: it ended in a moment\\
kuro: this is for the meal… and… I wonder if this will be enough?\\
kuro: for paying your tuition, I mean!!\\
kuro: I played in front of someone after a lot of time…\\
kuro: but… I’m not able to play alone after all.\\
kuro: that lively game… was not a dream,\\
kuro: I really came in the 18th century…!!\\
kuro: what should I do from now on…?\\
inserted text: kuromu was kidnapped… what will his fate be!?\\

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