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Chrono Monochrome 3

3rd match: Wolfgang von Kempelen

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Apr 21, 2014 10:28 | Go to Chrono Monochrome

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3rd match: Wolfgang von Kempelen\\
inserted text: the monochrome board is always beside him.\\
side: kuromu was kidnapped in the 18th century!?\\
mer: so you finally regained consciousness, huh.\\
kuro: you are…\\
kuro: that guy…!\\
kuro: that’s a torture tool that I saw in some western movie…!\\
kuro: could it be that he wants to retaliate because he lost…!?\\
?: master~~~!\\ the preparation to wash your face are done!!\\
?: the water temperature is perfect! The water is also fresh!\\
?: and especially for today…\\
?: I put some of that wine in it in order to make it have a good smell!\\
box: acid\\
?: I brought you the new one.\\
mer: if you do that I second time I will use my lash on you\\
mer: however…\\ I’m tired to be an actor.\\
?: you don’t have any other choice,\\ if they know that you go every day to a bar for common people there would be a great commotion in the imperial court, right?\\
mer: are you talking about my reputation? I don’t care about that.\\
?: even if you master believe such a thing, those around you don’t!\\
?: and generally the populace is way shorter than you!\\
?: at best you would stand out with your appearance.\\
mer: well then…\\ I have several questions for you.\\
mer: but, just doing questions would not be much of an entertainment.\\
mer: what about this?\\ let’s play a game.\\
mer: from now on we will ask each other a question at the time and continue with our conversation.\\
mer: in such conversation I will lie just once, while the rest of the answers will only be the truth.\\ I will also always answer your questions.\\
mer: if you see through my lie at the end of the conversation, it is your win.\\
mer: otherwise you fail.\\
kuro: what will happen if I win?\\
mer: I promise that I will release you.\\ but if you lose…\\
mer: there will be no assurances for your life.\\
kuro: this guy is absolutely a sadist…!! (furthermore I cannot refuse)\\
mer: well then, what is your name?\\
kuro: … inubuse kuromu.\\ what about your name?\\
wolf: Wolfgang von Kempelen.\\ where are you from?\\
kuro: japan\\
wolf: I see… that country that is even farther than china in the east, right? quite far place.\\ it is a place where people walk barefoot I see.\\
kuro: you are wrong! this is just a case…\\ and by the way what is this room? It is really suspicious…\\
wolf: it is just a storage room. I collect several strange things because of my job.\\ probably they are too refined for a barefoot stray dog like you.\\
wolf: well that thing there is part of my hobbies, but…\\
kuro: I knew it…!!\\
wolf: during the match in the bar…\\ why were you able to win so easily with such an handicap?\\
kuro: …\\ because I know tactics that you don’t.\\
kuro: why were you in the bar playing chess in disguise?\\
wolf: I was searching for new talents.\\ why do you…\\
wolf: know about such strange tactics?\\
kuro: because I come from the future.\\
wolf: …\\ the future…!?\\
wolf: I have finished with my questions.\\
wolf: you can ask the last one.\\
kuro: the last one…\\ what should I do… I didn’t understand at all when he lied…\\
kuro: he could have saved the lie for the last answer\\ and there is also the possibility that he only said the truth…!\\
kuro: think…\\ think…\\
kuro: I have to find the move to turn the table…!!\\
kuro: my…\\ last question is…\\
kuro: tell me…\\ which of those answers was a lie!!!\\
kuro: that answer will be your lie!!\\
wolf: I see…\\ it’s your win then.\\
wolf: I will ask you this.\\
wolf: it is true that I already lied once.\\
wolf: so I couldn’t lie in the last question.\\
wolf: but what if I would just say the truth and then lie in the last question…?\\ what would have you done then?\\
kuro: … I was troubled by that.\\
kuro: but in that case…\\
kuro: you would have troubles in answering my last question, right?\\
wolf: heh…\\ you are not only incredibly strong at playing chess, huh.\\
?: what do you mean, master?\\
wolf: you still don’t understand it, you insect?\\
wolf: listen, ok?\\
wolf: in you would have left the lie for the last question…\\
wolf: and then\\ he would ask something like\\ “did you ever eat in your life?”\\
wolf: what would you have replied then?\\
?: well if I have to lie no matter what then…\\
?: I would answer “I never eat”…\\
near him: that’s a simple answer…\\
?: ah…!\\
wolf: that’s it.\\
wolf: if he asked me a question which he understood if I was lying or not, it would be my instant defeat.\\
wolf: and I lied immediately in order to avoid that situation…\\
wolf: and he saw through me.\\
wolf: release him from that rope, anton!\\ he is the one.\\
an: !!\\ is that for real, master!?\\
wolf: he also has the right size… and if he is from the future he doesn’t have any background.\\
an: … understood.\\
kuro: hum… am I the one for what…?\\
wolf: I told you that I am searching for new talents.\\
wolf: this was a game to choose the right person for a certain job.\\
wolf: and you are the one I chose.\\
kuro: wait…!\\ you told me that you would release me if I won…!!\\
wolf: I didn’t reply to your last question.\\
wolf: the lie that I have prepared in advance was…\\
wolf: “I will release you if you win!!”\\
wolf: you read me during the chess game, but you are still naïve in the end game.\\
wolf: that’s it, now follow me.\\
kuro: … hum,\\ aren’t you suspicious about… me coming from the future?\\
near kuro: I was sure that you would not believe me…\\
wolf: you are not a fool who would say such a crazy lie in that situation.\\
wolf: furthermore my job is to be an inventor.\\ well, I am a noble, so it is more like a side job.\\
wolf: so I have an higher tolerance toward strange things than others.\\
kuro: an inventor…\\
kuro: eh? I read about something like that lately…\\
wolf: … so, I want you to take care of that invention…\\ in order to create a certain thing.\\
wolf: it is extremely original,\\ and full of humour…\\
wolf: there isn’t an article similar to this one in the entire world…\\
wolf: the automata that can play chess…\ “the turk”!!!\\
on the screen: the turk\\
kuro: the turk…!!!\\
side text: is this event part of destiny!?\\

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