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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Chrono Monochrome 4

4th match: the day he became a doll

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Apr 21, 2014 14:11 | Go to Chrono Monochrome

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4th match: the day he became a doll\\
side: the destined meeting with the chess doll!?\\
wolf: the automata that can play chess…\\
wolf: the turk!!!\\
kuro: the turk…!\\ that’s the username of the opponent I was playing against just before the time slip…!!\\
kuro: the 18th century invention that would become the origin of that name is in front of my eyes…\\
kuro: this is…!!\\
wolf: I made a promise with a certain person half a year ago.\\
wolf: I promised that in the next party we would meet I…\\ “would create an interesting thing that would make the whole world envious”.\\
wolf: you will have to disguise yourself as the turk and move its arm to play chess.\\
wolf: the mechanism inside of this box will make the doll move.\\ the mechanism is principally composed by gears and strings, it is a way to put into practical use the bellows.\\
kuro: it is incredible that it is possible to make this thing move without electricity… \\
wolf: but there is a problem…\\
wolf: you need a power source to make it move.\\
kuro: ah…!!\\
?: it had the fame of being a machine that could play chess, but…\\
? after a while they understood that there was a person inside of it that made it move.\\
wolf: officially we will say that a machine is playing… but someone will make it move instead,\\ it is ideal for those vulgar parties.\\
wolf: I’m sure those self-important people who will be tricked will be quite a view.\\
wolf: but because of the turk’s structure, only people of small constitution can enter inside of it.\\ furthermore in order to completely protect its secret, an unknown and strong chess master is ideal…\\
wolf: I could not find the right person, so I went to search for him everyday in the streets, but…\\
kuro: could it be that…\\
wolf: yes! You will enter in the turk and play chess!!\\
?: they never understood who was the person inside of it…\\
kuro: eh? Where am I…!?\\
kuro: … that was such a strange dream.\\
kuro: dream…\\
kuro: that wasn’t a dream at all!!?\\
an: shut up!!\\
an: otherwise you will wake up the master!!\\
kuro: anton-san.\\
an: close the window! It is cold outside!\\
an: hurry up and prepare yourself!\\
kuro: prepare…?\\
kuro: white socks, they feel so strange…\\
an: hey freeloader, this is an order from the master.\\
an: “the training will commence when I wake up\\ until then I leave the servant to you”\\
kuro: I see…\\
kuro: he told me that I can play chess…\\
an: why are you smiling? Did you hear to what I just said?\\
an: the master entrusted you, the servant… to me, I was the one worthy of his trust!\\ don’t be cheeky only because you can enter in the turk!!\\
kuro: why is he looking at me with all that hostility…?\\
an: this is just a detached residence, there are few people here, so we were sent here\\ you will help us when you don’t have to train.\\
an: we will finish with the ash in the fireplace,\\ if you see any consumed candle, change it!\\
an: collect all the lamps, if they are not polished by noon they immediately become opaque!\\
kuro: it is so troublesome to not have electricity\\
an: handle those with more care! All the things here belong to the master.\\
an: if you dent them by poor handling you will not be forgiven!\\
an: furthermore the master really hates such a noisy sound…\\
kuro: anton-san!!?\\
wolf: as it should be expected from an early bird from the capital…\\
wolf: you were so noisy that I wake up three hours earlier.\\
wolf: it is really a beautiful morning today.\\
wolf: good morning anton…?\\
wolf: practice exceeds experience.\\
wolf: I have finally found a suitable stray dog,\\ so it is time that I discipline it well.\\
kuro: why are you calling me a dog…!\\
wolf: isn’t your hairstyle just like that? Also don’t you find it appealing?\\
kuro: this is just unruly hair!!\\
wolf: what? Do you prefer to be treated like the early bird?\\ do you want me to send you back to the heavens as well?\\
kuro: sorry, I’m fine with this.\\
wolf: if you have decided, hurry up and enter in your dog house!\\
kuro: woof!?\\
kuro: so this is the inside of the turk,\\ it is smaller than I thought…\\
wolf: now you are in position, don’t move for now.\\
kuro: ok…\\
wolf: activation!!\\
kuro: wow~~~!!\\
kuro: the mechanism on the wall began to move!!\\
wolf: I don’t understand dog’s words, calm down.\\
kuro: I cannot calm down, this turk is incredible!\\ you are incredible Kempelen-san!\\
wolf: that’s a gloomy way of calling me, just Kempelen is fine.\\
wolf: listen up, make it move, let’s not waste time.\\
an: the master seems to be happy…\\
kuro: even if you tell me that how do I…\\
kuro: h-hum…\\
kuro: m-maybe this?\\
turk: you stinking insect.\\
kuro: wah!!?\\
wolf: ah… that’s the artificial voice button.\\
wolf: it is inconvenient to do not make you talk during the match.\\
kuro: why should I say something like stinking insect…?\\
kuro: eh? Didn’t he just say artificial voice? Isn’t that something quite early\\ for the 18th century…?\\
kuro: could it be that Kempelen, is quite incredible after all…!?\\
wolf: on the ceiling you can see some steel disks that display the chess code*\\
TLN: it is a code to indicate the positions of the various squares on the board\\
Wolf: the turk’s pieces on the board have a magnet embed in them.\\
Wolf: if you place the piece somewhere on the board the disk will stick to that piece…\\ and the person inside the turk can understand the moves of the pieces on the board during the match.\\
wolf: and you can repeat those movements on the board near you.\\ it would be reckless to make play without showing the board to you.\\
near kuro: I see\\
wolf: you can move the arms with those levers,\\ it is a little difficult, but if you tamper with them for an hour you should get accustomed to them.\\
wolf: try to do it.\\
wold: those are your new legs and arms!!\\
kuro: with this I can take part in matches once again…!!\\
kuro: I have the feeling that I can get closer…\\
kuro: to become the “king” if I use the turk…\\
kuro: I’m activating the turk!!\\
an: it’s the king…!\\
an: you have practiced for an entire day and you weren’t even able to touch a single piece…\\ you are the king of failed machines…!!\\
wolf: don’t blame him, anton, I’m still fine with this.\\
wolf: I’m also looking forward to make this shitty dog swim in the Donau.\\
kuro: I was demoted from being a stray dog!!\\
wolf: if you don’t like to swim hurry up and learn!\\ the Donau’s water is cold you know!!\\
kuro: I’m good with board games but I really suck at the minute controls of videogames…\\ my opponent kills me as long as there is a change in the visual point…\\
wolf: like I care.\\
wolf: well then, will we make it in time…?\\
?: baron Kempelen was segregated in his house for half a year…\\ isn’t it a good time to meet him?\\
?: hohoho…\\
?: maybe I should make him return in the imperial court.\\
side text: there seems to be something behind the turk’s debut…\\

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