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Chrono Monochrome 5

Match 5: their moves

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Apr 24, 2014 08:24 | Go to Chrono Monochrome

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Match 5: their moves\\
inserted text: the road to become king is still long…\\ but the young man continues to walk.\\ just like a pawn, a step at the time.\\
side: the chess doll “the turk” finally moves at his will…!?\\
?: incredible! It was perfect!!\\
kuro: really incredible, anton-san!\\
an: you should do it, you fool!\\
an: why aren’t you able to do it even after so many weeks!?\\
an: even I am able to use its precise movements if I do my best! Hurry up and learn!!\\
kuro: s-sorry…\\ ouch!!\\
an: I would like to talk with you master.\\
wolf: rejected.\\
an: at least let me finish talking!!\\
wolf: probably it is about that shitty dog.\\
an: guh…\\
an: no, listen to me please!\\
an: you cannot leave the turk in the hands of such unskilled fellow!\\ there is you comeback at the imperial court at stake in that party!\\
an: furthermore, the organizer\\
an: of the party this time is…\\
an: the empress of the sacred roman empire, maria Teresa!!\\
an: things will not end up well if you fail!!\\
wolf: this is a little strong.\\
an: and by the way!\\
an: he didn’t do a satisfactory thing since he came here!\\
an: he has broken vases, he fell from the stairs\\ and I wonder why the beans in the kitchen are decreasing to such a frightening speed…\\
an: he should quit!\\
near wolf: you were the one who broke that vase\\
wolf: I think that this is just your fault, like always.\\
wolf: beans…?\\
wolf: I understand anton.\\ we will test him in 5 days from now.\\
wolf: if he will not pass…\\
wolf: you will enter in the turk.\\
an: ok!!\\ … wait,\\
an: whaaaaaaaaaaat!!?\\
an: I cannot read\\
an: I never had the time to become familiar with written characters…\\
?: we were finally able to reclaim the land with our efforts,\\ and everything is thanks to you, Kempelen-sama!\\
wolf: you are exaggerating things,\\ do commoners learn flattery in schools now?\\
??: saying those things again, Kempelen-sama.\\
?: we are really grateful to you,\\ the government official* from Wein was a savage idiot from Hungary’s country and was unable to do anything.\\
TLN: at that time a lot of government officials were nobles.\\
?: until you were assigned here,\\ we didn’t have public order nor enough food…\\
?: anton was on the verge of dying at that time.\\
an: Kempelen-sama!\\
? anton!?\\
an: make me your servant, please!!\\
an: I want to work for my entire life on your side!!\\
an: master… why do you want him to…\\
box: five days later\\
wolf: from now on we will perform the test.\\
wolf: the thing that you will do from now on is…\\
wolf: the “knight tour”!!\\
wolf: do you know about it?\\
kuro: yes…\\ it survived all the way to my age.\\
kuro: among the chess pieces the knight is the one that has the most complicated moves.\\
box: the knight’s movements\\
kuro: you have to use the characteristics of that piece\\ and solve the puzzle that consists in making it pass trough all the squares of the board without passing in one square more than once…\\
wolf: exactly.\\ you will have to move the piece in all the squares,\\
wolf: and every time you will have to execute the complex operation to make it move to a different square…\\ furthermore, you will have to remember which squares you already have passed into.\\
wolf: you will not be able to play into matches if you don’t complete at least this.\\
wolf: this is the best way to judge your moves.\\
wolf: you will begin at\\ 4d!!\\
kuro: turk,\\
kuro: activation!!\\
an: now he is able to grab the knight…\\
an: when di he…\\
an: it’s useless…\\
an: I cannot remember the squares where he moved the piece anymore…!!\\
an: master! That’s the same square where he started the test!\\
an: he failed!!\\
wolf: … you pass,\\
wolf: be sure to be prepared for the real deal.\\
wolf: and…\\ be sure to wash your hands.\\
an: master!\\
an: what is the meaning of this?\\
wolf: that’s a “closed tour”\\
wolf: you go back to the starting square after you have passed through all the others.\\ it is an application of the knight tour…\\ it’s difficulty level is really high.\\
wolf: furthermore you said that lately the beans were decreasing quickly.\\
wolf: it is a good thing to leave something in the squares where\\ you let the knight pass as a landmark when you train for the knight tour.\\
wolf: that’s the reason why I thought he was training in order to move the pieces on the board\\ by repeating several times the knight tour.\\
wolf: and I consequently devised this test.\\
wolf: however…\\
wolf: when he was training,\\ I’m sure that he became accustomed with grabbing the beans that are way smaller than chess pieces.\\
an: impossible…\\
an: he wasn’t able to anything until now…\\
wolf: do you remember it?\\ when I told him to enter in the turk…\\
wolf: you will enter in the turk and play chess!!\\
kuro: can…\\
kuro: I…\\
kuro: really use the turk…\\
kuro: to play…\\
kuro: chess…!!?\\
wolf: in such a situation you should be frightened or you would not want to do such a thing…\\ and at least you should be so worried about returning to your former age that you wouldn’t have the least interest in chess.\\
wolf: however…\\
wolf: he was engrossed by the turk.\\
wolf: just if he was saying\\ that the only world where he can play chess is this one, where the turk exists…\\
wolf: for such a person…\\
wolf: effort is something natural just like breathing.\\
kuro: this is strange…\\
kuro: how was he able to understand it?\\
kuro: but with this…\\
kuro: I have finally the feeling that those heavy levers have become parts of my body!\\
wolf: … I told you once, anton.\\
wolf: probably there are other things that you want to do, other than serving me at you age.\\do you have a dream?\\
wolf: is there something that makes you dream with your open eyes?\\
an: my wish is to serve you.\\
wolf: do what you want then,\\ however, you will become a worthless adult if you continue like that.\\
an: … I don’t understand,\\
an: what does it mean to dream with your open eyes…?\\
an: I have just desperately acted in order to live…\\
an: I never had the time to think about what I would like to do…\\
an: dammit…!!\\
side: they are totally different, the only thing in common are their hands. In the next issue the turk finally leaves its name in history.\\

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