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Chrono Monochrome 6

Match 6: the fraud and the real thing

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Apr 25, 2014 12:34 | Go to Chrono Monochrome

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Match 6: the fraud and the real thing\\
inserted text: this palace is… the first stage for kuromu and the turk\\
box: Schonbrunn imperial palace.\\
box: the beautiful villa of the Habsburg family.\\
box: there were 1000 servants and 300 horses in this palace\\ and a zoo annexed to the huge garden…\\
box: this place where nobility gathered every day…\\
box: was the symbol and the centre of the holy roman empire.\\
inserted text: this evening, in this magnificent castle , the great invention of this century will dance…\\
?: that was baron Kempelen! He is beautiful as ever…<3\\
??: half year passed since I last saw him, could it be that he was sick…?\\
?: he was at house arrest!\\
?: you know, half year ago he…\\
?: made fun of the magical tricks of pertier, \\
?: a magician we invited from our allied country, France,\\
?: and he had a quarrel with count Cobenzl who could bear to just stand and watch and warned him.\\ in that quarrel baron Kempelen said that he could easily do something more incredible than that.\\
?: and her majesty brought it to a close by not letting him come to the royal court until he would not prepare this incredible thing he was talking about.\\
??: so today his return is at stake , right…?\\ it must have been rough for him…\\
?: he is just paying for his mistakes! He was cheeky, considering his low rank.\\
???: who…\\ is it?\\
box: johan erich Eysler\ finance official of the royal palace\\
jo: (ahahahah) long time no see Kempelen~~\\ were you released by your house arrest? Congratulations~~~\\
jo: it was quite foolish for someone like you\\ or could it be that you resented him for something?\\
jo: you are so cold…\\ I am one of your friends who studied together with you in Italy, remember?\\
jo: we played a lot with chess too!\\ could it be that you hold a grudge against me because you have always lost?\\
wolf: shut up, like I care.\\
jo: listen to me~~~ the ministry of finance is full of scary guys!\\ can’t you see this poor injured kitten!?\\
near wolf: not cling to me\\
jo: unfortunately those frightening guys are really good with the tip of their tongues and I only see people who feign ignorance.\\
jo: to think that I came all the way here to cheer for you…\\
jo: if you are too cold to me, I could go around and say that…\\
jo: your invention is a fraud…\\
jo: just joking! Even you wouldn’t do such a thing!\\
jo: not in front of her majesty!\\
jo: even today she is wearing a mourning dress.\\
wolf: … heh.\\
wolf: do your best with your performance\\
jo: but it is good that her mourning dress is brand new every time\\
kuro: I can finally have a match…\\I was on the verge of losing my chance with the turk, but maybe I will be able to play with someone…\\
kuro: it’s just that…\\
kuro: at the end I missed the change to tell them that I cannot sit in front of other people.\\
kuro: but if they discover such a thing I’m sure that they wouldn’t make me enter in the turk…\\
kuro: … I’m such a despicable guy~~\\
near kuro: I’m so pathetic…\\
kuro: sorry, I’m alright.\\
kuro: I’m sure I will be able to play a good match…\\
wolf: listen now. \\ what I will do from now on will be a fraud\\
wolf: and you are my accomplice.\\
wolf: I wonder if you have the determination of playing chess in such a situation.\\
kuro: even if the scene is a fraud… I will play the match for real.\\
wolf: good…\\
wolf: let’s open the curtains on the greatest fraud of history!!!\\
?: sorry to keep you waiting everyone!\\
?: the next performance will be an invention from baron Kempelen…\\
wolf: this the automata that plays chess…\\
wolf: the turk!!!\\
jo: *whistle*\\
?: a machine that play chess…?\\
??: I wonder how it does work…\\
wolf: let me explain.\\
wolf : half year ago, I declared that\\ I would create something that no one has even seen before!!\\
wolf: and that thing is the turk!!\\
wolf: this machine remembers the movements of the pieces just like a human,\\ it is able to think\\
wolf: move its hands and play chess.\\
wolf: furthermore…\\
wolf: its skills,\\
wolf: are first class without any trace of doubts…!\\
?: if he saying that machine has the same brain as a human!?\\
??: this sounds interesting…\\
???: it is difficult to believe such a thing, is that true…?\\
wolf: well… this is the article I promised you.\\
wolf: Cobenzl-dono.\\
box: Ludwig von Cobenzl\ maria teresa’s coutier \ diplomat\ duke\\
lud: heh,\\ you say that it can play chess just like humans? It stinks of fraud.\\
lud: I’m sure that there must be someone inside of it that makes it move!!\\
lud: e-eh?\\ impossible…\\
box: a cog that is used to hide the mechanism and the human that operates the doll\\
box: doll\\
black: the secret space!\ kuromu is here in the room that is inside the drawer! It is really narrow!\\
on the scroll: a simple schematic\ this is the turk!!\\
box: hiding door\\
box: drawer\\
wolf: you are quite distrustful, Cobenzl-dono.\\
wolf: I am an inventor…\\it is impossible for someone like me to cheat!\\
box: business smile\\
wolf: well then, look everyone.\\
wolf: the box is empty…\\ if we open the internal window you can see the other side.\\
wolf: next you can see the power mechanism…\\ you can also see the other side of the machine through the gaps between the cogs.\\
wolf: and at the bottom there is the drawer for some small tools.\\
wolf: well then Cobenzl-dono,\\ do you really think that a person can enter into this machine?\\
lud: I’m still not convinced yet!\\
lud: what is there under these clothes!!\\
lud: kuh…\\
wolf: ah sorry,\\ I forgot to turn over its clothes.\\
wolf: as expected from Cobenzl-dono…\\
wolf: you are quite accustomed with dealing with nobles ladies.\\
lud: I will not accept this!\\ it is impossible that this machine can play a normal match!!\\
wolf: oh my,\\ then do you want to try it for yourself?\\
lud: there is nothing to be afraid in fraud chess!!\\
box: the turk (kuromu) VS Cobenzl\\
around maria: *giggle*\\
?: you seem to be in good mood you majesty,\\ do you like the turk?\\
maria: to be honest a certain fortune teller I met this morning…\\
maria: told me that…\\
maria: “this evening you will meet a person that will change history”\\
maria: maybe she was referring to that doll…\\
?: you like to joke a lot, your majesty…\\
side text: finally the first battle for kuromu and the turk!!\\

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