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Chrono Monochrome 7

Match 7: breaking the castle walls

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Apr 25, 2014 16:51 | Go to Chrono Monochrome

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Match 7: breaking the castle walls\\
Side: the turk (kuromu)’s first opponent is duke Cobenzl. He was connected with that man since the beginning…!!\\
Box: I was born in a ducal family,\\ I have grew up by being the subject of envy and respect…\\
?: you are incredible Ludwig!\\ you know french so well already…\\
?: I’m looking forward to see your future.\\
??: incredible…!\\ you already know French, Italian, English and Spanish at such an young age…!\\
??: you are a genius!!\\
box: and the one who stood clearly in front of me\\
box: was a blonde man coming from Hungary.\\
?:do you really want to become a duke!?\\you should be ashamed to lose in front of that Hungarian kid…!\\
maria: oh my,\\
maria: isn’t your beautiful face wasted with that expression?\\
lud: your majesty…!\\
maria: let’s take a break.\\
maria: incredible!\\ you become so strong in such a short time…\\
maria: you have talent!\\
maria: it is not like you are a kid unable to do anything,\\ you should have more confidence in yourself.\\
sfx: kon\\
?: it moved for real!!\\
??: e4… his way of playing is not inferior to humans.\\
lud: since then,\\
lud: I have never lost against Kempelen in a chess match.\\
lud: and for me chess\\
lud: is my connection to her majesty…\\
lud: I will not lose no matter what!!!\\
wolf: he didn’t have any problem with the first move…\\
wolf: he is doing things well for the shitty dog he is.\\
wolf: but he cannot lower his guard.\\
wolf: the shitty dog’s skill is something real, but his opponent cannot be underestimated.\\
wolf: because Cobenzl’s second name is…\\
jo: “steel wall Cobenzl”.
?: what are you talking about, Eysler-sama?\\
jo: that’s how they call him in the royal palace as a chess expert.\\
jo: Cobenzl’s chess style is defence.\\ his stance is the same as a wall.\\
jo: he will built a steel castle wall for his king on the chess board…!\\
jo: until now he used a basic opening, but soon,\\ he will create his…\\
jo: indomitable perseverance fortification!!\\
?: d6…? That’s a strange move.\\
??: no that’s…!\\
??: the philidor defence!!!\\
jo: it is a move devised by the strongest chess master of our era, Philidor.\\
jo: normally, at the beginning of the match there is the development in the centre of the board, in order to widen the mobility of your pieces…\\
text: if you move your pieces toward the centre, the range of your moves will increase!\\
left of the bishop: bishop\\ right: someone who can only move on the diagonals\\
text: the pawn moved in d6 gets in the way of the bishop’s movements, but on the other side its defence is strong.\\
jo: if you play the pawn in d6 it is difficult to employ the bishop,\\but its defensive power has remarkably increased.\\
jo: and it will continue to protect the position until it will be removed because of an attacking move from its own side…!!\\
jo: maybe that empty doll…\\
jo: will just end up smashed from those castle walls…\\
lud: knight in b5!?\\
lud: impossible… with this the white knight will just die in vain…\\
lud: is there some kind of trap behind this?\\
lud: I cannot read its facial expression…!\\
lud: the speed of each move is always the same, and it gives me a bad feeling for some reason.\\
lud: it is like I’m playing against a death corpse.\\
lud: could it be the advantage of being just a machine…?\\
lud: it is a detestable doll, just like its creator.\\
lud: but my defence is perfect…\\
lud: try to broke it if you really want!!\\
?: he caught the white knight!\\
??: to lose a piece in such an early stage… this must hurt.\\ in comparison duke Cobenzl’s defence is impenetrable.\\
box: king\\
box: defensive wall\\
?: oh well, it is more than enough that a doll can play chess…\\
??: it will not last long.\\
???: … I agree, what do you think?\\
????: 17 moves.\\
lud: is it throwing away the rook too!?\\
lud: what the hell is it doing? it is suicide to attack in such a easy-going way…\\
lud: do you think that I will lose my cool if you attack like that?\\
lud: no, I’m wrong\\
lud: in that case I would say…\\
lud: that he is a foolish general!\\
lud: only a stupid commander would send his soldiers toward a vain death by attacking like there is no tomorrow!!\\
lud: I was confused by its eccentric ways, but it is just like a desperate human player!!\\
lud: it is true that if it takes a step back it will suffer damage…\\
text: because stepping back often equals to waste a move(it is like resting for one turn) it will give an advantage to your opponent.\\
lud: there are a lot of attacker who do that in order to escape, but…\\
lud: after losing so many soldiers against the castle walls, that would equal to lose your life!!\\
lud: the victory is achieved for a good general…\\
lud: when he retreats only to protect the king.\\
lud: your majesty…\\
lud: I will defeat this rude fellow in one go and conquer victory!!!\\
wolf: what are you thinking now…\\
wolf: shitty dog!?\\
jo: it stopped…?\\
lud: is it taking time to think…?\\
lud: in such a situation…?\\
lud: but it is too late now…!!\\
lud: aaah…!!\\
?: look… I told you it would last only 17 moves right?\\
?: with the turk’s victory.\\
inserted text: what happened…? In the next issue!!

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