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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 223

Night 223: close

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Apr 26, 2014 10:13 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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reserved for sense

Night 223: close\\
inserted text: the memories of when they met…!\\
b1: arba… do we sleep together with everyone…?\\
b2: yes. We don’t have a lot of space, and it feels like to be with your family, so we don’t feel that lonely.\\ you have also slept with your father and mother from time to time, right?\\
b1: never…\\
b2: they told me that when I was born I was immediately abandoned in front of the church…\\
b1: come here,\\
b2: sheba.\\
b1: there is no need to be so nervous.\\
and then arba brushed me gently with her hands.\ I was happy. Would I feel like this if I had a mother and a father? That’s what I was thinking.\ both arba and Solomon are good. They are like everyone’s father and mother.\\
when I grow up I want to become like them.\\
just like the two of them, they are considerate toward everyone while mutually respecting each other\\
I want to become like that woman and that man!\\
That’s what I thought but…\\
B1: why did things end up like this…?\\
B1: hey falan, why did you choose wahid instead of Solomon?\\
B2: eh?\\
b1: I had to compromise, aru.\\
B2: eh!?\\
B3: e-eeeh!?\\
B1: it was a lie, aru.\\
B2: I’m glad to hear that…\\
B3: me too…\\
B1: it was simply that the one I ended up liking the most is this good for nothing cheerful and simple man who only thinks about eating and breasts, aru.\\
B2: aren’t you saying too many bad things about me, bitch!\\
B3: I was praising you, aru! I even gave birth to your son, aru! I have the determination of remaining married with you for the rest of my life, aru!\\
B1: so sheba, you should give birth to solomon’s child as soon as possible.\\
B1: eh!?\\
B2: c-child!?\\
b1: falan says so many reckless things…\\
b2: welcome back, Solomon, arba!\\
b3: … eh?\\
b1: what happened to Solomon? he doesn’t seem to be in good mood.\\
b1: well… it is because of the other species. It is good that they respect him, but we discovered that they built a statue to worship him…\\
b2: I see… he really hates a lot those kinds of things…\\
b1: let’s stop talking about that stupid stuff. More importantly ugo, tell me how that research is going\\
b2: o-ok!\\
b1: b-by the way~~\\ the other species were once again curious about us!\\
b2: eh, about what?\\
b1: they asked “why does the magicians have so few old people and children?”\\
b2: ah… that again.\\
b1: we magicians are able to control the process of aging after all. Powerful magicians can live for several hundred of years. If we don’t age we don’t have the necessity of rush things and have our descendants.\\
b2: 800 years ago the humans had sexual intercourses all the year along, and it seems that they were always making children. That sounds so healthy~~~\\
b1: d-don’t talk about sexual intercourses!\\
b2: ahaha you are still so young, sheba.\\
b3: arba is the oldest among us. Her way of thinking is a lot different than ours.\\
b1: well, at that time few humans would live more than 50 years. They were at the wits end and then bred.\\
b2: I don’t think they did it only because they were at their wits end!\\
b1: it is good to have a child with the woman you love. You should have one too, Solomon!\\
b2: eh~~~ I’m fine, I’m 200 years too early for that…\\
b3: you say such cold things!\\
b1: you are right, that’s quite cold. Even if I talk about family love to the other species, I have never experienced it myself.\\
b2: I don’t even have brothers. I don’t have a single memory of love between a parent and his son.\\
b1: Solomon\\
b1: that’s why ithnan, setta,\\
b2: waid and falan\\
b1: I’m very envious when I look at you. And at the same time I respect you.\\
b2: you have the love toward your family that I don’t.\\
b1: you have showed me the human’s way to do things earnestly, and that’s the same way I am showing to the other species.\\
b2: and that’s why they trust me. in truth, you can say that the species that we have released are following your lead and not mine.\\
b1: that’s why from now on… you should find the things that I lack,\\
b2: and tell me that I am a cold guy after you find them.\\
b1: you also say hot things to us, you know?\\
b1: by the way, children, huh…\\
small bubble: stare\\
b2: w-what!?\\
b1: are you feeling like making one!?\\
b1: if we really need to have a brat, we already have this one here, so it is more than enough, right?\\
b2: hahahah!\\
b1: for Solomon I’m nothing more that a little brat who gets in the way with arba after all.\\
b2: I was fine with than in the past, but now…\\
b1: sheba, are you awake?\\
b1: I’m sleeping.\\
b2: ahahah, so you are awake, I’m coming in.\\
b1: why did you enter?\\
b2: heheh, I want to talk with you.\\
b1: you know, sheba…\\
b1: you should become solomon’s wife.\\
b1: what are you talking about, arba?\\
b1: I’m not joking. I want you to promise something to me now.\\
b2: marry that man for your entire life. Always be his ally. You have the determination to do that.\\
b1: … what happened,\\
b2: arba?\\
b1: we will become solomon’s…\\ two columns.\\
b1: to tell the truth, that man is a strong magician, but his spirit is not that strong.\\
b2: you are also aware that he is a 22 years old youngster, right?\\
b1: I will not allow you to make fun of solomon.\\
b1: I’m not making fun of him.\\
b2: I am the only one who has to continue thinking such a thing.\\
b1: what do you mean…?
b1: I am one of a countless series of magicians who were created by some higher ups of the a elder council in the orthodoxy in order to serve them.\\
b2: I have watched over the little master since he was born. He is of noble birth, he didn’t have any friends, so they ordered me to become his friend.\\
b1: at the beginning he really was a good for nothing kid. I wonder if he would have become a splendid supported of the other species rejection doctrine if he grew up just like that.\\
b2: he was just like his father.\\
b1: the same as elder david…\\
b1: that’s right, that’s the thing that Solomon fears the most.\\ to be worshipped by the other species and one day become like his father. He is frightened to become an arrogant and monopolistic ruler.\\
b1: therefore from now on… no matter how high Solomon will climb,\\
b2: he needs someone, a person who will be his ally no matter what.\\
b1: he needs someone who doesn’t overlook his sins,\\
b2: and goes on and on talking about the stupid things he is doing.\\
b1: even if that thing will kill him in the end.\\
b1: arba…\\
b1: it only troubles me if you don’t treat me as an equal\\
b1: but, sheba…\\
b1: it is probable that…\\
b2: Solomon will not end up like that, right?\\
bubble: smile\\
b1: you can bet on it!\\
b1: right!\\
b1: Solomon has the possibility to live happily , even if somewhere inside of him he rejects such a thing.\\ he is frightened of the possibilities he has…furthermore he feels the weight of his father’s sin, who is the ringleader behind those who continue to make the other species suffer.\\
b1: however, why a person who tells the others that in every life of this world there is love, desire a life without love?\\
b2: I think that probably no one will follow a king with such a broken heart.\
b1: that’s why we should become solomon’s two columns.\\
b1: his two…\\ columns…!?\\
b1: we will live in order to continue to support Solomon by both sides,\\ I will support him when he will become strongly brutal and ferocious…\\ while you will support him when he is on the verge of breaking down!\\
b1: promise me that.\\ you are the only one who can do such a thing. Ugo, wahid, setta and ithnan cannot do it.\\ you are the only woman who can love him.\\I don’t think that you are a kid anymore.\\
b2: since the day you began to glare at me with those sparkling eyes.\\
b1: this is frustrating…\\
b2: I think that I’m still not ready to form with you the pair of columns that will sustain solomon.\\
b1: but I want you to look at me!\\
b2: I get become stronger and I will become…\\
b1: an incredible magician who will make\\
b2: Solomon, you and the others happy!\\
b1: I don’t only love Solomon. But I also love you arba…\\ and yet I’m so sorry that until now I had such a despicable attitude toward you…\\
b1: it’s alright sheba.\\
b1: we should remain like this for the rest of our lives.\\
b2: we can’t. Let’s promise.\\
b1: ok…\\
b1: “I will remain married to Solomon for all of my life”\\
b2: “and always be his ally”\\
b1: the following day\\
b1: Solomon! Go out with me, please!!!\\
b1: what are you talking about, are you still sleep talking?\\
b2: arba… it is useless to do that if Solomon doesn’t feel like it…\\
b3: ahahah…\\
inserted text: then what happened to the two of them…!? A new development in the next issue!?\\

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Posted on Apr 27, 2014
you're the best

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