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Chrono Monochrome 14

Chapter 14: monochrome

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on May 4, 2014 11:35 | Go to Chrono Monochrome

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Chapter 14: monochrome\\
right red text: we enter in a incredible arc!!!\\
left red text: with this move I will have… the world in my hands!!!\\
side: the tour around Europe already shows its difficulties along the road!?\\
kuro: ubuh…\\
wolf: what wrong, shitty dog?\\
wolf: your hands have stopped moving.\\
wolf: to think that you were a dog sensible to car sickness.\\
kuro: to think that coaches would shake so much…!\\
wolf: in such a state even the turk’s oscillations would put you into a KO, you know?\\
wolf: anton\\
an: yah~~~\\
reb: don’t you make him feel worse by covering his eyes? I heard about his disease and it sounds like a really inconvenient disposition…\\
reb: it is a miracle that you are able to play chess in such a situation.\\
reb: after that match kuro was completely exhausted…\\
reb: chess gives such a refined image, but it’s really hard.\\
wolf: well, in ancient Persia chess was used as a simulation to train people in war during peace periods.\\
wolf: maybe because it has a lot of the aspects of a real duel.\\
reb: it sounds really mysterious now that you mention that. Even if its original motif is war it became a game that people can enjoy.\\
near reb: come on, get up\\
reb: but I’m glad that it’s a game!\\ real wars are frightening after all!\\
wolf: …\\ in that case, what about testing his bravery before heading to the battlefield?\\
reb: eh?\\
wolf: anton!\\
an: yah~~~\\
reb: kyaaah!?\\
wolf: (hahahahah) you will conquer you nausea before we arrive to Salzburg!!\\
box: Merk monastery, near the Austrian border\\
jo: Kaunitz-sama, you called me all of the sudden in this monastery…\\ if you want me to become your retired wife, then tell me that beforehand…\\
ka: that’s a funny joke, Eysler\\ but, probably we don’t have the time for those jokes today.\\
box: Wenzel Anton von Kaunitz\ Austria’s state chancellor\\ Maria Theresa’s close aide\\
ka: your ability as a finance official is considered of great worth…\\
ka: I expect that in the near future…\\
ka: I will have to teach you the secret mechanisms that make a country work.\\
maria: well then, I will confirm the present terms and conditions.\\
maria: the present battlefield sees the Sachsen and the Anhalt armies fighting,\\
maria: you requested to increase your trade rights on the moldau river, and the war is carried out because you declared war to each other.\\
maria: the losing country will pay to the winning country the war reparations, \\
maria: all the countries who stand here as referees have received…\\
maria: both the guarantees otherwise the hostages and the expenses for our collaboration from both the countries.\\
brune: Anhalt will take the whites…\\
blonde: Sachsen will take the black!\\
jo: her majesty and… aren’t those the rulers of the other countries…!?\\
jo: and at the centre of everything there is… chess!?\\
maria: well then both of you…\\
maria: put the agreement seal on the treaty!!\\
maria: begin the match!!\\
jo: what in the world is this…!?\\
ka: just like her majesty told… those two countries have began hostilities by putting their trade rights at stake.\\
ka: right here history is moving together with those pieces…\\
cat: … so boring.\\ I came all the way here just to see a skirmish between two small countries.\\
cat: furthermore the people who are keeping me company are even more boring.\\
box: Catherine the 2nd\ empress of the Russian empire\ the so called northern heroine of the great empire\\
fed: there is nothing ruder toward war than the complains of a woman…\\
box: Frederic the 2nd\ King of the Prussian kingdom\ he holds the title of great king and he is know as a military genius\\
maria: the referees take turns in rotation… we cannot do anything about the fact that our three countries that are mortal enemies are all gathered here.\\
maria: just act like adults a bit and be quiet, please.\\
ka: … Europe fell into ruin after the continued great wars of the past…\\
ka: if the wars continue, all the countries will be ruined and all of their people will perish,\\ before long we will not be able to stop the invasion of a foreign country like the Othman empire .\\
ka: because of that all the countries have considered a certain plan.\\
jo: it cannot be…\\
ka: that’s right… a battle that virtually substitutes a real war…\\
ka: on a battlefield called chess!!!\\
blonde: do your best!!\\
brune: show them the power of Anhalt!!\\
ka: it is a secret agreement system that allows even small countries that are strong at chess to rise up in the world…!\\
ka: every country raises strong chess masters instead of soldiers,\\ and sends the strongest masters on the battlefield…\\
ka: the fate of their country is at stake with every single move!!\\
jo: is he saying that they will decide history on that chessboard!?\\
jo: could it be that this is the reason why there was such an unusual peace in the last few decades…?\\
?: help me…!!\\
fre: we don’t need soldiers who don’t fight.\\
car: (hahahah) finally something interesting happened!\\
maria: there was no need to kill him…!\\
fre: he would not have any place to live once he went back to his country.\\ with this Anhalt is disqualified… and Sachsen wins.\\
brune: y-yes…\\
maria: you are reckless as ever!\\
maria: it is the same thing you did when you disregarded the chess match…\\
maria: and came to invade Austria…!!\\
fre: I didn’t have a good chess master at the time.\\
fre: but now it is different. I will fight fair and square…\\
fre: Prussia now has the strongest chess master, and he will be your opponent.\\
fre: on the stage that will decide history…\\
fre: the monochrome.\\
ka: don’t touch it, Eysler.\\
ka: there was a difference in skills, but that is the board that remained after a match where chess master risked their lives…\\
ka: it is not just a toy. And you are not in charge to touch it carelessly.\\
jo: understood, Kaunitz-sama!\\
jo: the monochrome, huh…\\
ka: we came here to escort you, your majesty.\\
maria: thank you Kaunitz.\\
fre: ah… just one more thing…\\
fre: isn’t Austria worried about our chess master?\\
fre: you know, you didn’t have a chess master for quite a while… (kukuku)\\
maria: no need to worry! We are in the middle of selecting him!\\
maria: one of them is a lump of steel…\\
maria: and the other one…\\
maria: will probably have a reputation that will last for a few centuries…\\
maria: she is a lump of talent.\\
side: In the next issue a surprising opponent appears!?\\

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