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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Chrono Monochrome 15

Match 15: problem child= prodigy

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on May 4, 2014 15:29 | Go to Chrono Monochrome

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Match 15: problem child= prodigy\\
side: a new act begins in a new city!!\\
box: Salzburg\\
box: it is parish governed by the archbishop of Salzburg, one of the highest ranked clergyman of the catholic church\\
wolf: the archbishop is an influential person of a level comparable to that of her majesty…\\ furthermore, the people living in Salzburg have a certain animosity toward Wein.\\
wolf: maybe they invited us here in order to make fun of us.\\
kuro: impossible~~ don’t threaten us like that.\\
?: we were waiting for you!!\\ kempelen-sama!!!\\
inserted text: an unexpected way of make fun of them?\\
?: leave your luggage to us! We will show you the way!\\
??: we prepared the best possible accommodations for you!\\
???: we heard about the turk’s reputation!\\ be sure to win!!\\
wolf: I heard that our opponent is someone born here in Salzburg…\\ it is strange that they welcome us with such warmth…\\
reb: ah, the market!!\\
reb: can we go to do shopping?\\
reb: I don’t mind, but I will go to our accommodation.\\
reb: in that case, let’s take the map and then meet again there.\\ kuro, could you give the purse to me?\\
kuro: no!!\\
kuro: on the way here you all used the money in such a reckless way…\\
kuro: you have to use the money with a certain plan in mind!\\ I’m in charge here, and I will give you only the money you need!\\
reb: eeeh~~~~!?\\
an: you sound just like my mom…\\
reb: that’s not how a genius is supposed to behave.\\
wolf: not only you are short but also intolerant.\\
kuro: shut up, please!!\\
?: we just got some new beer!\\
??: tie those salt bags better, otherwise the thieves will target us!\\
kuro: I’m so excited about going in a city that I don’t know.\\
reb: candles, a lock and some cord… what is this memo, anton?\\
an: the things that the master told me to buy…\\
boy: hey sister! That guy is doing pranks again!\\
sis: don’t talk to him!\\
kuro: these scribbles, could it be…\\
kuro: the trajectory of the “knight tour”…!?\\
an: eh…?\\ that mantle, the guy who played against you in the Schonbrunn imperial palace was wearing something similar…\\
kuro: eh…!?\\
kuro: hey! You…!\\
box: Edelweiss inn\\
wolf: … so?\\
wolf: what are you scheming? Confess.\\
?: no, nothing…\\
?: eek!!\\
?: we would like that you get the better of that fucking brat… I mean of that boy in your match tomorrow…\\
?: he is a boy full of talent, but…\\
?: he is a super!!\\
?: problem child!!\\
?: money, alcohol, women… he is involved in all the dirty activities not appropriate for a city like Salzburg where the archbishop is…\\
??: he is more like a disaster than a genius!!\\
wolf: you have such a dirty cry face yourself…\\
?: you should have met him too, kempelen.dono…\\
?: he created quite a ruckus in the past when he asked to marry princess Antonia-sama in Wein…!\\
wolf: he is indeed a genius, but…\\
wolf: he shouldn’t be a “chess master”…?\\
kuro: you are wrong, anton-san…\\
kuro: it’s not him…!\\
?: you have a good beat, young lady\\
kuro: fueh!?\\
box: Waltz step one\ over sway\\
?: when I saw you my heart began to throb…\\ and my ears were full of holly music!!\\
box: Waltz step 2\ seim foot range\\
kuro: eh? No, hum you have mistaken me for someone else…\\
?: I’m not wrong, this encounter is our gospel…\\
?: the hot beat in my chest plucks the strings of my love\\
box: waltz step 3\ slow over sway\\
reb: that’s some strange kid.\\
near reb: I hate that kind of men\\
an: more importantly this kind of situation, could it be that…\\
?: eh?\\... eeeh?\\
?: you chest is empty!?\\
kuro: I am a man!!\\
?: … a man.\\
kuro: yeah! You are so rude…\\
?: go and die, shitty dog!!\\
?: idiot, idiot!!\\ all men should die!!\\
an: … come on! It was difficult to understand that you are a man because you are foreign,\\ furthermore you are wearing a mantle…\\
reb: anton-san has such a pessimistic nature,\\
reb: it can be helped if he feels down.\\ let’s complete our shopping and go back to the inn.\\
kuro: you are right…\\
kuro: … eh?\\
kuro: eh?\\
kuro: what…!?\\
reb: kuro?\\
kuro: someone took my purse…\\
both :eeeh~~~!!?\\
an: he problem is…\\ how should we apologize to the master!?\\
kuro: we searched for it everywhere but we couldn’t find it…\\
an: at least we bought what the master asked us.\\
near kuro: even if she is the smallest one…\\
kuro: she is totally invincible…!\\
?: welcome!\\
?: you are baron kempelen’s escorts!\\ the baron is in his room!\\
?: this is the spare key.\\
reb: I feel like running away…\\
kuro: sorry… I will take all the punishment…\\
kuro: ah… it’s there.\\
reb: kenpe…\\
? ahn…\\ stop wolfy…\\
?: there is so much…\\ I cannot take it… anymore <3\\
??: I will take responsibility…\\ I cannot live without you anymore\\ yeah… me too wolfy…<3\\
kuro: wolfy?\\
“Wolfgang”(master)’s nickname…\\
reb: eh!?\\
??: I love you…\\ give me more, please <3\\
an: now I really want to run away!!\\
reb: kempelen you cheater!!\\
?: with this I should be able to live for the entire month.\\ choose me again, wolfy <3\\
wolfy: geh.\\
kuro: ah! Give my purse back…\\
reb: don’t use that misleading name again!!\\
an: where is the master’s purse!!\\
near kuro: awah…\\
an: the master’s rope was useful…\\
kuro: this key is for room XI, we have confused it for room IX.\\
wolfy: sorry but I don’t have your money anymore! I used it for financing her!\\
kuro: you financed her with the money you stole from other people…\\
reb: how will we make him pay his debt!?\\
wolfy don’t worry… I plan to get a lot of money soon\\
wolfy: if I win the chess match tomorrow\\
kuro: then you are the turk’s opponent tomorrow…!?\\
wolfy: ah, do you know the turk?\\
wolfy: that’s right! I am a genius player, dancer and composer…\\
wolfy: I am Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart!!!\\
side: his opponent is the world’s most famous composer!?\\

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