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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Stealth Symphony 11

Act 11: valve junction

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on May 8, 2014 11:09 | Go to Stealth Symphony

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Act 11: valve junction\\
side: what is the secretary doing the to the slave company’s vice head-chief…!?\\
text above: a few minutes earlier\\
qua: aaah, this is bad!\\
qua: if the boss goes wild, she will end up killing the goods\\
qua: I don’t even know what kind of excuse I should invent…\\ … bah?\\
qua: mai…?\\ w-\\
qua: why?\\
?: the real mai-san is…\\
sfx: guh\\
sfx: sleeping in my apartment right now\\
all: we have finished here, vice guild chief\\
box: secretary may\ assassin guild\ hand to hand combat techniques 4th place\ marksmanship techniques 4th place\ efficiency in completed works 4th place\\ guild’s beauty contest 4th place\ “the crafty poor”\ all mighty(real name unknown)\\
sou: oh, good job\\
all: what happened to the trailer?\\
sou: … ah, so you saw that explosion, right?\\ that tomboy mermaid has just challenged a dragon\\
side: a fierce roar!!\\
all: did you say… a dragon?\\
sieg: incredible…\\
sieg: this is… a dragon’s power…\\
throll: that woman… did she evaporate together with the water?\\
sfx: zuuuu\\
?: uwah\\
way: … you lowered your guard, my dear escorts\\ haa\\
way: haa\\ I wonder… what will you do in this situation?\\ will you abandon this kid in order to kill me?\\
ali: kuh…\\
toro: be careful\\
toro: because you are not part of the “cargo’s goods*” anymore…\\
TLN: here I think that toroma is saying that she is not part of the goods he is supposed to protect so he will not protect her…\\
Way: ah?\\
Sfx: gagyuri\\
way: eh^\\ w-what is… this?\\
?: I am…\\
sfx: shuru…\\
?: also not part of the goods, big sis\\
sick: people are not how they look like… right?\\
box: assassin guild\ the one with the least number of kills\ (the follower of the not killing doctrine)\ sick (real age 28 years)\\
box: dragon’s legacy\ B rank\ name unknown\ effect unknown\\
way: you bastard… you are from the assassin guild…!?\\
sick: yeah, but I will not kill you, so relax, ok?\\
sick: I will erase you from this world while you are still alive\\
sick: if they commissioned me your death you must be quite hated by the people\\
sick: because in “my world” you will not die no matter what\\
sick: we will play a lot later\\
way: agah…\\ aaaaaaaah\\
way: aaaaah\\
sfx: shun\\
sfx: pon\\
sick: the job is finished for today\\
sou: well everyone, thanks for your help\\
?: eh!?\\
sick: eh? Why are you here, souya-san?\\
sou: I’m here to asses your work\\ the boss said that “this year is special so let’s stress our bodies to the extreme limit”\\
sou: sieg-kun you were incredible a moment ago, you even stopped the trailer\\
sieg: …!\\
sou: but you are still playing into someone else’s palm\\
sou: it is a real pity, because you have the power to fly away from that palm\\
sieg: what are you… talking about?\\
sou: I’m talking about how things work in our world\\
sou: if you want to learn to fly come at the assassin guild anytime\\
sieg: I immediately understood souya-san’s words\\ I was really playing into someone else’s palm\\
sieg: when I went to the pharmaceutical company by following toroma-san and the others…\\
sieg: I realized that there was a “power” that was making something bigger than a simple trailer move. I was making the entire world move\\
box: human sacrifices supply company (stork)\ agito (headquarter)\\
?: chief\\ we have completed gaining total control of raigo pharmaceutics as well\\
sfx: kata\\kata\\
chief: I see\\
?: w-why are you outside of your administrative district…!?\\
chief: this forest became part of jinbou-chou administrative district\\ just 10 minutes ago\\
?: fuck you…!\\ what kind of reason is that!?\\
chief: a kidnapper trash is trying to reason with me?\\
chief: are you really trying to reason with a city…\\
? guh\\
chief: that acknowledge the existence of an assassin guild?\\
box: royal police jinbou-chou branch office \ (chief)\\ Veronia\\
ver: the leaders of raigo pharmaceutics have already disappeared\\
ver: that’s right, that company itself was nothing more that a sacrificial pawn\\
ver: the only thing remaining of the important members of that company is the corpse of Stork’s vice head-chief\\
ver: they will not be able to realize if “stork” attracted to much hate on them, or if it was ragou who decided to shut them up…\\ our subordinates do a good job after all\\
ver: but I never thought that they would even involve V&V\\
sieg: colt-san told me a lot of things that were the result of his conjectures\\ it seems that he knew that the boss of the slave company was among the hostages herself\\
sieg: therefore we had to save the hostages, and then locate the boss from their behaviour\\
sieg: she was mixed in the “goods” in the case they would not be able to secure the cargo to the end\\
sieg: the police obtained those information and decided to destroy the slave dealers\\
box: and they leaked these information to the cyborg soldiers school in order to distribute their forces\\
sieg: so we were basically accomplices with assassins, right?\\
colt: this is a job I chose, therefore you and laika shouldn’t worry about it too much\\
sieg: I’m not satisfied with such a pretext\\
sieg: furthermore…\\
sieg: … I was unable to do anything\\
sieg: even if I didn’t stop the trailer, at the end the police would have done it…\\
?: die you damn brat!\\
?: everything is finished because of you!\\
sieg: eh…\\
sieg: colt-san…\\ why did you…\\
colt: … you don’t want to become an assassin like this, right?\\
colf: you are not able to avoid bullets after all\\
sieg: … sorry\\
colt: but you weren’t an hindrance\\
colt: that’s all\\
sieg: eh?\\
rai: you will a good job, sieg-kun, right?\\
sieg: … me?\\
rai: if the trailer would arrive to this company full of policemen…\\
rai: don’t you think that the people who didn’t have the protection of the V&V anymore would have become hostages of the mermaid?\\
sieg: ah…\\
rai: you saved those children with your strength, sieg-kun!\\
?: hey… it was you who helped us, right?\\
? you know, I thought that I would not see my mother anymore\\
??: thanks for helping us!\\ everyone!\\
sieg: hum…\\ thank you… for everything that happened today\\
lai: we should be the ones to thank you\\
wolf: good job\\
colt: .. thanks for you job as well, guards\\
sieg: … thank you colt-kun, laika-chan\\
sieg: … let’s do our best from now on as well!\\
toro: it seems that we are outsiders here\\
ali: yeah\\
toro: I told you right,\\ sieg-san\\
toro: that you would be welcome in this city for sure\\
side: the young boy continues to life in this town, with a smile on his face.\\
?: kumonuma sieg\\ the wings on his shoulders are a legacy, right?\\
??: yes, according to what the head patrol office Peep said\\
?: let’s think again about the incidents involving those wings\\
?: let’s investigate them together with that incident about that gigantic golem going berserk\\ in that case the artisan who made it go berserk committed suicide.\\
?: and that director guy is in the hands of the doura district station, huh?\\ we should investigate that as well, you can even forge the pretext if you need\\
?: that incident doesn’t make any sense\\
?: why did he send that boy all the way to this city to kill him?\\ why did he commission his assassination to kawarada if he knew the extent of his abilities?\\ why there are pictures of those “wings” in raigo pharmaceutics’ computers?\\
ver: and if the data about this brat is right…\\ why is he a freeman?\\
ver: kumonuta sieg\\ kumonuta sieg\\ kumonuta sieg\\
ver: who the hell are you?\\
ver: why did you come to this city?\\
ver: why do you have such a smiling face…\\
ver: even after you have killed 28 people in your hometown?\\
act 11.5: valve fiction\\
side: … everything is turned inside out!!!\\

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