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Chrono Monochrome 17

Match 17: the invisible hand of god

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on May 13, 2014 10:47 | Go to Chrono Monochrome

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Match 17: the invisible hand* of god\\
TLN: in japanese the word “te” that is “hand” is also use as “move” in games like chess\\
wolf: confirming the functioning of the level.\\
kuro: understood.\\
wolf: confirming the operation of the synthetic voice.\\
kuro: understood.\\
wolf: what about the hiding door?\\
kuro: all clear.\\
kuro: let’s do our best!\\
kuro: I’m looking forward to what kind of chess you play…\\
kuro: Mozart!\\
kuro: I will fight you with the turk!!\\
inserted text: I’m sure that there is something…\\
inserted text: even more shining than that sword!!!\\
side: the day of the battle against Mozart!!\\
box: the place of the match, the archbishop’s mansion\\
box: ritter zimmer (hall of the knight)\\
?: turk!\\ (in all the bubbles)
reb: so many people! And they are all cheering for the turk!\\
an: because they hate mozart~~~\\ and what about the father of that Mozart? He is still not here yet…\\
mo: hasehyun-chan <3\\
tln: little bunny\\
reb: kyah!!\\
reb: how dare you to touch my bottom!!!\\
wolf: the garbage has appeared\\
an: and he is doing that even before the match…\\
wolf: heh… he is fooling around even more than yesterday, huh.\\
wolf: maybe he is nervous…\\
mo: I wonder about that.\\
mo: well, this is a really special stage for me today after all.\\
mo: I’m not what you would generally consider a “country representative”.\\
mo: by the way, one of you is not here, right?\\ the one called kuro.\\
wolf: he is working right now.\\
wolf: putting his life on the line.\\
kuro: will he kill me if they know my real identity…?\\
mo: heh… I see…\\
mo: I wanted to show him…\\
mo: my chess play…\\
bi: be silent.\\
bi: “ they were scattered and yet now the number of people continues to increase”…\\
bi: “people will become poor if they will stop giving what they own to others“.\\
bi: this rest will make everyone more rich and will make us all bear more fruits…\\
kuro: Mozart…\\
kuro: I will not see your chess play with my eyes…\\
kuro: however…\\
bi: in the name of the father, the son and holy spirit…\\
kuro: I will respond to it!!\\
bi: begin the match\\
box: Mozart Vs the turk (kuromu)\\
?: a machine is playing chess for real!\\
??: incredible!\\
reb: hey turk, the chess clock! come on, use it!\\
reb: ok! Perfect!\\
near an: as expected by our clock artisan…\\
an: so that’s how you use that, huh…\\
hood: the first move is e4…\\
hood: it is since that match in Schonbrunn that I don’t see the turk play…\\
hood: he is an opponent without any loose end…\\
hood: right?\\
hood: Mozart…!!\\
bi: that’s quite a machine.\\
bi: your master is really something.\\
bi: by the way, kempelen, are you sure that is it fine for you to be so far from the turk?\\
wolf: there is no problem at this distance.\\
reb: that’s the kid that made that declaration earlier…?\\
?: the bishop!!\\
an: bishop!?\\
near them: a kid!?\\
wolf: it is difficult to follow the match from his platform so I invited him here.\\ and he is several years older than you, even if he looks like this.\\
reb: influential people are incredible in so many ways…\\
near reb: he seems so young…\\
wolf: hohoho\hoho\\
bi: I was really looking forward to this, the match between the machine that is Wein’s pride and Salzburg’s genius… I mean bad boy.\\
an: but Mozart is a composer, right?\\ he is not that special in chess, right?\\
bi: father Christophe.\\
chris: eh? Ah, yes.\\
chris: in the tournament that was performed around Europe a few months ago…\\
chris: I played in the final against Mozart… and…\\
chris: he totally embarrassed me.\\
wolf: is he capable of such incredible moves…?\\ what kind of chess player is he?\\
chris: well…\\
chris: he is a player that “you have never seen”…\\
mo: I was wondering what kind moves a machine would play, but…\\
mo: you are really boring!!\\
mo: first move “scherzando” (playing around).\\
?: h6…!!\\ why did he begin from that extremity of the board…!!?\\
wolf: that’s an opening that I have never seen before…\\ that’s such a surprising move.\\
an: Mozart sucks~~~\\
chris: that’s the same opening he used against me.\\
kuro: is he aiming to confusing me?\\
kuro: in that case…\\
kuro: I will grasp the flow of the match by attacking first!!\\
chri: it is not that…\\
chri: his opening is not weak or something…\\
kuro: eh…?\\
kuro: he parried…\\
kuro: all of my attacks…?\\
kuro: my judgment of him was unreliable, his play has talent and he is defending…\\
kuro: and the dangerous thing is that…\\
kuro: he will make me lose my way with the next moves.\\
kuro: it is like standing in the streets of a town that you don’t know.\\
kuro: it is difficult to find the right answer…!!\\
mo: I feel a dissonance in you, turk!!\\
?: nb4\\
?: the turk’s objective was been precluded…!\\
kuro: shit…!!\\
chri: to use surprise moves is quite risky…\\ because you could lose the right road on the board.\\
ren: eh? Why is he using that stile then?\\
wolf: to make his opponent commit mistakes.\\
wolf: even a single mistake in chess can be life threatening…\\
wolf: if you go on a street that you don’t know, there is an high probability that you will fall down. And chess is just like that…\\
wolf: but the same thing is valid for the one using that tactics…\\
wolf: that’s a surprise attack strategy that you normally use against weak opponents…\\
chri: what if I tell you that for him that strategy has zero risks?\\
wolf: what do you mean?\\
chri: Mozart…\\
chri: is a player that “you have never seen commit a mistake”!!!\\
mo: I will choose the best sound from you,\\
mi: and create the most supreme music from it…\\
mo: the one who choses the moves of truth\\
mo: “amadeus”(the one loved by god)\\
kuro: he got me there…!\\ to think that…\\
kuro: a player with such stile would exist!!\\
side: he found a strong opponent!! Kuromu… is boiling!!\\

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