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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 225

Night 225: future

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on May 17, 2014 15:47 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Night 225: future\\
inserted text: so there was a time when the eight general were like this, huh…\\
b1: three months passed since then…\\
b1: solomon and sheba are getting along well!\\
b1: I never imagined that sheba would make Solomon settle down like that…\\
b2: it was beyond my expectations.\\
b1: ugo you have reached a good age too, you should find a good woman yourself soon as well.\\
b2: eh…?\\
b1: I’m alright. Even if I don’t have my youth I still have my magic research.\\
b2: there should be a woman that resembles you in this world after all.\\
b3: impossible, such a otaku woman doesn’t exist.\\
b1: well, anyway isn’t it good that they are getting along well? After all…\\
b1: we are getting only dark topics recently…\\
b1: yeah…\\
b1: the strives among the other species did not stop after that incident.\\
b1: unluckily, the other species became separated under the guide of several different magicians.\\
b2: the “resistance” continued to release the other species, everyone became free, and yet, ironically… the more they became free, the more the internal fractures became deep \\
b1: in some cases the other species fought inside of the shared “isolation barrier”. In other cases they were in opposition to the other “isolation barriers” and glared at each other while planning to expand their national borders\\
b2: even people who declared the independence of autonomous regions appeared inside of the barriers! Those episodes continue and both the other species and the mages were becoming exhausted…\\
b1: drive out the ooo tribe!\\
b2: drive out the ooo tribe!\\
b1: why are you doing this!?\\
b2: to think that we were comrades…!\\
b1: drive out the xxx tribe!\\
b2: drive out the xxx tribe!\\
b1: not again…\\
b2: how many times did this happen last year and this year…?\\
b1: drive out the aaa tribe!\\
b1: drive out the bbb tribe!\\
b1: lord Solomon!\\
b1: lord Solomon!\\ lord Solomon! Sentence to death the traitors, we beg you!\\
b2: right, give them a more fierce punishment, please!\\
b1: we need a strong leader for such a great assemble of people!\\
b2: yes, just like elder david was in the past…\\
b1: eeeek!\\
b1: I-I am sorry! But in just 13 years… we have almost freed all the species from the control of the towers.\\ and now we became free… and for that very reason, we need an absolute king. King Solomon, please…\\
b1: don’t call me king.\\
b1: we aspire to an equal community that doesn’t accept any king. Did you forget that?\\ in the same way, I do not desire that you prostate with your forehead scrubbing the earth in front of me.\\
b1: lord Solomon… there is no other way to stop these strives than putting on the top of the ruling system the person that the other species worship as a god!\\
b2: are you sure that an equal world is truly realizable?\\ hey, stop saying reckless things…\\
b1: Solomon…\\
b1: are you sure that you are not wrong?\\
b1: yes.\\
b1: Solomon…\\
b1: he is behaving normally but it is clear that he is not happy inside.\\
b1: well that’s normal after all…\\
b2: recently the chances to fight against the orthodoxy have become rare. And yet, we sortie out in order to stop the fights among ourselves…\\
b1: Solomon…\\
b1: I understand how you feel. This is really sad. And above anything else the other species have began to be enticed by the magicians.\\
b2: even if they were all species with such a strong pride… it is harsh to see them scrub their heads on the ground in order to protect their factions.\\
b1: I think that there is something different from when…\\
b2: they were controlled by the “towers”…\\
b1: they should have all gained the rights to live on equal grounds…\\
b2: and yet why are they giving up to those rights by their free volition…?\\
b1: this is not good… why am I able to say only such depressing things…?\\
b2: when I was alone and moping around in this way, Solomon was the one who helped me, and yet…\\ I cannot become his strength in this situation like he was for me then…\\
b1: yeah. You are right…\\
b2: lately even the magicians I occasionally meet, look at me as one of their enemies.\\
b1: ugo, at least you and the others…\\
b2: don’t ever look at me like that.\\
b1: you can bet on it!\\
b2: Solomon!\\
b1: I would be incredibly happy if I had never broken that promise…\\
b1: I understand.\\ the other species are insecure. The peaceful way of life they obtained is being broken because…\\
b1: they are calling enemies those closer to them, after the threat of the common enemy known as the orthodoxy became weaker.\\
b2: it is not like they have any ill will.\\
b1: but the fact that there is no ill will…\\
b2: makes things worse.\\
b1: if we are able to defeat the orthodoxy and david, will we really be able to create a world better than theirs?\\
b2: shouldn’t we change… something more basilar of this world?\\
b1: something…\\
b2: more basilar…?\\
b1: I still don’t know…\\
b2: what is the thing we should change, but…\\
b1: I think that my research would be of great help in some way!\\
b1: yeah, you are right.\\
b2: is that research going well?\\
b1: yeah, listen about it! Solomon, I have already talked with you about the ultimate power magic, right?\\
b2: yeah.\\ it is about the physical laws paths that stretch around this world. I’m able to see them.\\
b1: exactly. Furthermore, there is something new I’m thinking about. What if there exist some regularities and paths that not only rule the physical laws… but also the other phenomena in our world…?\\
b2: for example the “fate” of a human… a path of “history” that controls if something will happen or not in our world…\\
b1: a path of history…?\\
b1: yes. And once we have discovered such a thing, we can prove the assumption that there is a certain form an cyclicity in the human’s spirits.\\ that is our spirits doesn’t return to nothingness once we die…\\
b2: that’s it.\\
b1: yes! The “origin dragon” told us about the intense consumption that is affecting il ilah… if its power is been poured into some kind of natural phenomenon, then…\\
b2: there should exists another totally different “power” that we are still not aware of…\\
b1: and that power would be the “soul”!\\
b2: the mind that dwells in life is not simply the result of the signals created by the brain. If “souls” really exist, we should be able to draw their trajectories and create their paths as well…\\
b1: in other words there should exists a “spirit world” around us other than the “physical world”,\\
b2: and that’s where il ilah’s power is being poured, right?\\
b1: you are great Solomon.\\
b2: it is just as you said!\\
b1: it is impossible to visualize a soul.\\
b2: but, if I try to give a shape to its most elemental unit by using my theory…\\
b1: strangely enough, it takes the shape of a black bird.\\
b2: for my own convenience I gave it a name. 800 years ago, when god came from the heavens, there were some species that considered it to be a kind of bird. And I have borrowed their words. The bird of life… the “rukh”.\\
b3: so the most elementary unit of our minds is the “rukh”, huh…\\
b1: another 3 months passed…\\
b2: well everyone, I have something to say to you…\\
b1: you are pregnant!!??\\
b1: isn’t it incredible? A natural conception without the help of magic in our present days.\\
b2: ahahah, the two of you are so young.\\
b1: in that case sheba, I will have to remove you from our battle plans.\\
b2: stop joking! We will begin the last battle against elder david soon, right?\\
b3: but it will be difficult for you to move in your circumstances, right?\\
b4: do you really think that you can win without me?\\
b5: I’m just saying that I’m worried, try to understand.\\
b1: however sheba is the third strongest member of the “resistance”. We would suffer if she were absent before the last battle…\\
b2: right? that’s why I thought about some good way to solve this.\\
b3: some good way?\\
b1: I will slow down the growth of the baby in my belly by using magic.\\
b2: I want this baby to be born in the happy world after this war is finished…\\
b1: that’s a good idea.\\
b1: our little tess is 4 years old, so he will be the big brother of your baby, aru.\\
b2: eh? Me? a big bro!?\\
b1: I would prefer a girl! But in the future I will marry my mother!\\
b2: what!?\\
b1: god please guide us.\\
b2: so that these children and this world…\\
b3: will overflow with light…\\
b1: by the way, how will you call this baby?\\
b2: I have already decided.\\
b3: heh~~~, tell us!\\
b4: not yet~~~.\\
text: that child name obviously is…!!\\

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