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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 568

Battle 568: the way of creating down a path


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 568

Battle 568: the way of creating down a path\\
Side: the differences between their beliefs in martial arts create a crack between the armed and unarmed division…\\
Blonde: heh~~ you have finally gone over a line you shouldn’t have…\\
Blonde: in this case we don’t have any other choice.\\
Blonde: take their heads everyone.\\
Blonde: time for the unarmed division hunt!!\\
ber: you should worry about your own head.\\
ber: I wonder who will be the one to be hunt here.\\
blonde: incredible!!\\
her: nuhn!!\\
take: w-what’s happening!?\\
kana: I don’t know!!\\
kushi: for the time being we of the unarmed division will protect the shinpaku alliance.\\
thor: what!!?\\
sieg: protect!!?\\
kushi: don’t get us wrong, this is to protect our masters’ pride!!\\
mi: reply to me, chikage.\\
mi: listen…\\
mi: stop acting by yourself and return to the plan.\\
mi: those are your master’s orders!!\\
kushi: …\\ master… I have learnt something during my training among normal people.\\
kushi: there are situations in which you do things for another person, even if that person disagrees with you!!\\
kushi: I have decided that the current situation is connected to my master and my entire faction’s pride…\\
kushi: and I carry out the actions that I think are right with my own free will!!\\
kushi: the “band aid” of ryouzanpaku showed me that way of creating my own path…\\
kushi: with his very actions!!\\
mi: the ryouzanpaku disciple, you say…\\
ma: did something happed to our disciple!?\\
mi: tch.\\
mi: can someone stop my disciple from going out of control?\\
rah: eh?\\
nat: Guru, I have a great debt toward that man called shirahama…\\
nat: furthermore…\\
rach: everyone look, this is an incredible hold!\\
glasses: kuh, it doesn’t work.\\
rah: I see, you have a bad feeling about this plan, right?\\
?: nuhn!!\\
kou: hakku koerawan!! (white elephant god decapitation)\\
kou: master Agaard.\\
aga: what is it koukin?\\
kou: I want to confirm your orders once again!\\
kou: for the prestige of the muay tai!!
Aga: the prestige of muay tai…\\
Aga: huh.\\
Mi: let’s finish things here quickly so I will go there myself!\\
Saka: nuhn…\\
aki: nuaaah!!\\
saka: akisame!!\\
aki: so this is it, huh!!\\
se: impossible!!\\
mil: you should be dead!?\\
kage: I was called back from the voice of a strange old man, nyo~~~\\
kage: I was born as a satsujinken…\\
kage: I lived as an assassin…\\
kage: and finally I came to know the warmth of the earth with this hoe…\\
ma: stop please, kagerou-dono!!\\
kage: I don’t know what should I do for the countless lives I have taken.\\
kage: therefore at least I want to offer every single part of this body of mine in this battle for the katsujinken.\\
kage: together with the pride as a satsujinken.\\
mi: you have an incredible life force…\\
edel: my little grand star…\\
edel: take the destiny in your hands!!\\
edel: kill him!! Embrace the moon emblem older brother of the ma clan!!\\
ma: brother!!\\
her: master!\\
her: at the end, I couldn’t save my sister…\\
edel: hurry up!!\\
her: you have to save him!!\\
sou: the hell, what a noisy disciple.\\
side: the flow of the war… has changed!!\\

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