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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 226

Night 226: king Solomon

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on May 24, 2014 14:16 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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reserved for sense

Night 226: king Solomon\\
inserted text: the memories of that day…\\
b1: lord s-solomon yohan Abraham….\\
b2: why are you being so respectful to me now, little lady?\\
b3: because I didn’t know that you were the son of the famous elder david… is it that strange that I show my respects to you?\\
b1: hey, why did you run away from home…\\
b2: even if you are a person with such an incredible social standing?\\
b1: well, that’s because…\\
b1: lord Solomon!!\\
b2: lord Solomon!!\\ please lord Solomon, you have to stand at the top of our government!!\\
b1: lord Solomon! You are the son of the so called king of the magicians, elder david…\\
b2: therefore, aren’t you born to become king in the first place!!?\\
b1: it is not like that.\\
b1: we are at our limit!! The conflicts among the species due to their differences are not stopping… In order to control this situation…\\
b2: there is no other solution than make you lord Solomon, someone who is worshipped by the other species as god’s proxy, the ruler!!\\
b1: il ilah is the god of heavens! Therefore we winged species that live in the sky are more suitable to be his disciples!\\
b2: we are the ones who should serve god’s proxy, lord Solomon!\\
b1: you are wrong!!\\ 800 years ago god chose the humans! We are more suitable because we are closer to the shape of lord Solomon, god’s incarnation! Species that don’t even have two arms and two legs are nothing more than beasts! We will feast on you!\\
b2: what!?\\
b1: lord Solomon! You shouldn’t think that everyone can live a righteous life like you do!!\\
b1: don’t say such a thing…\\
b1: if we are all under your rule,\\
b2: we will all be able to live an equal life one beside the other!!\\
b1: I know how much that man yearned and dreamed for…\\
b2: that world of equality.\\
b1: why did you run away from home even if you had such an incredible social standing, you say? I can assure you that I didn’t do that because of some grandiose reason or something.\\
b2: really?\\
b3: yeah, sure.\\
b1: you can also say that it was because of love, like I say in front of everyone else, and obviously it was part of my real intentions, but\\ If I have to name the first and original reason because I ran away…\\
b2: well, I would say because I wanted to make friends.\\
f1: friends??\\
b1: I’m not joking.\\
b2: since I was aware of myself, no even before that, I was an idiot who thought for his entire life that he was the strongest and that he was different from the others around him, but… \\
b1: I meet by chance arba and ugo, and while I spent my time with them…\\
b2: gradually things changed.\\
b1: then I went in the world outside… I met a white dragon who called me “little person”… \\ and in the time I had to do with the other species…\\
b2: to make friends became an habit.\\
b1: that’s the reason why you should stop lowering your head in front of me in that way.\\
b1: you know, Solomon…\\ I think that a completely equal world without a king is impossible\\
b2: if behaving in a over familiar and equal way with you would be an obstacle to make you sit at the summit of our government…\\
b1: then we will know our place.\\
b2: king Solomon…\\
b1: … I understand.\\
b1: the thing you said is quite plausible.\\
b2: until now I have only created troubles for you. I also feel the responsibility for the blood that was shed while I was yearning for an ideal and far away reality.\\
b1: Solomon…\\
b1: if you say that a king is necessary…\\
b2: for the world we are aiming at, then…\\
b1: I will become king!\\
b1: therefore, everyone here must devote their strength to me because this is the path you have chosen.\\
b2: ok!?\\
b1: yes!!!\\
b1: Solomon is quite reckless lately.\\
b2: yeah…\\
b1: are you sure that this is really alright, arba? We have pushed Solomon in becoming the thing he hated the most, right…?\\
b1: no, the thing that Solomon hated the most was to become an arrogant despot who oppresses the other species just like his father, elder david!\\
b2: does anyone think that Solomon would become something like that?\\
b3: no.\\
b1: and in any case, even if Solomon will stray from his path… we will stop him by putting our life on the line, right?\\
b1: hey sheba, you will get fat if you eat that much.\\
b2: it’s alright~~~ I have to eat for the baby in my belly as well~~~\\
b3: in that way you will make fat even the child inside of you.\\
on the pillows: pillow\\
b1: hey Solomon do you remember of what we talked at that time?\\
b2: eh?\\
b1: when you were 17 years old and full of dreams,\\
b2: and I was a 12 years old child and called you solomon yohan Abraham.\\
b1: maybe I understand a little.\\
b2: right now you had to abandon your own beliefs and you are sad with an incredible regret…\\
b1: however, if someone has the destiny to become king,\\
b2: I will accept that destiny together with him.\\
b1: I will not leave you behind in a lonely and high place.\\
b2: that’s what I can promise you!\\
b1: so, cheer up!\\
b2: everyone understands.\\ they are all worried for you in secret. They all said that they would put their life on the line if you would become too reckless…!\\
b1: they did…\\
b1: yoh Solomon! Ah sorry… pardon me your majesty for calling you here…\\
b2: yeah I know, stop that.\\
b3: you called everyone here in your smelly research room because you have discovered something important. So what is it, ugo?\\
b4: he is right, aru! Hurry up and speak!\\
b1: the research on the “rukh” has advanced, so I thought that it was the time to announce the results to you, the leaders of our group!\\
b1: “rukh” what the hell is that?\\
b2: hey ugo what is this “rukh”?\\
b1: well, you can say that they rukh is the spirit that dwells in the different living things of this world.\\
b2: where is this rukh-thing then?\\
b3: you cannot see it. It exists in a totally different dimension.\\
b4: I don’t understand! You magic otaku! Make things simpler!\\
b5: listen to the end ithnan! There! Be careful with your elbows! And you waid! Don’t bring food in my laboratory!\\
b1: geez guys… anyway, for example…\\
b2: hum~~~?\\
b1: there are these three sheets of papers exactly piled one over the other. We live in one world.\\
b2: but, how many layers of dimensions with different qualities are piled up to compose this single world…? Every single curtain is really close to us, and yet most people cannot see them.\\
b1: this is the physical world that we can see with our eyes.\\
b1: this is the vector world were the physical laws float around. Solomon became able to see such a world.\\
b2: yeah.\\
b1: and finally this is the spirit world were the “rukh” flies around.\\ maybe there is the force field of some kind of other powers of different nature we are not aware about in that dimension… but I not able to understand such a thing.\\
b1: wow.\\
b2: you seem incredibly interested.\\
b1: so? In what way this “rukh”-thing you are deluding yourself about and no one can see, will become useful?\\
near it: eh?\\
b2: I’m sure it will be useful! This is an unknown energy that no one ever grasped in history, you know!? This is a great vein of gold! Probably!\\
near ugo: I hate you, ithan\\
b1: but one problem is that… it is really difficult to use the energy from another dimension.\\ you need a great quantity of magical power and skills to draw to yourself something from a dimension out of alignment with your own. For example, in order to use the rukh around the world…\\
b2: we would need an enormous quantity of energy on par with all of “illah”’s power.\\
b1: that’s impossible even for me or my father.\\
b2: if it is impossible for Solomon and elder david, then it is an useless discovery for every magician in this world!\\
b3: dammit.\\
b1: another thing, this could be a digression but… the “rukh” has an incredibly interesting special characteristic.\\
b2: an interesting special characteristic?\\
b1: yeah.\\
b2: the rukh…\\
b1: is all equal!\\
b2: no matter the differences in the spirits the rukh dwells, the records I have of the “rukh” are all the same…\\
b1: even in the manticora\\in the berserk\\ in the centaurs…\\
b2: in the dogs or the pigs\\ and even in the magicians!\\
b1: the thing that all the species equally share by nature…\\
b2: that’s…\\
b3: the “rukh” itself!\\
b1: what’s wrong, Solomon?\\
b2: ah, nothing. Ugo, continue with this research about the “rukh”!\\
b3: roger!\\
b1: at that time, no one still knew what the rukh was,\\ and after that, we were all heading toward our final battle against elder david.\\
inserted text: next issue, the night before the final battle…\\

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