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Stealth Symphony 13

Chapter 13: princess of the vampires

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on May 25, 2014 10:37 | Go to Stealth Symphony

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reserved for substitute

Chapter 13: princess of the vampires\\
side: alice the vampire, her encounter with toroma changed her…\\
box: nijigami alice is a descendant of vampires with a special power\\
box: she belongs to a clan that eats the “unusual abilities” of the other people together with their blood and make them their own\\
box: alice’s mother choose to live with humans…\\
box: and was reduced to ashes because a certain religious cult accused her of the sin of “existing”\\
box: even her father, a human, was burn to death in that occasion\\
box: alice, who inherited the “soul picker” ability, continued to eat the other’s powers\\
boxes: control over fire\\ control over ice \\ telekinesis \\ hypnosis\\ superhuman strength\\ changing her skin into steel\\
box: and the curse that changes her life force into gold coins for compensation\\
box: after she piled up military power and funds, she was planning her revenge against that religious cult\\
box: but because of the breath of an invisible dragon, the flame of her vengeance was blown away…\\
box: and she decided to blend herself in the city until those flames would be totally extinguished\\
box: because she decided to reveal to the world that she is a vampire and live for her parents’ sake as well\\
side: searching a new home like in a love comedy!?\\
ali: are you… searching for a new home?\\
sieg: yes, it is not like I can continue to impose myself forever in the company’s dorms…\\
sieg: and then the boss told me to ask you for an advice…\\
ali: … I see\\ you can rent one of my rooms for a cheap price\\
sieg: eh!?\\
sieg: alice-san’s house!?\\
near sieg: living together!?\\
ali: I’m going back now, do you want to come with me?\\
sieg: eh…\\
text in the frame: eeeeh!?\\
toro: oh my…\\ long time no see, hank-san\\
hank: hey Mr toroma\\ did you finish your job for today?\\
box: clerk of the cyborg soldier school\ hank\\
hank: I wanted to ask you something\\
toro: ask me something?\\
hank: something about that kid called sieg\\
seig: eh?\\
sieg: this is…?\\
maid: welcome back, young lady\\
ali: I’m home\\
ali: give me the key for room 616\\
maid: here\\
ali: thanks\\
sfx: chari\\
?: aah! Welcome back, young lady!\\
??: who is that boy behind you?\\
ali: he will live here from today onward\\
???: eh!?\\
????: can we use him as emergency food?\\
ali: that’s not a funny joke, mary\\
ali: sorry, they are good people but…\\
sieg: hum, who are those guys…?\\
ali: they are the subordinates of the master of this place… my subordinates\\
sieg: subordinates?\\
ali: it’s a long story…\\
ali: for the time being, just consider me as the mansion owner\\
ali: this a mansion was obtained from an abandoned hotel… I hope you will like it even if it doesn’t have a kitchen\\
sieg: ah, ok…\\
sieg: but are you sure that this is alright? The rent was just 10000 eren after all\\
ali: it is just the same as the other people here\\
ali: basically I have only rented rooms to my subordinates vampires…\\
sieg: vampires…\\
ali: you should have seen it as well, sieg-san, I can transform into a bat\\
sfx: sha\\
sieg: ah, yes\\
sieg: I find you way more sexier when you do that\\
ali: y-you are quite honest (I thought that you were more shy than that…)\\
ali: aren’t you afraid of vampires?\\
sieg: not in particular, especially after I have seen a giant made from a tornado and a mermaid capable of making poisonous rain fall…\\
ali: well you are right after all…\\
sieg: furthermore alice-san is a good person\\
toro: you said that his heart is… unstable?\\
hank: he told you that you should protect his aggressors and that he didn’t want to hurt other people, right?\\
hank: and yet, he said so naturally that he would become a “good protection against bullets”\\ just like he totally forgot that there was the possibility to kill an opponent that could attack him\\
hank: and at the end he destroyed the trailer with the hostages inside. You can consider that the plan of a mad person\\
hank: and he also trusted you even if he met you a few days before that incident, right?\\
hank: how can I say… it looks mismatched… it is like he would annihilated all the people around him if a certain switch activates…\\
toro: well it is true that he accepted the things that assassin told him, and he is behaving too meekly after that, but…\\
toro: even considering that point of his personality, I still respect sieg-san’s way of living\\
hank: … Mr toroma\\
hank: it is a good thing that you respect the other people’s future\\ but you know…\\
hank: are you sure that they have properly faced their “past”?\\
hank: I’m sorry, it’s not like I’m saying that I hate that kid or something\\ I’m the school’s clerk after all, so I have to grasp the human nature of the newcomers\\
toro: I know, you do not need to worry\\
hank: oh well, everything will be fine if I’m overthinking things\\
toro: I will accept anyone, no matter their past\\
toro: because there is nothing inside of me after all\\
poster: program for one week!\(days of the week in the cells)\Monday: found a job at the cyborg soldier school\\
sfx: guh\\
sieg: thanks you for making me use the drawing pin!\\
ali: don’t worry, it is not like the small holes of drawing pins would create problems for me\\ it is only that I want you to make a promise to me, since you will live here from today onward\\
sieg: eh?\\
ali: please stop doing reckless things like you did for the slaves traders incident\\
ali: if toroma-san wasn’t there, there could have been causalities even among the hostages\\
sieg: I will… think about that…\\
ali: furthermore… you would have died if your wings did not activate, right?\\
ali: take care of your body, please\\
ali: because I really hate to lose\\
ali: the people around me\\
ali: ah sorry\\
ali: I was just talking by myself now…\\
ali: ouch…!?\\
sieg: is something wrong!?\\
ali: I’m alright, I was just stung by a drawing pin…\\ ah\\
ali: ah sorry, it fell from my purse…\\
ali: I don’t think that I should hide such a thing from sieg-kun, but…\\
ali: the curse that makes golden coins appear every time I suffer damage, huh\\
ali: thanks to this curse I was able to buy this hotel, but I don’t want to use it that much, because…\\
ali: every time I use it…\\
ali: I remember his face\\
hank: I didn’t tell him a thing because the “chancellor” forbid me to talk about it, but…\\
hank: there is a part of that sieg kid’s body that is strange…\\
hank: eh?\\
hank: that guy\\... could it be\\
oni: to think that someone like you would come to this city\\
oni: furthermore you came here because you had…\\
oni: some business with punks like us\\
pea: I came here to ask you to look for a certain woman\\
pea: you can even kill her\\
oni: did two or three screws in your head go loose because you have too much money?\\
oni: so the hobby of the world’s richest man is killing women, huh?\\
box: wealthy person\ slice\\
sli: you are getting something wrong here\\ I’m the second richest\\
sli: the one with most money is the president of this country’s first advertisement company, right?\\
sli: and my hobby is to make juice with vegetables I have grown by my own\\ not to kill people\\
blonde: is this guy understanding the situation here?\\
oni: I don’t care about your hobby\\
sli: listen now\\ I just want to make a little of practice\\
sli: I want to practice how much I should make that fucking girl suffer before killing her\\
oni: maybe we can teach you how to do that physically, what do you think?\\
oni: and if you don’t like it\\ you can leave here your credit card and your PIN\\
oni: do you understand what I mean?\\
sli: you guys\\ you like money that much that you don’t even have the time to listen to a person’s request?\\
oni: yeah, we really like money, more than anything else in this world\\ if you have money you can even buy someone’s life\\ that’s right\\... there-gobuh!?\\
sli: the thing you should fear the most is money\\ and I’m the thing you should fear the most after that\\
sfx: jakan\\
?: hey… boss!\\
?: it is dangerous to use that gun here…\\
sfx: para \\ para\\
sfx: haa\\haa\\
sfx: para\\
sli: please receive this money as a prize for the naivety of your own brain\\
oni: mogah!?\\
sfx: ka-ching \\
sfx: ka-ching \\ ka-ching \\ ka-ching \\ ka-ching ~~~\\
oni: mogoh…\\ moguaah…\\
sli: money is more important that life itself, right? you should be happy then\\
sli: so happy that you will bleed money\\
sfx: ka-ching\\
sli: by the way…\\ what is the name of the name of brat that is your target?\\
hood: … kumonuma sieg\\
hood: Mr slice\\
sli: so it is his fault that\\
sli: I had to wait a month to kill alice, right?\\
hood: we did not have any other choice\\
hood: the cyborg soldier school\\ the assassin guild\\
hood: glass toroma of the V&V\\ and even the police\\ we had to make our preparations in order to fight this group of opponents\\
hood: we had too many enemies after all\\
slice: glass toroma still has a child body, right?\\
hood: yes\\
sli: then even I should be able to strangle him to death, we shouldn’t have any problem\\
sli: at least we will take care of the last moments…\\
sli: of this city and nijigami alice\\
side: and incredible darkness is approaching to this city!! The fated time is coming\\
text below: in the next issue we will know more about sieg’s past!! And that “shadow” will show itself!!\\

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