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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Stealth Symphony 15

Act 15: pale liar

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jun 5, 2014 11:45 | Go to Stealth Symphony

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Act 15: pale liar\\
Side: a massive explosion hits the police department!! What about sieg…!?\1
Ver: … verify the current situation\\
Glasses: the uniforms’ automatic defence system was activated, therefore around half of our men are able to move\\
Ver: our priority is to save the life of civilians, also help those in the jail, but don’t let them escape.\\ laura\\ rebuilt the office even if you have to rent for help\\
Laura: acknowledged\\
sfx: gah\\
sfx: gara\\gara\\
ver: well then…\\ where did the “main culprit” disappear to?\\
sfx: gacha\\
?: you must be veronica, the chief\\
ver: oh… why are the elite guards from the capital here?\\
kni: you are suspected of betrayal, you will come with us to the capital\\
ver: … what?\\
kni: you forged some evidence to call here a suspect outside of your area of competence\\ and now there is all of this ruckus, this should be an expected treatment for you\\
ver: I see, so that’s it, huh\\
ver: it seems that the capital sold itself to a bunch of over grown lizards\\ so they told you that they will leave the capital alone if you give up on this city, right?\\
kni: you can continue shouting those nonsenses during the investigation meeting\\
ver: fine, let me at least shout his then\\
ver: follow my directions as usual\\
ver: protect this city no matter what happens\\
tv: about the explosion in the police department\\
tv: the town council is trying to quickly find the culprit behind it…\\
ali: tomorrow we will have to protect that man once again\\
toro: the contract says that we have to escort him from noon to when the sun goes down\\
ali: he could be involved in the explosion of the police station, you know?\\
ali: and even if it is not the case, that man is…\\
toro: it seems that you have quite a brutal connection to that man\\
ali: … in the past\\I heard the rumour that he could create moneys from his hands and…\\
ali: I infiltrated in his mansion in order to steal his power\\
sfx: kacha\\kacha\\
sfx: zuuuu\\
slice: this is such a waste, newcomer\\
ali: h.hum… slice-sama\\ what… is this?\\
slice: eeh? Aren’t you able to understand by just looking?\\ a death match\\
slice: I’m making a toast for the courage of an unarmed chimera fighting against a group of armed mercenaries and…\\
slice: also making a toast for the courage those mercenaries who are fighting a demon beast created to oppose dragons\\
ali: why are… those people…\\
slice: don’t get me wrong, they are not kidnapped people who I bought with my money\\
slice: I promised them the following rewards: if you fight against the chimera I will give you 10^8 eren, and if you win 10^9 eren\\
slice: “sell me your life in order to make me kill time”\\ that’s what I told them and they accepted. This is a fair agreement.\\
slice: until now just one person won, and I gave him his reward\\
slice: and I also put 10^8 eren on the bank accounts of those who died, you know?\\
scream: aaaaah\\
slice: don’t avert your eyes\\
slice: you should enjoy every single moment\\
slice: otherwise their life would just be wasted, right?\\
ali: after that episode, I attacked him during his sleep, sucked his blood and ran away\\
ali: the other day I went to apology to the people I stole powers, but… his house was the only place where I didn’t want to go\\ putting aside that I have to pay for my own mistakes, if even you are dragged down into this, then…\\
toro: you don’t have to worry, I will trust everyone’s future, no matter what kind of past did they have\\
ali: toroma-san…\\
toro: alice-san’s future\\
toro: and even the future of slice-san\\
boss: hey alice-chan\\
ali: boss\\
boss: I have to apologize. It seems that toroma is never able to read the atmosphere\\
ali: it is not like that\\
boss: well… from time to time he also says unnecessary things in front of the clients, right?\\ he also acts good toward the assailants\\
toro: dear assailants\\ let’s go together all the way to the place of destination\\
ali: well… that’s…\\
boss: he would have ranked first since a long time ago if it wasn’t for his bad habits\\
near the boss: also consider that he has to write those apologies\\
boss: he is invisible and yet he shouldn’t give birth to all of those quarrels, right?\\ it is such a waste\\
boss: to think that he created all the kinds of troubles for me at the beginning, when he came to kill me\\
ali: are you talking about that incident 100 years ago…?\\
boss: to tell the truth… he hates to be invisible\\
boss: by the way, from tomorrow I am traveling for some sudden business\\ I leave him to your care\\
ali: a business trip?\\
boss: yeah, to the capital\\
sfx: pishari\\
ali: what are you doing?\\
slice: I have the habit of making myself some vegetable juice lately\\
slice: how is your mood? The mood of protecting someone who wants to kill you I mean\\
ali: … I will ask you this just one. Why did you come to seek me now after all this time?\\
ali: someone like you should have found my location rather quickly\\
slice: well, obviously I made my homework about you, but to be honest I thought to let you go if I had to become mad just to take my revenge from you, you know?\\
slice: I was just fine with taking your pictures and chop them down to pieces, but…\\ I was surprised when I saw you on the news\\
slice: on the television I saw the face of a woman who was exterminating an earthworm with such a carefree expression\\
slice: I was so mad that I destroyed the television\\
slice: don’t give me that scary face\\ you were able to be in this city because I let you go in the first place, right…?\\
ali: ?\\ what do you…\\
? eh!? Alice-san!\\
ali: sieg-kun…\\
sieg: and there is also toroma-san!\\
sieg: ah\\ … sorry you are working now\\
ali: yes, sorry\\
slice: … kumonuma sieg?\\
sieg: eh?\\
sieg: … he even investigated about seig-kun…!\\
sfx: kih\\
sieg: hum… sorry\\
sieg: did we meet somewhere?\\
slice: you… why are you carefreely shopping around like this?\\
slice: what happened to you yesterday?\\
sieg: I was near the police station when it suddenly blew up…\\
ali: you were near that explosion!?\\
sieg: if I arrived there sooner, I would ended up involved in the explosion\\
toro: you really were in danger\\
slice: ah ah ah, I see, yeah, now I see\\
sfx: za\\
ali: slice…?\\
slice: you are really crazy after all\\ you are so pitiful\\
sieg: hum… so we really met somewhere…?\\
slice: no\\
sieg: eh?\\
slice: this is our first meeting\\
people gyaaah\\ waaaah\\
slice: ah…\\
slice: good job! I like you, glass bastard\\
ali: slice!\\ what the hell are you doing…!\\
sieg: hum…\\
sieg: eh…\\
sieg: eh…?\\
ali: slice!!\\
toro: stop alice-san!\\
ali: leave him alone!\\ if you are just going to tell me to bear all of this, I will quit my job!\\
sfx: guh \\ guh\\
toro: … could you explain this to us, mr slice?\\
slice: I’m simply hitting and kicking him\\
slice: do you really need an explanation?\\
toro: the wings… are not activating?\\
toro: could it be… that you were normally walking while wearing “that”…?\\
slice: I paid 457* 10^8 eren in order to get this\\ it would be a waste to not use it\\
slice: I have even reported to have it, so everyone knows\\
box: a rank legacy\ mc guffin (loyal worshipper sensitivity)\ effect: it controls the functions of the legacy around it, it transforms according to the extent of the control it must have\\
ali: … slice!\\
ali: I am the one you hate, right!? you don’t have anything against sieg-kun…!\\
slice: don’t get me wrong here, it is not related to you, it is just that this kid really pisses me off\\
ali: what are you…\\
slice: well if you don’t know, then I will tell you…\\
slice: the one who made the police station explode yesterday was… this guy, you know?\\
ali: stop saying unreasonable things…!\\
slice: and by the way, do you know how many people did this brat kill?\\
slice: originally this kid was…\\
… you\\
slice: eh?\\
sieg: you… liar\\
toro: mr slice!?\\
dir: oh my\\ that was one tough punch,\\ mr slice\\
dir: that now was sieg-kun’s plain power, so the “mc guffin” was unable to control it, you know?\\
dir: but… I am happy that I have done a miscalculation, sieg-kun\\
dir: I never expected that your dragon transformation would advance to this stage\\
side: the “darkness” is clearer now!!\\
inserted: sieg is turning into a dragon!?\\

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