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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Stealth Symphony 16

Act 16: failed of dreams

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jun 13, 2014 13:36 | Go to Stealth Symphony

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Act 16: failed of dreams\\
side: his past is finally revealed!!\\
box: it hurts\\
second frame boxes on the right: it hurts\\
second frame boxes on the left: so hot\\
box: 10 years ago\\ a certain place near dourachi\\
box: someone said that people are not just what they seem\\
box: and I didn’t believe those words that much\\
box: but…\\
lil: welcome back brother!\\
sieg: happy birthday, lil\\
sieg: I believed that there are things connected to what you cannot see\\
?: hey are you really going to do that?\\
sfx: dopon\\dopon\\
??: yeah!\\
??: I have lost one eye because of him!\\
sfx: dopon\\dopon\\
?: but that brat just went home without saying anything to anyone, right?\\
???: it seems that it is his little sister’s birthday today\\
??: in any case tonight it is our chance\\
??: that hospital has a strangely heavy security after all…\\
sfx: dopon\\dopon\\
?: hey but his family could die…\\
??: in that case we would even be luckier\\
?: what?\\
??: because I’m doing this to deliberately hurt him\\
??: he would be really hurt if everything around him is destroyed right?\\
??: hah! I can see it clearly even from here!\\
???: but isn’t it a bad thing?\\
???: maybe they could understand it was us…\\
??: don’t be scared like that, other houses in other parts of the city are burning right?\\ in any case they will not understand it was us…\\
???: hey… what the hell is that?\\
?: eh?\\
?: g-guah!?\\ dammit… it can even counter fire…?\\
? !\\ hey you, help me removing this rubble…\\ eeek!?\\
sieg: the fire… went flying all the way here\\
sieg: these wings… launched their counterattack… here\\
?: hey… w-wait a minute\\
sfx: gichi\\gichi\\
?: it was just a joke… an innocent joke!\\I also threw those stones to you because I was joking right!?\\ I was just playing with fire!\\
sfx: gichi\\
?: I just wanted to threaten you a little!\\ ok?\\
sieg: that’s a lie\\
?: no, I’m not lying…\\
sieg: my father my mother\\ and lil\\
sieg: are not dead\\
sieg: there was no fire\\
?: what?\\
sieg: you didn’t set any fire\\ it is all… a lie\\ even the fact that you are here…\\
sieg: it’s all a lie\\
?: eeek!?\\ wait… forgive me…\\
?: forgive me…\\
sieg: you\\ should be in the hospital!\\
sieg: cursing me!\\ forever\\
sieg: for your lost eye!\\
sieg: you!\\ shouldn’t!\\ \beg for your life!\\
sieg: you shouldn’t\\ beg to be forgiven!\\
sieg: you should!\\ forever and ever!\\ continue to curse me together with the people of the village!\\
sieg: e-eh?\\ what was I doing… here… and who…?\\
sieg: haa\\
sieg: haa\\
dir: you weren’t doing anything to anyone\\
dir: look here… there is only something red, right?\\
dir: it’s alright, sieg-kun\\
dir: I will be your ally, no matter what happens\\
sieg: jinbouchou, huh…\\ there are even people from other species, right?\\
sieg: I have to take the train from the next city\\ and it will take half a day to get there from that station\\to get to the next city I have to go cross over 2 mountain, huh…\\
sfx: za…\\
sieg: I wonder if my letter will reach this place from that far city…\\
box: right now in jinbou-chou\\
boxes on the right: hot\\
box: it hurts…\\ hot…\\
slice: he is the guy who made the police station blow up yesterday.. you know?\\
sfx: gori\\
sieg: what was that dream?\\
sieg: it doesn’t hurt and I don’t feel hot\\
box: I’m so glad, it was a dream after all\\
slice: by the way, how many people do you think this brat killed until now?\\
box: what is that person saying?\\ that person that just hit me is talking of what is supposed to be my dream\\
box: and he is sprouting stupid bullshit\\
box: I see, again\\ once against someone is lying to me\\
slice: and more importantly this brat is…\\
sieg: … it’s a lie\\
slice: eh?\\
sieg: you are…\\
sieg: a liar\\
han: hey chancellor\\
sfx: zaaaa\\
chan: what’s the matter, hank?\
han: you know something about the wings on sieg’s back, right?\\
sfx: zaaa\\
?: oh my, are you worried about that?\\
han: I was forbidden to talk about it by you, but…\\ is that in some way connected to the fact the sieg’s wounds healed so quickly?\\
han: it is too strange that the wounds were disappearing while I was rolling the bandages around them\\
sfx: zaaa\\
?: that’s not so strange\\ in the case of a dragon, it is only his natural healing power\\
han: … eh? What did you just say?\\
han: that brat is a dragon?\\ in that case he shouldn’t have suffered those wounds in the first place…\\
robo: originally it was due to a secret incident, so you weren’t informed before\\
girl: those wings aren’t an automatic counter attack apparatus you know <3\\
girl: they are the “shell of an egg”\\
girl: in order cover for a subject…\\
girl: that would be reborn into a certain dragon\\
slice: ooh, it hurts so much, that was a great feat\\
slice: the “gold soul” ’s power has activated automatically because of that…\\
sfx: goki\\goki\\
slice: this quantity is more than enough to crush the current gold market\\
slice: I have to raise my vitality with that “legacy” medicine otherwise I will run out of gas and die\\
sli: oh man is this for real?\\
toro: I’m really sorry about that Mr slice\\
sfx: guuh…\\
slice: no that was because I was too careless\\
slice: in any case do your best, yabusame toroma\\
slice: right now that brat…\\ is probably much stronger than you\\
toro: what is this physical strength…?\\
toro: this power… it is even stronger than that time his legacy went out of control…\\
sieg: eh… toroma-san…?\\
toro: calm down please, seig-san!\\
sieg: eh…\\ what was I… doing…\\
sieg: ah…\\
above sieg: aaaaah\\
sfx: whooooooosh\\
toro: sieg-san!\\
dir: ahahah! Incredible!\\
sfx: clap clap clap\\
dir: look! He is flying so well even if it is his first time!\\ and to think that he can even fly so fast while he is still half transformed into a dragon!\\
dir: as expected from the black dragon\\
mask: shouldn’t we protect him?\\
dir: right now I want to fly and go to hug him, but this is not the right time for that\\
dir: anyway let’s proceed carefully\\ if he dies just before being complete like that other child, it will be very troubling for us\\
ali: … explain to me what happened, slice!\\
slice: I will not explain, I feel a little hazy right now\\
ali: kuh\\
sfx: guh\\
slice: your angry smug because you are powerless is quite pleasant, you know?\\
ali: you bastard…\\
slice: !\\ you can go back now, I will go back too\\
slice: with this rain earth and sand will begin to pour down as well\\
sfx: jiriririri\\
ali: he is still not back after all\\
ali: bring the master key to me\\
maid: understood\\
ali: sorry to intrude\\
ali: I have to at least to see where the letter are addressed…\\
ali: eh?\\
on the board{
Monday: work at the cyborg mercenary school\\
Wednesday: throwing out trash (not flammable)\\
Thursday: throwing out trash ( flammable)\\
on the board: Saturday: going to shop\\
on the wall there are several nonsensical words, among the kanji that is repeated the most there is those of “dragon”. Other words include “black” and t”oroma-san”\\
ali: sieg-kun\\
on the letter: the place where this letter was sent to does not exist\\
ali: what is happening… to your body…?\\
sou: wow, such an awful rain\\
sfx: karan\\karan\\
sou: maybe I should close the shop earlier than normal today…\\
sou: hey, I was waiting for you, sieg-kun\\
sou: didn’t you say that didn’t know how to fly?\\
side: the rain of madness and sadness is pouring down. Things will get fiercer from now on…!!\\

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