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Translations: One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128 , Gintama 565 by kewl0210

Chrono Monochrome 19

Match 19: inside of kuromu

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jun 17, 2014 14:52 | Go to Chrono Monochrome

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Match 19: inside of kuromu\\
?: the turk captured mozart’s queen…!\\
reb: continue like that!\\ all the way to the check mate!\\
wolf: it is too early for the end game, he is just pushing Mozart back.\\ you can say that they have lost the same number of pieces…\\
bi: you can see that they are struggling once again for supremacy,\\ but this is the first time I see…\\
bi: that expression on mazart’s face…!!\\
mo: there no doubt… this sound is…\\
mo: anger!!\\
mo: why can I hear such a thing from an automata…!?\\
mo: could it be that…\\
mo: hey, tur…\\
turk: you insect.\\
sfx: paku\\
?: the turk just spoke!?\\
??: incredible!!\\
bi: wow… so playing chess is not the only thing it can do!\\
wolf: I put a voice synthesizer apparatus inside of it.\\
wolf: it is not that strange that it is able to talk, considering that it is clever enough to play chess.\\
wolf: it can even have a simple conversation.\\
box: business smile, once again\\
wolf: damn you shitty dog, why did you decide to start talking without permission…\\
wolf: what the hell are you thinking!?\\
mo: I didn’t expect such a thing…\\
mo: it is just like a person.\\
mo: oh well, things will be easier if it is able to talk.\\
mo: you are producing such a rough sound, huh\\ … are you unsatisfied about something?\\
tu: you are\\
tu: pathetic\\
?: it is attacking with the rook!\\
wolf: he is pressing the opponent’s pawn and knight.\\ in such a case one should make the knight escape if he plays according to the manual, but…\\
on the right: the knight and pawn that are protecting mozart’s king are inside of the rook’s range of attack\\
on the left: the turk’s rook is attacking\\
mo: did you just say…\\
mo: pathetic…?\\
mo: someone like me who conquered Wien with a performance in front of her majesty…\\
mo: and charmed the people of Paris and London who never stop talking about music…?\\
mo: are you saying that my moves are pathetic…!?\\ my moves!\\
?: Rook in e8…!?\\
wolf: he attacked too and is in for a duel, that’s a good move…\\ the board is moving!\\
1: normally you make the knight run away from the rook\\
2: by making the black rook attack, the line of defence changed\\
other: the white rook that attacked\\
tu: I don’t care… about the past.\\
tu: right now,\\
tu: you are pathetic.\\
?: Rook in h5! The turk captured the pawn…!\\
??: but the turk is quite talkative today…\\
reb: hey… don’t you think that something is strange here…?\\
an: yeah… he normally doesn’t behave like that, but…\\
bi: mozat’s behaviour is also strange…\\ what do you think about that…\\
bi: Leopold?\\
leo: I don’t understand as well…\\ what is he thinking…\\
leo: but in the past wolfy…\\
leo: was not like that…!\\
leo: the time when we went in Wien for the first time…\\
leo: custom houses?\\
leo: are there so many procedures in order to enter in Wien…?\\
leo: furthermore there are two custom houses, one in the countryside and the other in the centre…\\
leo: I have two small children and a wife with a weak body,\\ what should I do to make them rest in Wien as soon as possible?\\
?: even if you tell me such a thing…\\ there are a lot of suspicious people out there…\\
leo: so basically, you are asking me to bribe you…\\ you trash officer…!\\
leo: I don’t have any other choice…\\
leo: wolfy!?\\ you have to remain in the carriage…\\
? a violin…?\\
leo: thanks to you I didn’t have to waste money!\\you helped me a lot there.\\
mo: you are wrong, you know? It is just that I could hear a bad sound coming from…\\ those people and…\\
mo: from you too, papa.\\
mo: that’s why…\\
mo: I thought it was a good thing to make you hear some enjoyable music!!\\
leo: that boy is a genius. But more than the ability…\\
leo: he had the heart to make you love music like it is the most simple thing in the world…\\
Leo: for him to say that “I’m tired with music”…\\
Leo: that is something I never thought he would say…\\
Leo: when did he…\\
Leo: began to change…!?\\
?: he is attacking with the knight! He is targeting the rook!!\\
wolf: that’s a good strategy.\\
bi: indeed.\\
bi: there is no mistake.\\
mo: are you saying that I am somewhat pathetic…\\
mo: my choices are always right…!\\
mo: I will stop involving myself with music!!!\\
mo: even now…!!\\
mo: I’m tired of music.\\
mo: …!! What…!?\\
mo: what is this ferocious sound (presence)…!!\\
tu: this guy is just like him after all.\\
TLN: here it is like kuro is talking in third person using the turk, think of it like a splint personality. “this guy” refers to Mozart, while “Him” refers to kuromu.\\
Tu: you really…\\
Tu: piss me off!!\\
mo: the turk’s heartbeat… resembles his heartbeat…\\
mo: and it also coincides with the fact that he is not here…\\
mo: kuro!!\\
mo: are you inside the turk!?\\
mo: but…\\
tu: chess reflects everything.\\
tu: I will make you realize it.\\
mo: but who the hell…\\
mo: are you…!!?\\
side: did the monster (genius) awaken!?\\

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#1. by pristina (Registered User)
Posted on Jun 22, 2014
Great translation! There were some typos though the content was still comprehensible! Good Job! Can't wait for your updates on this manga! ^_^

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