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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Stealth Symphony 17

act 17: about that invisible man (3)

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jun 19, 2014 12:05 | Go to Stealth Symphony

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act 17: about that invisible man (3)\\
inserted: the man called yabisame toroma…!!\\
box: yabusame toroma does not have any form\\ for just that reason, he does not have any ideal nor belief\\
box: therefore he will accept everything\\
box: even when a vampire appeared in order to obtain his power\\
box: even when an assassin appeared because he wanted to oppose him because he has the power of a dragon\\
box: yabusame toroma accepted those people and their bounds as “contents inside of himself”\\
box: he grew older in those few decades sharing joys and sorrow together with them, with people who then passed away\\ with people who he met just once\\
box: and he continued to accept all of them equally inside of himself\\
robo: kumonuma sieg did not show himself here, at the mercenary cyborg academy, for a while\\
ali: I see…\\
ali: in that case I have an urgent job for narukami laika-san\\ I’m sure that she can find sieg with her “eyes”\\
sfx: bah\\
robo: I’m sorry\\
robo: right now narukami laika is not in the condition of accepting any jobs\\
ali: I will pay any money that is necessary, so if she can find the time…\\
robo: I did not mean that\\
ali: eh…?\\
robo: she ended up involved in yesterday’s incident at the police station\\
robo: at the moment she is in the hospital’s intensive care department\\
sfx; shukooo\\
sfx; shukooo\\
hank: well, she was able to escape with her life after all\\ she would be dead if she wasn’t a cyborg\\
colt: what happened there?\\
hank: I would like to know that as well, it is the same thing that happened five years ago\\
colt: … five years ago?\\
hank: you already know the reason why laika became a cyborg, right?\\
colt: she was involved with a magic bomb explosion, right?\\
hank: yeah, we don’t know who was the one who fired the magic bomb\\
hank: but at least we are sure that this time there was an explosion as well\\
hank: however we have this guy now\\
hank: it has a recording drive together with it\\ it is able to record anything that happened immediately before any incident\\
hank: therefore if we are able to investigate this thing…\\
lai: … I will not… project anything\\
lai: I will not project anything… so there is no need to investigate\\ ok?\\
hank: it seems that her consciousness is the only thing awake now\\
hank: aaah… don’t overdo yourself and just rest for now\\
hank: or rather, I half expected this reaction of yours\\
sfx: kacha\\kacha\\
sfx: pi\\
lai: no… stop…!\\
sfx: za…\\
sfx: zaaaaa\\
sfx: zaaaaa\\
sieg: … laika… chan?\\
sieg: who… did this…\\
sieg: … me…?\\ no… that’s…\\
sfx: zaaa\\
sieg: I… became a dragon… that’s why I have to activate the ship…\\
sieg: … ship?\\
sieg: what the hell… am I talking about…\\
sieg: ah… that’s right…\\
sieg: I have to go to the police…\\
sfx: zaaaaa\\
sieg: where is the… police station…?\\
sfx: zaaaa\\
slice: you seem to be in good mood\\
dir: sure!\\
dire: I have just seen the child I took care of and raised, spread his wings\\
slice: well it is true that he was quite showy when he flew away\\ after kicking my ass\\
dir: that was your own mistake, right mister slice?\\
slice: I was just pissed off by that little brat who could only escape from reality\\
slice: I have pity for you because you had to take care of that brat for several years\\
dir: well, I have to say that it took a long road to get to this point\\
dir: we dragons live for a long span of time, but our perception of time is similar to yours\\
dir: I feel like it took a long time even more because of that failure five years ago\\
box: capital\\
?: do you understand why you were called here?\\
?: if you have anything to testify, we will listen before beginning\\
vero: testify?\\
vero: ah… I see\\ to be honest I’m so shocked of my own carelessness that I’m out of words\\
?: … what?\\
vero: that village in a corner of the doura district was suddenly created 97 years go\\ it would be immediately crushed if someone noticed that it was the laboratory of the “refugees”\\
?: … what are you talking about?\\
vero: 28 people? Don’t make me laugh, probably that kid must have killed even more\\
vero: that’s why I’m not that surprised that the entire village ended up destroyed\\
?: are you listening to us?\\
vero: the fact that you have prepared a false director which only difference in the data was the sex, indicates that you didn’t trust anything or anyone\\ you of the capital police department and those people who were in kuronuma sieg’s village\\ are probably nothing more than accomplices of those big lizards\\
?: … you are wrong\\
vero: are you going to play dumb?\\
?: no\\
?: that place was not a laboratory\\
?: it was only a placenta to give birth to the “ship’s key” that will become our\\ … king\\
?: furthermore the people in the village were not accomplices\\
?: there were only food to raise the “key”\\
ver: … indeed\\
ver: I could smell that stench in this room\\
ver: the stench of your drool… you big lizards\\
dir: anyway our triumphal return from the moon will start very soon\\
sfx: kopopo\\
dir: I’m sure that we will be in time for that\\
slice: do you want to have a toast?\\
dir: no thanks\\
slice: ah I see, you prefer sieg’s photo mixed in it\\
dir: no, that’s not the problem…\\
slice: it is true that the paper doesn’t taste good, but if you don’t mind the taste, it could be good for you health\\
dir: what effect does miss alice photos have?\\
slice: they calm you down\\
slice: so, is kuronuma sieg complete yet?\\
dir: yes, many people are finally understanding the real identity of those “wings”, but the fact that until now they believed that it was an automatic counter attack device made things easier for us until now\\
slice: if you think about it, the fact that it reacts only to attacks that have malice in them is unnatural\\ the people who thought that it was just a “a defensive tool with an half assed ability” are only a bunch of idiots\\
dir: well, you know, the person who is transforming together with those wings would not die of a simple incident after all\\
slice: the fact that the police’s data was hacked just to kill time made me laugh\\ that brat was saying that the power of that legacy was the “curse of a magician”, right?\\
dir: mister slice\\ I have never lied to sieg-kun\\
slice: what?\\
dir: it is true that those wings are and “ancient life support device”…\\
dir: because they have the “curse of a magician who is dead”\\
sou: well then…\\
sou: the rest depends on you, sieg-kun\\
sou: ah hello, it is me yuunagi\\
sick: ah, souya-san?\\
sou: oh my, what’s wrong, sick-kun\\
sick: well\\
sick: an old man that we have expelled showed himself in the head quarter…\\
sick: the guild boss is in the capital for a job, so I thought of asking you for directions\\
mask: … is this the headquarter?\\
?: y-yes\\
mask: why are you shaking?\\
?: i-it’s only natural\\ the assassin guild has the rule of “not killing his own guild members”\\
?: I was expelled, so if the people who had some grudge against me could have sent a request, then…\\
mask: I see\\
mask: but that’s an unnecessary concern\\
mask: the assassin guild will be erased today\\
?: hey kawarada!\\ you were expelled, why are you…\\
? who is that guy?\\ someone who wants to join?\\
mask: no…\\ I’m just a normal\\ assassin\\
ali: sieg-kun…\\ did he do that because of the shock of hurting laika-chan…?\\
ali: what in the world happened in the police station…\\
slice: wow\\
slice: it began in quite a flashy way\\ well then… I should go too\\
slice: … eh?\\
toro: I was waiting for you, slice-sama\\
slice: why?\\
slice: did you finally come here to kill me?\\
toro: ?\\ no, the contract to protect you begins at noon\\
toro: so I was waiting for you here\\
slice: … what?\\
toro: miss alice is quite late, and I apologize for that\\
slice: working even in such a situation, huh\\
slice: you are really something\\
slice: I’m going to kill alice nijigami right now\\
slice: will you protect me even in that case?\\
box: there are no beliefs in yamusame toroma\\ therefore he will accept anything\\
toro: yes\\
toro: because it is my job\\
box: and then he will be defeated and lose everything\\
side: the city is being destroyed by the dragon’s overwhelming power…!! What will toroma do in such a situation…!?\\
text below: in the next issue sieg will awake into the black dragon!!\ who will be able to stop him…!?\\

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