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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Stealth Symphony 18

act 18: about that invisible man (4)

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jun 26, 2014 11:05 | Go to Stealth Symphony

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act 18: about that invisible man (4)\\
side: everything was because of the director’s miscalculation\\
box: it is always a tragedy when I open my eyes\\
box: 5 years ago everything was going according to the plans\\
box: we were a step from the completion of the key (the black dragon)\\ and my brain was knocked down by a single tragedy while I was celebrating\\
box: 5 years ago\\ jinbou-chou \\
dir: ahahaha!\\ did you look at that explosion!? The mercenary soldier school is in pieces!\\
mask: but we have lost one of our brethren\\
dir: yeah, we should be sad about that\\
dir: but it was a necessary sacrifice so that he would become familiar with the wings\\ it is not just problem of strength\\ he has to use as many power as possible that those wings have\\
dir: now I’m really looking forward to what kind of measure the assassin hired by this city will use\\
dir: will he use magic? Swordsmanship? Or maybe poison?\\
dir: no matter what attack will he use, he will die because of the counter attack without even knowing what’s happening…\\
sfx: garan\\
dir: right…\\
dir: …eh?\\
box: the so called boss of the assassin guild killed the man who was going to become a dragon perfectly\\
box: I had underestimated humans\\
box: that is always the beginning of the tragedy\\
box: 100 years ago everything was going according to the plans as well and yet…\\
box: those slaves who got in our way defied conventional wisdom\\
dir: those villains… no the celebrated and respected “heroes”, huh\\
dir: by the hands of the hero maimrondo we lost our ruler\\ and the majority of our brethren were driven out to the moon, but…\\
dir: we will begin our triumphal return quite soon\\
dir: we will activate the “ship” and for first thing we will return to our hometown\\
dir: but first…\\
dir: we have to clean our ship of the insects that swarm into it\\
slice: they told me that they are self-chosen vanguard\\
slice: in any case they are at most 30 dragons, “the remnants” who remained here after the other escaped and hid themselves on the moon\\ is there someone you know among them?\\
toro: I stayed for the majority of the time in the culture fluid were they drove into my head the assassination techniques and the general knowledge about the world, to be honest I don’t even know the face of my parents\\ the only things I have learnt were the necessary knowledge for assassination and the faces of my targets\\
slice: I see, they are a bunch of people who does simple things\\
toro: so slice-san, are you really collaborating with the dragon’s invasion?\\
slice: don’t get me wrong\\ it is not like I have something against the humans or this city\\ I just come here to see what’s happening out of boredom\\
slice: the hometown of my old man was… a place called “japan”\\
toro: japan… right?\\ I heard that same name from one of my colleagues, but… I have searched for that place a lot and yet I never found it in this world…\\
slice: … so it is for real that you don’t know anything even if you are a dragon, huh\\ do you know when and from where the dragons came in this world?\\
slice: and do you also know the reason why you dragon can only transform into humans?\\
colt: the dragons were… originally humans?\\
hank: yeah\\ but they are not humans from this world but from another. A long ago a troublesome genius changed his own body in that of a dragon by using magic and science\\ because of the chaos of that period that guy and his people ran away to our planet and continued to prosper in their own particular way\\
colt: … to talk about another world so suddenly\\
hank: … do you know that the “common language” we are talking right now suddenly spread in the world just a few centuries ago?\\
hank: … well I didn’t believe such a thing until the chancellor himself told it to me\\
chan: we are connected to the other world since long in the past\\
sfx: zaaaa\\
chan: from time to time among the people with superior abilities there are the ones who can “travel to the other world”\\ even the words that the elves are using are nothing more one of the languages coming from that other world\\
we don’t know which world was the original one\\
the ones who used that power the most are the ones belonging to the clan of the chairman of this country’s most famous advertising company\\ first they traded between the worlds the minerals that were scarce in them and earned money\\
then they have assimilated the culture and the technology of the other world and made them circulate into our society\\
not only they spread out the common language, but they also control the media together with the culture and the fashion\\ on the other hand they exported to the “other side” the technology and the culture that we have only here\\
chan: while they were continuing to explore the possibilities of such a situation, the dragon appeared\\ the science in their hometown was really developed, but\\
sfx: zaaaa\zaaa\\
chan: their magic was in decline and was considered only something part of fairy tales\\
chan: if they were on the same level as us with their technology alone, they became superior thanks to magic and trampled us down\\
chan: and they were on the verge of performing their triumphal return on the earth that didn’t pose anymore threat to them\\
sfx: zaaa\\
colt: … in that case we should have just let them go\\
hank: in order to send a bunch of dragons to the other world they need the power of a special A class legacy\\
colt: a special A class legacy?\\
hank: … do you know what shape have the ruins underground this city?\\
hank: they have the shape of an absurdly huge arc… it is the biggest “legacy” out there\\
hank: and their founder is the black dragon\\
dir: among our brethren the black dragon is unique\\ he was a great magician and the greatest scientist\\ our king left a back up plan in the case he would die\\
dir: that back up plan are those wings\\
dir: the black dragon’s existence has been preserved even after his flesh has been destroyed\\
dir: and the human who will become the catalyst for his resurrection will be affected by the “magician’s curse”\\
toro: the soul of the… black dragon?\\
slice: yeah, it was stored inside the core of those wings\\
slice: in the moment those wings are put on someone, he will begin to change into the black dragon\\
slice: the power to counter attack is nothing more than a method to have the opportunity to know the location of your enemy\\ well, the more you use it, the more quickly you turn into a dragon\\
slice: for that reason, they went all the way to hire an assassin and use a big ass golem\\
TLN: basically, if the manga was more successful, we would have seen several arcs were sieg’s life was put in danger and he would use the power of the wings and slowly turn into the black dragon, until reaching this climax arc more naturally.\\
Toro: I see, so this is how it works, huh…\\
Toro: so kawarada-san was only a pawn in all of this…\\
Toro: and that golem that suddenly appeared near souya-san’s bakery… it was searching for sieg…\\
Toro: but… are you really sure that it is good for you to tell me such a thing?\\
Slice: they didn’t tell me to be silent about it\\ I have to chat a little otherwise I would be bored to death, and this is the only topic we have in common\\
Toro: I see, you are totally right\\
Slice: well, your people didn’t forbid me from talking of this probably because at the present stage they would not have any problems even if their secrets were revealed\\ because they have revived the only dragon who can make the ship move\\
Toro: and that would be… sieg-san\\
Ali: … slice!\\
Slice: oh my\\ you made me save time\\
Ali: is this… is this all you fault as well!?\\
slice: yeah, exactly\\
toro: eh?\\
slice: those dragons are all my pawns\\
ali: why are you doing such a thing…!?\\
slice: because you wouldn’t like it, isn’t that obvious?\\
slice: so how does it feel that the entire city is being destroyed because of you?\\
ali: slice!\\
toro: stop, alice-san!\\
ali: toroma-san…!\\
toro: mr slice\\
toro: I would be happy if you would refrain from provoking an assailant by lying\\
slice: hey give me a break, half of it was real right?\\ furthermore I want to kill alice after all\\
sfx: gui\\
slice: let me at least provoke her\\
sfx: basa basa\\
slice: so will you continue to protect me?\\
sfx: basa\\basa\\
toro: yes\\
slice: I shouldn’t be the one to say this to you, but…\\
slice: you should consider the life of your comrades more important than your job\\
toro: for me your future and that of alice hold the same value\\
toro: to bend the way of living I had until now would mean to refute all the contents I have obtained inside of me until now\\
slice: you are getting something wrong here, yabusame toroma\\
slice: did you have ever considered that probably you never gathered any contents\\
slice: inside of you?\\
toro: … eh?\\
toro: what do you…\\ …!\\
sfx: gan\\
toro: sieg-san!\\
ali: why are you here…!?\\
sieg: eh? Why…?\\
sieg: I was going to… kill that man… because he aimed a gun against you…\\ alice san…\\
sieg: I wanted to help you…\\
sieg: furthermore…\\
sieg: if I’m hit, it will go back to him… right?\\
sieg: … hum\\
sieg: what do you think is right?\\
ali: … sieg-san?\\
sieg: ah, you will protect that man after all, toroma-san, right?\\
toro: … yes, it is my job\\
sieg: then it is just like the other time\\
sieg: don’t worry then\\
sieg: I will be sure to\\
sieg: make you into my enemy\\
sieg: I became strong, you know?\\
toro: sieg-san…?\\
sieg: therefore\\ I…\\ am…\\
sieg: fine even if\\ you are not around anymore, toroma-san\\
box: what is… that?\\
box: why…\\
box: is sieg-kun doing that to toroma-san?\\
box: but I’m sure that he will be alright\\
box: both toroma-san and sieg-kun\\
box: will have that expression just like before\\
box: they will laugh while taking each other hands…\\
box: just like before\\
ali: … eh?\\
slice: ah, I see\\
slice: he became visible with that\\
box: the will laugh\\ at the end\\
sieg: hahahahahahahaha\\
box: while holding their hands\\
slice: I’m really looking forward to\\ what face he will have after his head will be sent flying\\
side: this tragedy is real…!!\\

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