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Chrono Monochrome 20

Match 20: my past self

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jun 28, 2014 12:55 | Go to Chrono Monochrome

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Match 20: my past self\\
side: what is happening in Wein during the fierce match…?\\
box: Schonbrunn imperial palace.\\
ka: you are looking at lady antonia’s portrait once again…\\
ka: are you worried? She will be married soon.\\
te: yes sure, but…\\ I was remembering that little musician who asked to marry her a some time ago.\\
ka: Mozart, huh,\\ the most likely Austrian representative for the “monochrome”…!\\
te: exactly… if Mozart will become our representative,\\ the fate of this country will fall totally into “their” hands.\\
te: we have to prevent such a thing no matter what…!!\\
ka: and then the turk enters into play…\\
ka: but your majesty…\\
ka: are you really fine with what you told to baron kempelen?\\
te: the match against Mozart is not just a simple stop of the tour,\\
te: but it is the decisive battle to choose our representative for the monochrome, that will decide history…\\
te: if I would not say such a thing to him, he would have refused,\\ that person is…\\
te: … but even if I would have lied to him, I wanted more and more to bet my chances on the turk…\\
te: “tonight you will meet someone who will change history”…\\
te: that night I felt from the turk…\\
te: the limitless possibility to make those words into reality …!!\\
turk: don’t play this boring chess against me, you idiot.\\
mo: he is not kuro…!? Who the hell is this guy…!?\\
reb: h-hey.\\ doesn’t this feel a little strange after all?\\
reb: putting his speech aside… even he atmosphere around him is different…\\
kuro: uueeeh…\\ cough…\\
kuro: urgh…\\
kuro: …\\ hah…\\
kuro: fuh…\\
kuro: …!\\
wolf: give up already.\\
wolf: even a training to heal your predisposition…\\ is impossible with your body in that state.\\
wolf: it is not an hindrance for your matches with the turk,\\
wolf: furthermore by testing your disposition, I have discovered that you are fine with your eyes covered and with people facing you while they stand.\\
wolf: to try to do anything else any further would just be a waste of time.\\ and there would not be any end to it.\\
kuro: … but I cannot forgive myself…\\
kuro: I couldn’t play chess anymore because of my body in this condition…\\ and I… for once, cut myself off from chess.\\
kuro: I continued lying to myself, telling me that I was fine…\\
kuro: and now I hate myself because I have betrayed chess…!\\
kuro: I have the feeling…\\ that I can return to my past self if I cure this body…\\
kuro: then I would lie bare in front of myself…\\ running to the limit…\\
kuro: and reach that point that lies ahead of the moment my head goes totally blank…\\
kuro: my past self…!!\\
wolf: the eyes he had at that time…\\
wolf: probably inside of there turk right now there is him…\\
wolf: and in that case, if compared to the shitty dog…\\
wolf: he is far more strong!!\\
kuro: I will crush you!!\\
turk: check.\\
mo: …!\\ no you don’t!!\\
turk: check.\\
mo: kuro!! It is you after all!?\\
mo: but…\\
mo: the way you play on the board is totally different…!\\
mo: in a normal match when you are on the defensive side,\\ you wait for a bad move from your opponent while trying to not lose pieces…\\
text: because of the white pawn, not only the black knight but also the queen and the bishop were on the verge of danger, but…\\
text: on the other side the white knight didn’t run away from the enemy’s attack, resulting in a simultaneous strike.\\
mo: but…\\
bi: … the both of them are not making any mistakes…\\
bi: and yet a difference is slowly arising,\\ and such a thing is happening because of…\\
bi: an absolute difference in real strength!!!\\
?: rook in g8!\\ what kind of move is that…!?\\
?: is it really a machine!?\\
hood: damn you turk…!\\
girl: now I understand! It is able to play in such a incredible way for the very fact that it is a machine!\\
man: who cares if it is a human or a machine!\\
man: we have to witness…\\
man: every single move it plays!!!\\
mo: when the heart of a person is really shaken,\\
mo: his head goes blank\\
mo: the person in front of you and the cheers of the people are totally erased by your heartbeats…\\
mo: and everyone becomes one…\\
mo: I see…\\ there you are…\\
mo: a long time passed since I heard you…\\
mo: this is the sound that I once played in the past…!!\\
side: in the next issue the end of this fierce fight!?\\

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