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Chrono Monochrome 22

Match 22: once again on the chessboard

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jul 1, 2014 11:00 | Go to Chrono Monochrome

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Match 22: once again on the chessboard\\
side: A night passed since the fierce battle…\\
Kuro: it’s morning…?\\
Kuro: eh…? I was playing a match against Mozart and…?\\
Reb: (ahahahah) stop doing that anton!\\
an: “you fucking insect”\\
an: “you are boring”\\
an: ah, the real one woke up!\\
reb: good morning kuro!\\ you slept for an entire day after the match.\\
reb: you really relaxed yourself after you won, huh.\\
kuro …? Did I won?\\
an: … so, what do you think?\\
kuro: eh?\\
an: about your imitation.\\
kuro: (eeeh!?) I never make that face!!\\
reb: it is the turk, you were in such an high spirit yesterday that you created a totally new character.\\
reb: I’m really glad that you showed such a strength!\\
an: she is right. the image the turk gives is so different from you that discovering it’s real identity will be even more difficult.\\
wolf: … more importantly, prepare the luggage, we have to move soon\\
above them: understood!\\
reb: Mozart is leaving the city today as well!\\
inserted: the fresh restart of the genius composer begins in such a beautiful day…\\
mo: in other words,\\ I have decided that I will continue to be a composer\\
?: I totally didn’t understand his reason, but…\\
mo: right? you agree with me.\\ ufufufufuh.\\
leo: sorry… I don’t know what happened yesterday, but strangely enough he is in high spirit.\\
leo: but I have to say that I’m glad that he wants to compose music once again…!\\ in this way I can relax a little and send him for search for a job in italia.\\
leo: even the archbishop… came here to see him off together with all of these people\\
near leo: I’m moved!!\\
bi: no, half of these people…\\
bi: are here because he owes money to them.\\
?: the bill for the alcohol, the lodging expenses…\\ and we are also adding the money for removing the graffiti and for the furniture!\\
??: pay me my flowers!\\
???: you have slept with the women I protect*, give me my share!!\\
TLN: yes he is a pimp\\
?: it is 126 silver coin in total…\\
?: you will…\\
?: pay them all with the money you will earn from music!!\\
?: well… we…\\ hate you but… we love your music.\\
?: if you say that you will continue to compose music, then…\\
?: well… you can pay us after you will have success in your life.\\
?: and then one day…\\
? make Salzburg into the city that gave birth to the greatest composer in history!!\\
kuro: Mozart!!\\
mo: kuro!!\\
kuro: I’m so glad that I was able to see you off!\\
kuro: well… I wanted to thank you for one thing…\\ hum…\\
kuro: it is about the match…\\
kuro: it was just like the tune you played on the piano…!!\\
kuro: thanks!!\\
kuro: you know, I was watching everything, from the audience…\\
kuro: therefore…\\
mo: from the audience… right?\\
mo: I knew it,\\ my ears are never wrong.\\
mo: it’s alright, I will not tell anyone.\\
mo: because you heartbeats are really interesting.\\
mo: they are like a four handed performance on a piano. You are not able to tell the two melodies apart, but…\\
mo: I wonder if there are two people inside of you…\\
reb: you were such in an high spirit yesterday that you created a totally new character.\\
mo: the heartbeats you play are totally different, but I like them both.\\
mo: they gave me an incredible strength.\\
mo: let’s dance once again on the chessboard.\\
kuro: yeah…!\\
mo: ops…\\
mo: geez… it’s dirty once again …\\
kuro: that mantle… now that I think about it…\\
kuro: I have the feeling that those people against which I fought in the imperial palace where wearing something similar, but…\\
kuro: h-hey Mozart!\\ did you go to imperial palace in Wein recently?\\
kuro: and were you wearing that mantle…?\\
mo: …? No, the last time I went there was a few years ago,\\ and I received this mantle just recently…\\
mo: every time I won a match, there was someone who gave me money and other things.\\
mo: he always hid his face and was a little suspicious, but…\\
kuro: what do you know about that guy…!?\\
mo: who knows, he suddenly appeared and then disappeared…\\ I don’t know him so well…\\
kuro: I see…\\
kuro: in that case… if you will ever meet that man again,\\ could you ask him if he knows some young boy who wears that mantle?\\
kuro: I’m searching for him.\\
kuro: I have to…\\
kuro: meet him, no matter what…!!\\
mo: … ok.\\
mo: what kind of boy is him?\\
kuro: well…\\
mo: it would be easier,\\ to find that boy if we know his name, right?\\
mo: kuro? Your heartbeat is…\\
kuro: ros…\\
kuro: siros.\\
kuro: siros laska Walburg\\
mo: I don’t understand what you are afraid of, but…\\
mo: but if such a determination comes from you heartbeats, then…\\
mo: you are a suitable representative for the monochrome,\\ kuro\\
mo: win, no matter what!!\\
kuro: monochrome…?\\
fed: so Mozart lost, huh…\\
fed: I never thought that austria’s representative would be maria teresa’s automata.\\
hood: I’m really sorry, king Frederick…\\
hood: it was a good opportunity to destroy Austria from the inside…!!\\
hood: I made you stop here on your way back from the monochrome, this is a disgrace for me…\\
hood: this is very frustrating…!\\
hood: I should get rid of Mozart first…!\\
hood: should I kill him? I really want to kill him…!!\\
fed: leave him alone, maybe we can make use of him in another way.\\
fed: and more importantly it is better to go forward with other parts of our plan.\\
fed: continue to hide yourself in Wein,\\
fed: in the meantime I will just go back to Prussia for now.\\
fed: we have to prepare our pieces in order to…\\
fed: checkmate our fated enemy, Austria…\\
fed: that is the promise me made with Siros\\
side: kuro’s enemy is in Prussia…!?\\

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