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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Stealth Symphony 19

Act 19: the world is lies

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jul 3, 2014 10:47 | Go to Stealth Symphony

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Act 19: the world is lies\\
Side: a sad sieg versus toroma!!\\
Ali: toroma-san!\\
Sfx: *shake*\\
Toro: … no need to worry…\\ I was… created so that I would be resilient to pain…\\
Dir: it is a useless struggle, yabusame toroma\\ the only thing that can destroy the body of a completely transformed black dragon\\
Dir: is the power of the black dragon itself\\
Dir: … only the descendants of that slave with which our founder mixed his blood just for fun\\
Dir: only that annoying little hero can do it\\
Box: at the same time\\ the capital\\
boss: oh man, I’m getting too old for this\\
boss: to think that I would burn my hair a little while fighting against these little brats\\
ver: didn’t you say that you didn’t need my help?\\
boss: well…\\ in the past I would have handled these brats alone with just one of my screams\\
boss: anyway, what should we do about the royal family that right now should be hostage of the dragons?\\ do you want to burn to a crisp this town with your magic?\\
ver: just because they threw away jinbou-chou for their duty toward the royal family?\\
ver: you don’t have to worry\\
ver: I told to everyone who could to protect the city with all of their might\\
boss: probably the dragons know such a thing\\
boss: they must have improved in the last 100 years, but…\\
boss: the humans who have a lifespan comparably shorter than dragons\\
boss: have improved even more by putting their life on the line\\
box: at the same time\\ jinbou-chou\\
dir: wow, these humans have skills\\
dir: but it is useless\\ totally useless\\
dir: we will destroy all of you…\\
dir: even if the black dragon is the one to stand at the end\\
ali: stop…\\
ali: stop, please!\\
ali: sieg-san!\\
sieg: … alice-san?\\
sieg: I would like to kill toroma-san you know!\\
ali: didn’t you come here to this city to help people!?\\
sieg: … yes\\ but it is too late now\\
ali: eh?\\
sieg: I have already killed people…\\ at the police station… I killed that old man, right…?\\ it was a dragon…?\\
sieg: and also… laika-chan…?\\
ali: laika-san is still alive!\\
ali: everything was done by those wings on your shoulders! You didn’t do those things by your own volition!\\
ali: regain your sanity, please! I’m sure that if you talk with the boss then…\\
sieg: you are wrong…\\
sieg: you are wrong alice-san\\
ali: eh?\\
sieg: I have already killed people by my own volition\\
sieg: it wasn’t these wings’… fault…\\ if even those deaths were these wings’ fault…\\ then my feelings for lil\\
sieg: would also be a lie\\
sieg: I!\\ with my own will!\\
sieg: took revenge\\ for lil!\\
sieg: … no… this is wrong…\\haa\\ I just wanted… to forget those things…\\haa\\
sfx: haa\\
sieg: eh…?\\ what was I…\\
sieg: I see… it was all…\\ a lie…\\
slice: you damn brat, that’s how you have run away until now\\ such a crafty way of living your life\\
slice: but it is not like I envy you anyway\\
ali: shut the fuck up, slice!!\\
sieg: yeah… that’s right… you are\\ lying\\
sfx: guuuh…\\
sieg: I have to get rid of you…\\
ali: toroma-san!?\\
toro: alice-san… you are protecting the wrong person…\\
toro: you shouldn’t protect me…\\
toro: but mr slice…\\
ali: now it is not the time to saying those things…!\\
toro: we have to protect our client no matter the situation\\ that’s… the job that us of the V&V should accomplish…\\
sieg: ahahah\\ you are incredible after all, toroma-san\\
ali: eh…?\\
sieg: toroma-san is gentle to everyone\\
sieg: but toroma-san\\
sieg: I’m sure that… you are not really seeing anyone\\
sieg: not me\\ not alice-san\\ not even yourself\\
toro: … sieg-san?\\
slice: I understand what that spoiled brat is trying to say\\
slice: it is not like those around you are unable to see you\\ yabusame toroma\\
slice: you are the one unable to see those around you\\
toro: I’m… unable to…?\\
slice: there is a paper thin difference between accepting anything inside of yourself… and not being interested in this world\\
slice: it is splendid to be a philanthropist\\ it is not like I reject it only because I don’t do it\\
slice: but you aren’t a philanthropist\\
alice: you are just “running away”\\
toro: …!\\
sieg: but I am still alive because toroma-san is that kind of guy\\
sieg: this world is all a lie and yet\\ if he would not be in this world\\
sieg: it would be!\\ all a lie!\\
sieg: if you would\\ not exist\\
sieg: I would!\\ be able\\ to reject\\ this entire world!\\
sieg: hahah\\ ahahahahah\\
toro: sieg-san…\\
on the letter and in the box: dear lil, are you doing fine?\\
box: they are all lying to me\\
box: even the director has betrayed me\\
box: ah that’s right\\
box: this entire world is a lie\\
box: I will come to where you are soon, lil\\
ali: toroma-san\\
sfx: boom\\
box: because if toroma-san would not be here, this would all be a lie\\
box: I will be back soon\\ lil\\
boxX4: lil\\
box: I will use the ship\\
sieg: aaaaaaaaaaaah\\
box: and come to you soon~~~~\\
dir: the ship has activated!? Did it resonate with sieg’s transformation into a dragon!?\\ hahah!! Good! Just continue like that and surface!\\
dir: fly in the sky without leaving a trace of those insects ‘city!\\
toro: … I see\\
sfx: gara\\
toro: maybe I have never seen anything about you, sieg-san\\ I don’t have any right to stop you\\
toro: if in the future you desire there is my death, then…\\
toro: the only thing I can do is to respect such a thing\\
toro: that is the only thing that…\\
sou: hello sieg-kun\\
ali: noooooooooooooooooooo\\
on the letter: I will come to where you are soon\\
inserted text: quite a sad finale!!\\

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