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Stealth Symphony 20

Chapter 20: about that invisible man 5

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jul 12, 2014 10:17 | Go to Stealth Symphony

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Chapter 20: about that invisible man 5\\
Side: souya’s blade that cuts everything concludes the story of the heroic black dragon!!\\
Slice: so it was his head that was sent flying, huh\\
Slice: you narrowly escaped with your life, yabusame toroma\\
Sou: long time no see, toroma-san\\
Toro: why did you…\\
Sou: I received a request\\ is there any other reason for me to do that?\\
toro: a request…?\\ who in the world did…\\
sou: it’s a secret\\
sou: well\\ that’s what I would like to say, but…\\
sou: the commissioner requested that I would say everything to toroma-san\\
toro: i-t cannot be…\\
dir: aaaaaaaaaaaaah\\
dir: the black dragon\\... why!?\\ why…!?\\
sou: it is useless…\\
sou: to cry for him now after all this time\\
dir: you bastard!\\
dir: why!\\ why the black dragon can be cut by a simple human…!\\
sou: geez… even if only 5 years have passed… you didn’t recognize me\\
dir: w-what…?\\
sou: to think that you would not be able to recognize me just because I changed the length and the colour of my hair\\ you can only see humans like experimental subjects after all\\
sou: … dear director\\
dir: you…\\
dir: no… it cannot be\\
sou: at that time\\
sou: we were separated by my own death\\
sou: hey toroma-san, I have already told it to you right?\\
sou: that you are my senior\\
sou: at that time I wasn’t referring to the fact that we are both assassins…\\ but to the fact that we are both “dragons created by dragons”\\
dir: why…\\
dir: you… should be dead…\\
sou: yes, I died right?\\
sou: and I’m still dead, since that day\\
sfx: pira pira\\
on the paper: even undeads*\\
TLN: go to check chapter 3\\
Dir: the ghost technique…?\\
Dir: impossible… you cannot turn someone undead while preserving his personality and abilities…\\
Sou: normally it is impossible\\ but they have done their research in the last 100 years\\
Sou: my guild’s boss, who was in maimrondo’s party, thought that\\ only the power of the black dragon could kill the black dragon\\ and the hero maimrondo would sooner or later die\\
sou: we needed to obtain the power of the black dragon in order to substitute maimrondo\\
near sou: my sword is also mixed with my blood\\
dir: once again you…\\
dir: stopped me on my track, huh…\\
dir: but we will both suffer today\\ the ship has been already activated!\\
dir: it is the end for this city!\\ even if you kill us all with the power of the black dragon\\
sou: I don’t kill anyone unless if it is for my job now…\\
dir: everyone\\
dir: time for out triumphal return!\\
dir: well then mr slice\\
dir: could you give us the “mac guffin”?\\ now that the black dragon is dead, that bracelet is the only thing capable of operating the ship\\
dir: for someone like you, who is not a dragon, that would be a really heavy job to accomplish\\
sli: don’t act high and mighty in this farce\\
sli: you would just sound ridiculous instead, you know?\\
sli: well…\\
sli: I like\\
sli: farces after all\\
hank: oh man, half of us retired after we received those 10^8 eren from you\\
hank: and now our opponents are the dragon themselves\\
ali: slice…?\\
sli: I used everything in this city in order to corner you\\ therefore I hired all of the soldiers from the cyborg soldiers school with the money I have created yesterday\\
sli: but my mood changed a bit after I heard that scream of yours just a minute ago\\
li: it would be a waste to kill you so quickly (I want to hear you scream more)\\
dir: … it was an useless investment, mr slice\\
dir: in any case this city…\\...?\\
dir: what!?\\
dir: our power is…\\
dir: even the ship’s energy…!\\
dir: it is you, huh!\\ to think you would oppose us to this extent…\\
dir: yabusame toroma~~~!\\
box: I heard something once\\
box: toroma-san was never angry and never cried for real\\
box: but I wasn’t able to understand\\
box: if this “cry” was\\ anger\\
bos: or sadness\\
ali: or both of them\\
sieg: … souya-san\\ you told me something once\\
sieg: … that you would charge me a cheap price for an assassination because you couldn’t kill me…\\
sou: … sieg-kun?\\
sieg: “and you can even ask me to commission your death”…\\
sou: yeah…\\ … I see, so you have made your choice then\\
sou: well before that, would you hear an old story of mine?\\
sou: you can choose after you have heard everything\\ how you will live\\ and how you will die\\
sou: “I want you to kill me if I will ever attempt to kill toroma-san and the others”\\
box: a few days later\\
sou: that was sieg-kun’s request… I already told you a in that occasion\\
toro: … yes, I remember\\
sou: I suggested him\\ that there was the possibility to become and undead just like me\\... but he refused\\
sou: I have accepted my life as an assassin with a smile on my face\\
sou: and sieg-kun refused that possibility risking his own life\\
sou: probably sieg’s life was all fake\\ but the hope you gave him was real\\
sou: and he didn’t want to erase\\ that reality\\
sou: he choose to make me kill him in order to save you\\
sou: probably, I will also be judged by someone one day\\ but that “someone” will not be you\\
sou: you were unable to see anyone around you, therefore you cannot judge anyone\\ toroma-san\\
sou: ah, just one more thing\\
sou: I have a message from sieg-kun\\
sieg: there is something I want you to say to toroma-san\\ tell him that when I gave you this request…\\
sieg: I was smiling…\\
sieg: and that toroma-san should smile as well…\\ because I will not be able to smile anymore…\\
sieg: if he wants to make me into some of the contents inside of him, then he has to do what I wanted to do… just like I was saved by him…\\
sieg: I want him to save someone else…\\
toro: those are sieg-kun’s last words\\ before he lost his sanity\\
toro: I cannot agree with him no matter what\\ I wasn’t able to save him after all\\
toro: I couldn’t see him at all\\
ali: are you going to let sieg-kun became just one of the many “contents” you are gathering inside of you?\\
toro: no… this cannot be just considered a “content”\\
toro: I’m sure that this is\\
toro: a curse\\
ali: what… kind of face are making right now?\\
toro: I’m not able to understand it myself\\ the only thing I believe\\
toro: is that one day sieg’s curse inside of me and I…\\
toro: will be able\\ to smile together\\
toro: well then, time to work now\\
toro: we have to protect our city\\
box: 10 years later\\ japan\\
ali: this world is not that different from ours\\ the only thing is that they don’t have lizard men or elves\\
lai: but there are interesting kids known as “youkai*”\\
TLN: demons, ghosts and apparitions in the Japanese culture\\
Ali: anyway, to think that there really was a door in the deepest level of the ruins…\\ it would be good if we are able to interact a little with the people of this world\\
Toro: we are lucky enough that we have the same language\\
Toro: it is master-san’s hometown after all…\\
Boys: what’s wrong rick-kun?\\I had the feeling that someone was looking at me\\ eeh?\\
ali: what wrong toroma-san?\\
toro: no… nothing\\
toro: yes, let’s interact with them a little by little\\
toro: without them noticing…\\

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