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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 574

Battle 574: I believe


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 574

Battle 574: I believe\\
inserted : don’t lose.\\
side: saiga and senzui, kenichi and kajima. Everyone of them is fighting to the death while putting their pride for martial arts on the line… in the meantime the missile’s launch approaches!?\\
?: eight minutes to the missile’s launch.\\
niji: d-dammit!!\\ I couldn’t shut down the missiles completely!!\\
niji: we don’t have much time left! We have to find a working terminal!!\\
tou: chu~~~\\
shi: pc… pc…\\
miu: uuuh….\\
ka: kah kah\\
ka: you are extremely hard!!\\ it seems that you have a body capable of continuing to fight even after suffering several special moves!!\\
ken: guah!!\\
ka: shirahama kenichi… you masters… no, your earnest accumulation of martial arts is worth of admiration!!\\
ken: ryuusui seikuuken second!!\\
ka: it will not work!!\\
ka: shinogi dachi!!! (ridges cut)\\
ken: what!? The strength of my arm is!!?\\
ken: kubaaah!!\\
miu: w-what was that!?\\
ken: my ribcage was just grazed… and yet!\\
ken: furthermore I cannot put my strength not only in my right arm that parried off the move, but also in the muscles on my chest!!\\
ken: what was that?\\
ka: kah kah…\\
ka: it is a good move, right…? For a limited time it isolates the meridian of your ki channels thanks to an explosion of ki!!!\\
miu: m-my grandfather told me about it in one of his lessons a long of time ago…\\
ken: eh!!\\
miu: a magician known as Harry Houdini often performed a trick in front of his audience in which he could strengthen his abs so much because of his superior muscles that he could even be hit by an hammer, but…\\
miu: for just a second, he loosened the ki in his blood while he was been hit, and he was about to die!\\
miu: in other words, no matter what kind of master who polished his defensive power you are, if you receive an hit while your body is not hardened because of the ki in your blood, that hit could be fatal.\\
miu: kenichi-san!! that move will kill you with a single blow! It is dangerous!!\\
ken: it cuts the ki in your blood and makes you defenceless!!?\\
ken: a move with that proprieties is really dangerous!!\\
ken: your eye…\\
ka: kah kah!\\
ka: I already told you that I didn’t have any talent for martial arts as well, right?\\
ka: hoaaaah!!\\
ka: nuhn!!\\
ka: my attacks are not working at all!!\\
sen: I already told you, satomi, he has mastered the ki in blood to the utmost limit, and all of the muscles in his body are like an armour, simple attacks will not work.\\
sen: you have to use that technique if you want to defeat him!\\
ka: kuh…\\
ka: guaah!!\\
sen: maybe it is really useless? The “meridians” in which the ki flows is something you obtain from innate disposition.\\ … people who are not able to make their ki pass through them can manipulate their own ki just to a certain extent, no matter how much they struggle.\\
sen: maybe this is the limit of our disciple…\\
ka: guaaah!!\\
sen: eh? This is.\\
sai: yeah.\\
sai: it is a sign\\
ka: aaaaaaaah!!\\
ka: l-like this!\\
ka: it passing through!! I can feel the flow in my meridians!!\\
sai: stop!!\\
sai: we still haven’t completely understood how the meridians work. We don’t know what will happen if you open them forcefully!!\\
sen: he himself desires to know…\\
sen: what will happen.\\
ka: aaaah!\\
sai: stop satomi!! You could suffer damage that could not be healed!!\\
?: muhn!!\\
ka: oooooh…\\
ka: shinogi dachi!!\\
ka: guaaah!!\\
ka: guah!! Guuuah!!\\
sai: this is bad call a doctor. It was really dangerous!\\
sen: in this way we have confirmed that even people that don’t have their ki flowing through the meridians are able to make it pass through them forcefully.\\
ka: kah kah kah!!\\
ka: that’s right… I was happy from the bottom of my heath because I could contribute to the development of martial arts with this body of mine.\\
niji: t-that guy is crazy.\\
ken: I think I understand you a little…\\
niji: eh?\\
ken: in truth you are a person with deep emotions…\\
ken: and the target of those emotions is martial arts.\\
ka: smirk\\
miu: he is moulding the ki inside of him!!\\
miu: you cannot leave yourself open!!\\
ka: gah!!\\
ken: this is bad, it is his special move!! If I’m hit from that move directly it will be a one shot kill!!\\
ken: I have to stop his move on its tracks!!\\
ken: there!!\\
ken: korui nuki!!\\
ka: guhhah!!\\
ka: shinogi dachi!!\\
ken: guaaah!!\\
miu: he repelled the korui nuki!!\\
ken: guaaah, my leg!\\
ken: what incredible technique, he is able to cut off all the moves I have polished until now!!\\
ken: it seems that the moulding of his ki is quite complicated, he needs to perform it inside of his body!!\\
ken: aaaah!!\\
ken: in that case!!\\
ken: walk a little forward!\\
ken: mubyoushi!!\\
ka: rentangai!!! (armour polished with training)\\
kaji: kooooh!!\\
ken: guwaah!!\\
miu: t-the…\\
miu: mubyoushi was twisted and repelled!!\\
ka: too weak!!\\
ka: I performed the shinogi dachi in my own body!! You can say that I have smashed your polished moves!!\\
ka: my nickname is the “ichimoku-ren*” of the god of blacksmiths!!\\
TLN: from what I could understand it is some kind of hellish demon\\
Ka: I have forged and polished myself…\\
Ka: into a single lump of steel!!\\
shi: this is bad, an enemy that can kill you with a single technique…\\
shi: kenichi!!\\
niji: kenichi!!\\
miu: kenichi-san…\\
miu: kenichi-san!!\\
miu: be careful!!\\
masters: what to do in a really difficult situations? In those case you should listen to the training you have accumulated until that moment!!\\ that’s right, your training will never betray you.\\ apapah, you should feel pain after you have beaten you enemy to a pulp.\\ listen ken-chan, at the utter most end, it all depends on the fact that you can believe in the results of your daily training or not!\\
ken: I believe in it.\\
ka: shirahama kenichi, your moves will remain in my body. Your death will become a contribution to martial arts.\\
ka: so relax and…\\
ka: die!!\\
ken: ryuusui seikuuken, third level!!\\
inserted: first disciple, the flame of his fighting spirit doesn’t fade!! It is still not… over yet!!\\

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