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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 575

Battle 575: the kuremisago’s revolt


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 575

Battle 575: the kuremisago’s revolt\\
Inserted: miu’s mother, shizuha. What is her past?\\
side: the third level of ryuusui seikuuken has been activated before kajima used if fierce attack versus kenichi!! First disciple, his fighting spirit doesn’t disappear!!\\
kaji: the ultimate move of the sei, huh…\\
kaji: it is like you are manipulating all the ki in my body.\\
ken: I have gained control of how you will move next with my ki, and then integrated it within my flow…\\
ken: this is the third level of the ryuusui seikuuken!!\\
kaji: this is interesting!!\\
?: hey.\\ … hey.\\
shi: … since a while ago your master are fighting to the death…\\
shi and yet, aren’t you concerned about… them!?\\
kaji: kah.\\
kaji: martial arts will further develop thanks to their fight. That’s something I’m really happy about!!\\
ken: that’s a lie!!\\
ken: the bottom of your heart that is being transmitted through your fists…\\
ken: is full of confusion and sadness!\\
ken: you cannot be happy by seeing that the two masters who have taught you martial arts…\\
ken: are going to kill each other!!\\
ka: heh!! You are wrong!!\\ nuhn!!\\
sen: heh, to be able to fight to this extent against our disciple. As expected from ryouzanpaku’s first disciple.\\
sai: why did you kill her…\\
sen: the beliefs and that little of madness that I have carved in him will guide him to victory without fail…\\
sen: even considering the generosity you gave him.\\
sai: why did you kill shizuha, senzui!!?\\
sai: there are really a lot of wild animals here.\\
shizu: this is the first time I see a person coming all the way in this mountain recess to study animals.\\
?: shizuha-sama!\\
??: we were searching for you. Where have you been?\\
shizu: I was only taking a stroll.\\
?: eh?\\
??: who is that person?\\
shizu: he is my guest.\\
sai: you show such wariness and quiet killing intent by just knowing that I am a stranger!\\ I thought that there wouldn’t be just a simple village in such a mountain recess, but…\\
sai: could it be that here the is the infamous village of the kuremisago?\\
shizu: ah…\\
shizu: wait, this person is…\\
?: I don’t know who has sent him here, but he cannot go back alive.\\
??: they will ask him about what he knows on our village to his dead body.\\
sen: stop, they two of you will be defeated by him even if you fight together.\\
?: senzui-sama!!\\
shizu: stop, senzui!!\\
sen: ho~~… in that moment you judged that you couldn’t totally stop the blow and avoided it instead… you are not a normal person.\\
sai: I will not accept this irrational chaos!!\\
shizu: hey, you two stop!\\
sen: it is dangerous… shizuha!!\\
sai: shizuha-dono!!\\
shizu: hey, stop being rude to my guest, senzui!!\\
shizu: and saiga-san, I can easily handle…\\
shizu: a rock of this size.\\
sai: fuh.\\
sai: fuahah.\\
shizu: ah, did I just do something shameful!!?\\
sen: we are childhood friends, so I am accustomed to that.\\
sai: I see, you know each other since you were little then?\\
shizu: geez, stop bullying me, senzui!\\
sen: uh…\\
sai: are you alright?\\
sen: I am accustomed to it… we are childhood friends after all.\\
sai: eh? Senzui is\\ you fiancé?\\
shizu: he is not just a fiancé. Free love does not exist in the kuremisago’s village.\\
shizu: in the village we are bound by already decided pairings, so that we can give birth to superior warriors…\\
shizu: they really hate that someone like you brings foreign blood in our lineage.\\
shizu: and yet… I…\\
sen: our teachings have in great respect the fact that we have to erase our emotions!!\\
sai: erase your emotions?\\
sen: you don’t get along with you father as well, right?\\
sen: you should just get rid of him…\\
sai: is that really what you think?\\
sen: I also received the training to get rid od my own opinion if it gets in the way with the war.\\
sen: ouch.\\
sai: you have quite a big forehead*, therefore you should use that brain of your better.\\
TLN: you know, a big forehead is sign of a big brain and then intelligence. You can also see how in the evolution from monkeys to humans, our forehead became larger as we got more intelligent.
sai: a village where the fact that you kill your family and your loved ones is respected…\\
sai: are you sure that you want to leave shizuha in such a place?\\
sai: why didn’t someone like you…\\
sai: who has a towering IQ even higher than mine, take any action about that until now? That is really mysterious.\\
sen: emotion bring chaos to martial arts.\\
sen: I didn’t do anything because I know that is true.\\
sai: what’s happening here!?\\
?: we are all fellow warriors who set themselves free from the kuremisago’s curse!!\\
?: it is strange that they respect something like killing your own loved ones!! We want go into a more free world and master our martial arts!\\
?: fuurinji saiga, we would like that you could lend your strength to our revolution!\\
?: we have the chance to win!\\
??: he is right, even the kuremisago’s strongest man is among us.\\
sai: senzui!!\\
sai: you too!!\\
sen: saiga, you should marry shizuha.\\
sen: the path that will make shizuha happy, to choose such a path is also part of freedom.\\
sai: stop saying stupid things, you can bring her in a free world as well, right!?\\
sen: I am the leader of the revolution. I cannot follow…\\
sen: the decisions taken by the old kuremisago.\\
?: kah!\\
sai: were are the people of the kuremisago loyalist faction!? I want to defeat only them if it is possible!!\\
shizu: that’s too reckless!!\\
sen: be careful saiga!\\
?: yes…\\
?: that’s how it should be, senzui.\\
sen: f-\\
sen: father…\\
shizu: n-\\
shizu: noooo!!\\
dad: superior warriors must be heartless.\\
dad: you cannot live normal life.\\
dad: your real aim was t-this, right?\\
dad: you know that you cannot erase from yourself your instinct as an assassin and your techniques of trickery that flow in your heart no matter what!!\\
?: we lost…\\
?: we lost too many of our comrades…\\
sen: and this fight…\\
sen: is still far from its end…\\
sen: saiga.\\
sen: I’m sorry to have involved you in this…\\
sen: and…\\
sai: and?\\
sai: senzui.\\
sai: senzui…\\
sen: please forgive me for…\\
sen: what I will do from now on!\\
side: the tragedy of the kuremisago that swallowed up senzui saiga and shizuha… the whole story will be revealed in the next issue!!

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