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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 576

Battle 576: the darkness of the kuremisago


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 576

Battle 576: the darkness of the kuremisago\\
Side: senzui and saiga and also shizuha began to move for the kuremisago’s liberation. But the fight against the traditionalist faction is reaching its peak?\\
?: saiga-dono, we attacked this base of the traditionalist faction as you told us!\\
??: luckily, the women and the children of our liberation faction have been evacuated according to the orders!!\\
sai: right now, the two factions are struggling for supremacy.\\
sai: to think that they would show their opposition to this extent…\\
?: what are you saying? There is no hesitation in our hearts.\\
??: the strongest man among the kuremisago senzui-sama, and you a member of the so called invincible fuurinji clan are our allies.\\
?: fuurinji saiga-dono!!\\
?: our life belongs to you!!\\
sai: I see…\\
?: kah!!\\
sai: sorry but I will have to use that life immediately.\\
inserted: the kuremisago hide in the darkness’ black.\\
?: what!?\\ they have killed seidou and koushin!?\\
??: they killed even those two!? They were so skilled!\\
?: who the hell did that!?\\
sai: do not worry, you two.\\
sai: you will met them soon.\\
?: what do you mean, saiga…\\
?: i-impossible… saiga, why?\\
?: oh!!? Y-you are…\\
sai: what? There is a traitor among us!?\\
?: yes, 9 of our most skilled warriors were killed…\\
shizu: who could he be? This traitor.\\
?: about that… according to the witnesses…\\
shizu: speak.\\
?: the way he moved…\\
?: resembled that of saiga-dono…\\
shizu: it must be a trap of the successor’s faction!!\\
?: I know that!!\\
?; however…\\
shizu: awawah, sorry miu.\\
sai: could it be that… the fact I am part of the one shadow nine fists is the seed of your mistrust?\\
sai: the one shadow nine fists is a gathering where there is a pact of non aggression among its members. There is no reason to us to attack other organizations.\\ I just want to make the best use of martial arts as a mean to have an active peace.\\
?: yes, we are grateful from the bottom of our hearts for the numerous services you have provided for our freedom… but there are people who arrived to the conclusion that the one shadow nine fists have send saiga-sama in order to conquer the kuremisago.\\
sai: … I understand. From now on no one must trust me. I will act alone now.\\
sai: I want to capture my imitator as soon as possible…\\
shizu: dear.\\
sen: I have taken care of nine skilled members of the liberation faction\\
?: good job senzui. To think that you would come here and even kill the comrades with which you have shared joys and sorrows.\\
sen: but I still didn’t fulfil everything I have promised.\\
?: you have mediated with us of the successors faction and certainly fulfilled your promise.\\
??: you have born as the strongest man among the kuremisago.\\
???: once everything will be finished we will accept you one day as the chief of the kuremisago.\\
sen: I don’t care about that. I just wanted to take a path with the lowest number of sacrifices as possible.\\
?: in that case take that road to the end!!\\
?: take care of another among the best lineage of the kuremisago. Kill shizuha and her daughter!!\\
shizu: misago ugachi!!\\
?: guaaah!!\\
shizu: our enemies today are taking the lead today in a strange way. I wonder who is the one commanding them!?\\
?: shizuha-sama, I have made the arrangements so that the letter would arrive to your husband’s father.\\
?: everything is fine, shizuha-sama, leave this place to us and escape with miu-sama!\\
??: please, escape with saiga-sama and live quietly while hiding!!\\
??: probably we of the liberation faction are…\\
??: already…\\
shizu: I do not want that…\\
shizu: my daughter becomes someone that would abandon her friends for her own happiness…\\
shizu: don't die!\\
?: this way, there is still someone alive!\\
shizu: let’s go miu.\\
?: she is there!\\
?: don’t let her escape!\\
shizu: my cute daughter… I will protect you to the end…\\
shizu: miu…\\
?: guwah!!\\
sai: are you alright, shizuha!?\\
shizu: d-dear!!\\
shizu: de…\\ar…\\
sai: for all this time…\\
sai: I trusted you and left things in your hands while I was away…\\
sai: I never thought that you were the one who killed my wife!!!\\
sen: yes. When I told you that “the traitor who killed your wife ran away” I was lying…\\
sai: fuurinji yamazubushi!! (crushing mountain)\\
sen: but you are the one who told me. “in order to save a great number of people, a few sacrifices are necessary”.\\
sen: I did it because… you were unable to do it!!\\
sai: they trusted you… I trusted you…!\\
sai: and even shizuha!!\\
sen: you don’t understand, saiga! The kuremisago became once again united thanks to the deal!\\
sen: it all ended without a lot of people from both factions dying! I don’t have any regrets!!\\
sen: and now the world is opening in front of us… this is the true liberation!!!\\
sen: yes, our liberation will only be in the midst of a fight!!\\
?: two minutes to the launch of the missiles.\\
niji: here, this works!!\\
shi: hurry… up.\\
shi: they found us out because of this… destruction.\\
shi: more and more people are gathering… here.\\
sai: I don’t understand your talk about the number of lives that were spared. But…\\
sai: senzui, there is only one thing I will say to you now.\\
sai: I will not hand over this world to people with a twisted heart!!\\
sai: let will put an end to everything with this attack!!!\\
sen: yes… my friend.\\
sen: let’s end this!!\\
sen: truth crushing kick of the phoenix!! (houou shinmetsu geri)\\
sai: fuurinji: god killing!! (kamigoroshi)\\
side: these two men exceed their heroic fate with their fists. In the nest issue another chapter with 22 pages with consecutive heroic battles!!\\

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