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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 577

Battle 577: disciples Vs masters


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 577

Battle 577: disciples Vs masters\\
inserted: we are connected with our fists, those are our bounds.\\
side: the shinpaku alliance and yomi are fighting against the armed division, but…!?\\
ber: ooooh||
ber: uraaaah!!\\
kana: fuh!! You are strong, berserker!!\\
kana: you are dealing with all these so called executioner soldiers!!\\
her: that way, freya!\\
kana: ok, leave it to me!!\\
take: it seems that the situation is having a turn around, isn’t it!!\\
rach: I will be the one in front of everyone!!\\
blonde: the situation changed.\\
blonde: I will take the command. Do you have any objections!?\\
take: let’s finish this in one go!!\\
kana: what’s wrong, takeda!?\\
boris: their aura changed!!\\
ko: yeah, they have switched from a search and kill attitude to collaborating? No, that’s not it…\\
ko: there is someone giving them directions, it is clear that they are moving like they are under someone’s command.\\
ku: the armed division is more accustomed to group fighting than us of the unarmed division!\\
kushi: therefore, even if they have partners with which they have no relation, they are specialized in moving according to the commands coming from above!!\\
her: they have put heavy armoured warriors in the front line, while those with long ranged weapons in the rear…\\
her: it just follows the books, but it is a good formation!!\\
sieg: it will not crumble that easily…\\
ber: oroooooh!!\\
sieg: berserker!!\\
lugh: berserker!!\\
ber: I see…\\
ber: it’s quite hard…\\
blonde: crush everyone of them.\\
blonde: show them the real value of weapons.\\
uki: owah!!\\
kushi: be careful, sunglasses!!\\
kushi: eh!!\\
kushi: this ki is…\\
her: !! there is someone!!\\
her: there are two master class fighters near here!!\\
nat: enemies!!? Or allies!!?\\
?: such a pity.\\
?: I did once again a futile killing… rest in peace.\\
??: oh my, these people are the infamous yomi and the enemies’ disciples, huh.\\
her: kuh…\\
her: they are masters from yami!! They are sougaku the exhibiter of the moon fang “san” and oltal shin of the jamadahal!!\\
fre: what!! Yami’s masters!?\\
shin: I don’t like this job, but they told me to kill you as soon as I would found you.\\
sou: little boys, this weapon is called “san” and will make the earth behind you empty, like this…\\
her: uh…\\
kana: what they hell is that hole!?\\
sou: I dig graves like this.\\
sou: those are your graves. As a priest I will make your memorial services, so you can rest in peace.\\
her: kuh…\\
her: they are on a different dimension, just as one would expect!!\
rac: heheh, in this case we cannot avoid death.\\
rac: eheh.\\
rac: such a pity, if there was an audience here I would have showed them a hearth breaking death, and yet…\\
take: what the hell are you saying!!\\
take: don’t give up so easily!!\\
take: right now our master are fighting, on the other side of the mountain!! We cannot give up before them!!\\
lugh: the stronghold is that way, takeda-san.\\
her: heh…\\
rac: you are right!\\
boris: such a splendid boxer!!\\
kana: let’s go everyone!\\
thor: dosukoi, dosukoi!!\\
kushi: stay near me, sunglasses.\\
uki: kushinada, you~\\
kushi: this is for thanking you for the desert you gave me at the family restaurant.\\
take: let’s put our strength together!!\\
take: that’s our only chance!!\\
?: in that case count us in as well.\\
odin: seikuuken, activate!!\\
?: nanasei shirorou sanyou (heptagon mantis hips cut)!!\\
??: dasshu (killing kick)!!\\
renka: koboku reppa (tiger crushing wave)!!\\
odin: I am here to back you up, guys.\\
take: odin!! Renka-chan and two other guys!!\\
black: ryuu genson\\
blonde2: shokatsu kouan.\\
ran: ok, let’s finish this, we have to go where kenichi is!!\\
blonde: don’t break the formation, cover the holes!!\\
renka: a real battle!!\\
renka: my ma clan blood is boiling!!\\
?: nuhn!!\\
kushi: they are trying to break us by starting from the weak links!!\\
kushi: will I be able to protect them!?\\
ki: hah!!\\
ki: kick!!\\
uki: are you still alive, kisara!?\\
ki: o-ouch, you can bet on it!!\\
ki: when she gave us the gauntlets, shigure-nesan also gave my this chain armour…\\
ki: she said that I fight while trusting into the enemy, so it was just to be safe.\\
ki: hah.\\
ki: where the hell are you looking at!!\\
kushi: sunglasses was protecting you until now, you know!!?\\
kushi: kick the enemy if you have to kick someone.\\
kushi: and he was quite heroic too!\\
ki: ok!!\\
ki: I will repay my debt immediately!!\\
sou: heheh.\\
rach: they are moving!!\\
boris: the masters are coming!!\\
sou: I should make more graves.\\
odin: two master, huh.\\
odin: hermit!!\\
odin: berserker!!\\
odin: lend me an hand!\\
odin: boris and koukin will take the vanguard, castor and pollux will move on the sides and circle them, lugh and kushinada will be in the centre to protect the wounded!!\\
odin: renka-san.\\
renka: yes?\\
odin: put together the shinpaku alliance and fight the slender master!!\\
renka: roger!!\\
sou: these children will be my opponents? It seems that you don’t know what a master is.\\
odin: in that case I will ask you…\\
odin: in your long days as a mater…\\
odin: did you ever seen…\\
odin: this move?\\
odin: seidou gouitsu!!
odin: stay alive!!\\
odin: ken-chan!!!\\
inserted: the disciples challenge the masters while believing in their comrades. In the next issue, there will be the death match of ryouzanpaku’s masters!!\\

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