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Chrono Monochrome 23

Match 23: emperor joseph

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Aug 7, 2014 16:46 | Go to Chrono Monochrome

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Match 23: emperor joseph\\
side: they are leaving Salzburg, and the place where they are heading is…\\
box: dear baron kempelen…\\
box: it is me, Maria Teresa.\\
box: I have received a letter from the arch-bishop, congratulations for the turk’s victory.\\
box: I hope that we can use this chance to become more friendly.\\
box: well then… the next stop of the tour is…\\
kuro: I wonder if the front and the inside match each others…?\\
an: just open the front. To not show the vest is one of the last fashion’s trends.\\
kuro: a narcissus perfume?\\
near an: here, the gloves\\
an: it belongs to the master.\\ just put a little bit of it.\\
kuro: like this?\\
reb: nooooooooooo!!\\
reb: this impossible!!\\ if you tighten the corset even more…\\
reb: my interiors will come out!!!\\
kemp: the turk must attend to the marriage of lord Augusto, the crown prince of Sachsen.\\
kemp: her majesty will be there as well.\\
kemp: it will be difficult for us to meet before that event, and an invitation for a party celebrating our victory has come…\\
kemp: be sure to not unveil the secret of the turk.\\
kuro+reb: yes!! Kempelen!!\\
box: Dresden, dukedom of Sachsen\\ detached residence of duke Friedrich Michael\\
maria: as expected from Sachsen, their famous Meissen porcelain is indeed beautiful.\\
maria: in this way we will enjoy the meal even more.\\
maria: right?\\
maria: baron kempelen?\\
kemp: it is an honour for me to have been invited in this occasion.\\
kemp: I have brought with me an escort. It would be not fit to do that considering my social standing, but this is a celebration party in my honour after all.\\
kemp: pardon me if they will share the table with you.\\
reb: I am the one in charge for the turk’s maintenance. My name is Rebecca!!\\
kuro: I am lord kempelen’s… servant (lying)\\ my name is inubuse kuromu!!\\
kuro: … ? what was that reaction…?\\
near kuro: is something strange with me?\\
reb: eastern people are a rare sight, and young eastern people even more.\\
ka: … your majesty.\\
maria: ah… well then, we will make our introductions as well…\\
maria: I am austria’s empress, maria Teresa.\\
maria: he is the prime minister, Kaunitz.\\
maria: general rawdon\\
maria: duke kobentzl.\\ I summoned him here because he had a match with the turk.\\
maria: the imperial court’s mathematicial, nagel.\\
maria: kaunitz’s aid, finance official Eysler \\
maria: the imperial court’s composer, salieri\\
kem: 10 people…? But there are 12 chairs here…\\
maria: yes… about that…\\
?: … ah, everyone is already here!\\ sorry to be late…\\
sh:I am the emperor’s personal guard, shwaltz\\
Box: shwaltz von nahat. Joseph II’s personal guard\\
Sh: I just now I was hurrying here with his majesty!!\\
Box: joseph II \ emperor of the sacred roman empire\ he is sharing the rule with his mother maria Teresa\\
Sa: those clothes again…\\
?: this will trouble her majesty once more…\\
maria: you are late again joseph, what were you doing!?\\
sh: he says he felt sick after coming here with the coach so he was resting…\\
maria: in that case you should have sent me a message! I was worried!\\
sh: he says that he didn’t want to pour cold water on such a lively party…\\
sh: eh? However you majesty…\\
maria: yes?\\
sh: he says that you suddenly called him out even if the ceremony is tomorrow, therefore he says that…\\ it is your fault…\\
maria: emperors cannot unload their faults on others…\\ and by the way, you can talk by yourself, joseph!!\\
kau: well then, let’s begin to eat.\\
ey: her majesty got so mad that she left and asked kaunitz and kempelen to go with her…\\
ey: even emperor joseph’s mood is bad…\\
ey: the infamous spices of Habsburg are working, huh…\\
reb: anton and the others did not come because we could not change horses…\\
near reb: it is great that we can eat while standing, right, kuro?\\
kuro: yeah…\\
kuro: that guy resembles kempelen in a way of another…\\
kobe: it must had it rough too, shwartz. You should not have any free time as an imperial guard…\\
sh: no, I’m enjoying myself.\\
sh: I completely devote myself to those who need me…\\
sh: that is the thing I like the most.\\
nagel: I understand This is why being an imperial servant is more difficult than solving an equation…\\
near ey: me too, by the way…\\
sa: but I understand emperor joseph’s feelings. \\ he had to share the rule with her majesty since his enthronement. So it is normal that he reacts like that toward his mother…\\
raw: but the real problem here is that emperor joseph has feelings of admiration toward Prussia! \\
raw: those clothes resemble the uniform of Prussian soldiers…\\ and lately even his political measures resembles those of the Prussians.\\
raw: someone like her majesty who hates the Prussians cannot stand that!\\
sh: you always think about her majesty, general rawdin.\\
reb: kuro, take that brioche for me!\\
raw: I cannot stand Prussians in the first place!\\ they are a newly risen nation and yet they dare to oppose to Austria…!\\
raw: furthermore they are spreading that suspicious philosophy of enlightenment that puts strange ideas in out youth’s heads.\\
raw: like hell that people in Prussia who have their heads full of earth because they eat too many potatoes* would understand something about governing a country!!\\
note: the Prussians put an effort in the cultivation of potatoes as a counter measure against famine.\\
sa: general rawdon, you are too loud…\\
?: …!?\\ you majesty!?\\
sh: … your majesty\\
sh: you don’t have to be so impatient…\\
sh: it is not like the roast beef will run away.\\
ey: he gets angry quite easily.\\
kobe: we were saved by the fact that shwartz is here…\\
reb: imperial guards are incredible.\\
reb: she is covering up for his majesty without any loose ends…\\
kuro: yes… but…\\
kuro: she was…\\
kuro: angry too…?\\
kem: … what did you…\\ just say…?\\
maria: as I said, baron kempelen…\\ it has been decided that…\\
maria: your turk will be austria’s representative in the monochrome.\\
kau: the match in Salzburg was the decisive battle to choose the representative.\\
kau: Mozart was the chess master chosen by emperor joseph.\\
kem: I see… it could have been bad if someone who likes Prussia like emperor joseph would had in his hands the real power of the monochrome…\\
kem: in that case…\\
kem: why didn’t you tell me such a thing earlier?\\
maria: you would probably refuse if I told you that…\\
maria: in the past because of the monochrome you…\\
maria: lost an important person, after all…!!!\\
side: what is the connection between kempelen and the monochrome!!?\\

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