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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Chrono Monochrome 24

Match 24: all for this moment

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Aug 9, 2014 10:12 | Go to Chrono Monochrome

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Match 24: all for this moment\\
Maria: because you have lost an important person to you…\\ in the previous monochrome…\\
side: finally the turk became the monochrome representative. But it was a bitter decision for the empress…\\
maria: I am really sorry…!\\
maria: you lost that boy during the monochrome,\\ it must still feel painful for you…\\
kem: you majesty!!\\
maria: … but even considering that,\\
maria: I still desire the power of your turk.\\
maria: the state of affairs is once again unstable… I don’t know when we will sink into war again.\\
maria: every time a new monochrome is started, we need a superior chess master in order to cope with it.\\
maria: furthermore I am sure that you sympathize with my will…\\
maria: to reduce war the most as possible and finally make this world peaceful…!\\
maria: kaunitz!\\
maria: these are the monochrome contract seals.\\
maria: I think you already know about this after I gave these seals to that boy, but…\\
maria: these pieces with the seals are given to the one who will participate in the monochrome.\\
maria: the black belongs to the ruler,\\
maria: and the white belongs to the chess master.\\
maria: their design says that…\\
maria: “the king and the chess master represent two faces of the same coin”.\\
maria: the both have to go through pressure and failures…\\ they both are in danger to be assassinated by the emissaries of other countries…\\
maria: these pieces are the proof of mutual respect between two people who have to wield the same sword because they are risking their life while burdened with the responsibility of their country\\
maria: you can say that…\\
maria: this the dopper schewert (equal treasured sword) that the king gives to his chess master*!!\\
TLN: “chess master” in Japanese is written “kishi”. The same reading but with different kanji means “knight”. So basically the author is trying to give a second meaning to this scene, the meaning of a king choosing his champion who will represent him. Therefore in the whole manga you can consider the chess masters as knights who fight for their kings.\\
Maria: baron Wolfgang von kempelen.\\
Maria: this is an order in the name of Maria Teresa the empress of the of the sacred Austrian roman empire.\\
maria: let us make the turk fight in the monochrome…\\
maria: for the sake of this country!!\\
kem: ahahahahahahaha\\hahahahah\\
maria: baron kempelen…!?\\
kem: ah, sorry…\\
kem: you majesty…\\
kem: why do you think that I have created the turk?\\
maria: eh?\\
maria: why do you ask… you caused a quarrel about Pertier and in order to atone for that…\\
kem: then why did I choose chess as the main theme?\\
kem: that’s right…\\
kem: I have created the turk for this very moment!!!\\
kem: in order to be chosen as a representative…\\
kem: and take part to the monochrome!!\\
kem: I’m not good enough with chess to be chosen as a representative,\\ so I will use my invention instead.\\
kem: for that aim I invested my money in the union,\\ gathered the materials…\\
kem: and aimed for the chance that the post for the chess master was empty.\\
kem: then I have charmed your eyes…\\
kem: by using the most suitable stage.\\
maria: could it be that the uproar about Pertier with Combenzl was…!\\
kem: their way to be so sincere about their feelings is quite refreshing.\\
maria: … did he lead us all the way to here…!?\\ impossible…\\
kem: oh my… you seem to be dissatisfied? You lied to me as well after all…\\
kem: the only thing I cannot pardon to other people is narrow-mindedness.\\
kau: baron kempelen! Are you making fun of her majesty!?\\
kau: your majesty, you don’t have to hear the words of such a person…\\
kem: oh my… does that mean that you have another option?\\
kem: you have chosen the turk because you don’t have any other chess master on which rely on, right?\\
kau: guh…\\
kem: furthermore you cannot take back the sword after you have given it to me…\\
kem: do not worry…\\
kem: I will put my life on the line during the monochrome.\\
maria: … do you want revenge?\\
maria: that’s an empty objective…\\
kem: well then, I will take my leave…\\
maria: I thought that he was a loyal subject…\\
kau: your majesty!!\\
maria: but I…\\
maria: could have given a sword in the hands of a demon…!!\\
people: hurrah for Austria…!!\\
people: hurrah for Sachsen …!!\\
maria: congratulations, Augusto.\\
?; however, this was another sudden marriage…\\
??: the rumour say that Lord Augusto had another fiancée…\\
?: the mother of the bride is from Anhalt… and she also disagreed about the Moldavian quarantine…\\ this is like the bride is an hostage…\\sfx: shiii\\
maria: I have to thank you for you presence, archbishop…\\ I would be happy to marry one of my daughters in Sachsen one day.\\
bi: congratulation for the turk.\\
bi: we will have a reception for the wedding later, right?\\ I have a few years left, so I would really like to see another wedding before I die.\\
near be: I should go to rest soon…\\
maria: oh my, you are still in good health.\\
maria: … can I ask you something?\\
bi: what is it?\\
maria: that prediction from a fortune teller you told me before…\\
maria: was it really true?\\
bi: “today you will meet someone who will change history”…\\ huh…\\
maria: yes…\\
bi: it was right.\\
bi: God’s will is absolute.\\
bi: therefore…\\ whenever it was right or wrong…\\
bi: we don’t have any other choice than entrust ourselves to god…\\
bi: that’s why humans are sinful,\\ Therese*\\
TLN: it is a confidential way to say the name Teresa.\\
Maria: the sins of men…\\
Maria: my sin… I don’t want to repeat that tragedy once again…\\
Maria: it’s alright…\ to make the turk into our representative was the right choice.\\
Maria: it is an automata, so no matter what will happen…\\
maria: no one will die…!!\\
kem: they have decided the next stop of our tour. It will be like a walk in the park in comparison to what we have done until now.\\ once the side attraction of the wedding will be finished we will depart.\\
kuro: understood!!\
kuro: ah, that’s right.\\ Mozart told me something…\\
kuro: what is this monochrome?\\
kuro: he said that I would be the representative, so is it some kind of tournament?\\
kuro: could it be that I have participate as the turk?\\
kem: in the past, when I was going to dismantle the turk you said…\\ that you wanted to fight and you stopped me, right…?\\
kuro: yes…\\
kem: in that case you just have to fight, and have fun.\\
kuro: …? Ok…\\
?: the secret is… inside of the box.\\
box: with everyone having different expectations in their hearts…\\
box: a new battle begins…!!\\
side: a new arc begins in the next issue!!\\

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