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Translations: One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128 , Gintama 565 by kewl0210

Chrono Monochrome 25

Match 25: café de la regence

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Aug 10, 2014 09:39 | Go to Chrono Monochrome

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Match 25: café de la regence \\
box: kingdom of france, Paris\\
box: a great metropolis of the world counting a population of 650000* habitants\\
TLN: we are in the 1770\\
Box: fashion, art and philosophy, all the aspects of civilization here are at their utmost limit\\
Box: this city gives birth to numerous fashions and never sleeps under the light of the lanterns…\\
side: big cities are… quite frightening.\\
box: it was called the Ville Lumière, object of great admiration.\\
reb: … well it wasn’t written in guidebook…\\
an: that you cannot make your stomach full with fashion~~\\
reb: if they don’t have bread, maybe they could give us some cakes at least…\\
kuro: I have heard that same sentence somewhere before…\\
near an: I told you to not play with trash\\
kuro: we didn’t eat anything since this morning…\\
kuro: where did you go, kempelen…\\he also took all our belongings and the purse…\\
box: this morning\\
reb: this is paris!! The real one~~~!!\\
reb: the watches in that shop are incredible!\\ in that shop too!!\\
reb: I want to go to Berthoud* workshop~~!!\\
TLN: a watch craftsman famous at that time in paris. Well known for being the author of “Essai sur l'horlogerie”\\
An: incredible! There are shops floating on the water!!\\
Kem: you seem to be overly quiet about this.\\
Muro: I visited this city before, during the Jr. world chess championship.\\
Kem: world?\\
Kem: so even the future you were such a superior chess master?\\
Kuro: eh? More or less…\\ but there were a lot of people stronger than me.\\
Kuro: the grand masters… and the world champions, they are on a totally different level in comparison to the other people.\\
Kuro: well then, let’s go, kempe…\\
kem: I have remembered that I have some business.\\
kem: I will think later what to do about you.\\
kem: see you\\
kuro: eh?\\
kuro: eeeeh?\\
kuro: eeeeeeeeeeeh!!?\\
near reb: eh? What happened?\\
kuro: he threw us away…\\
reb: he tricked you, kuro.\\
reb: kuro?\\
kuro: I can hear it…\\
reb: eh?\\
reb: hey!? What’s wrong!?\\
reb: wait kuro!!\\
kuro: it’s coming from here…!\\
reb: geez, what’s happening all of the sudden!\\ what is in here…?\\
kuro: I knew that it was the sound of pieces on the chessboard…!\\
an: is this… some kind of café…?\\
reb: yes… but…\\
reb: everyone is playing chess…\\
reb: they are all tense, so it doesn’t have the atmosphere of a café at all…\\
reb: h-hey let’s go outside!\\ we don’t have any money…\\
near reb: we will play chess later!\\
kuro: eeeh~~~?\\
?: hum…?\\ aren’t you that midget I met at that time…!?\\
kuro: …!\\ you are…\\
kuro: leo!?\\ why are you here…\\
leo: that’s my line! It is an incredible coincidence!\\
leo: I am part-timer here!\\ they said that I could study abroad because my grades at school are really good… I’m studying languages, you know?\\
leo: this is all thanks to you!\\
leo: you made me worry when you disappeared all of the sudden! I thought that they kidnapped you…\\
reb: is he someone kuro knows…?\\
an: we are safe!\\
leo: I see…\\ you were kidnapped for real… and you are once again broke…\\
near leo: and now there are 4 of you…\\
below: leo’s treat\\
leo: you name is…\\
near leo: that’s right, I never heard your name\\
kuro: kuromu. You can call me kuro.\\
kuro: you know, I would like to ask you something…\\
leo: you better stop.\\
leo: you intend to earn money with chess like you did the other time, right?\\
leo: from that time I became interested in chess and I have learnt it,\\
leo: that’s why I know… this place is totally different from that time.\\
leo: because this place is…\\
leo: the café de la regence*\\
TLN: a café that opened in 1688. It was a golden landmark among the café in paris.\\
Leo: this is the peak of all the game café in the world!!!\\
Leo: originally in this place politicians, scholars and musicians gathered,\\ and they started to play chess, their level was so high that…\\
Leo: before long they began to search for the strongest opponent and the ultimate technique,\\
Leo: and the strongest chess masters from the world gathered here.\\
leo: you can say that they perform a world championship every day here.\\
leo: if you lose you have to pay money,\\ I don’t want to say a bad thing to you, but…\\
kuro: excuse me…\\
kuro: would play a game of chess with me by putting money at stake?\\
leo: that idiot… he didn’t hear a word I said…\\
leo: Mirabeau!!\\ even in paris he is famous for his lascivious life!\\
mira: aaah~~?\\
mira: who the hell are you?\\
box: Count Honoré Mirabeau\ second son of the marquis family mirabeau\ in the future he will be one of the leading figures of the revolution\\
leo: hey kuro! He is one of the top class even here…\\
kuro: yeah…\\
kuro: I could understand it by just looking at the chess board.\\
kuro: that’s why…\\
kuro: would you lend me an hand!!\\
leo: … ok, like I care!\\ we will do it just like before, right…?\\
kuro: yeah!\\
?: hey what’s happening?\\
??: a kid asked Mirabeau for a match.\\
mira: you have quite gusts for being just a puppy.\\
mira: this is interesting.\\
mira: I will give you the white.\\
reb: kuro…!\\
kuro: it is like that time I played in the world championship…\\
kuro: the glares that are falling on me are not those of people just watching or just cheering…\\
kuro: those are the glares of beasts going on the battlefield…\\
leo: what? The atmosphere…\\
leo: from kuro…?\\
leo: was he always like this…?\\
kuro: let’s go leo!!\\ e4!!\\
reb: kuro…!?\\
box: a week later\\
?: ah you know? I heard that at the Regence…\\
??: a really strong chess master has appeared!\\ furthermore…\\
??: they say that he is just a kid!!\\
side: kuromu is making all of paris excited!?\\

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