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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Chrono Monochrome 26

match 26: the strongest chess master

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Aug 16, 2014 09:40 | Go to Chrono Monochrome

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match 26: the strongest chess master\\
side: café de la regence. The principal attraction in this café where you can play chess is…\\
leo: sorry guests!\\ we are full right now…\\
?: leo! Bring 3 milk coffees at table 18!\\
leo: yes!\\
?: they are quite popular.\\
??: there is a boy strong at playing chess,\\ there are a lot of guests because they want to witness his matches.\\
?: could he be the rumoured…?\\
??: yes…\\
kuro: Rd1…\\
??: the new star of the regence..\\ inubuse kuromu!!\\
kuro: check mate!!!\\
leo: ooh…\\
an: ooooooooooh!!\\
both: oooooh~~~!!\\
?: Mirabeau lost again, huh?\\
mira: shut up!!\\
leo: the café is really popular thanks to kuro!\\ I’m sorry that I had to suddenly ask you for help.\\
an: don’t worry, I like to make my body move.\\
leo: and Rebecca became quite accustomed to be kuro’s substitute to move the pieces…\\ she has good sense\\
an: everyone approaches her because they want to teach her chess…\\
leo: well, this is a café you know, there are only men here*…\\
TLN: in the 18th century the cafés and the coffee houses were places where only men went to.\\
Above: Rebecca-chan~~~\\ Rebecca-chan~~~\\
Leo: do you want to learn too, anton? You will be able to play with Rebecca.\\
An: I-I don’t care!! I’m not good at using my head anyway!!\\
Leo: he is so simple to understand…\\
Leo: in any case I can learn a lot from kuro’s chess,\\
Leo: especially the strategies he uses when playing with the black.\\
Neat an: ouch! Stop!\\
Leo: he will not lose even if he plays with the black!\\
An: is that such an incredible thing?\\
leo: the black plays for second, so it has an disadvantage no matter how you look at it.\\
leo: but kuro has a technique that enables him to obtain a draw in any case,\\ look, even now…\\
leo: there are several types of draws,\\ but for example…\\
leo: the white has one rook and more pieces, therefore the black has an disadvantage.\\
leo: if things continue like this the black will lose,\ but…\\
leo: there is one move to avoid to lose!\\ that is…\\
leo: to check the enemy’s king!!\\
on the board{
above: the black queen moves\\
below: and checks the king\\
leo: the are two ways for the white to escape this situation.\\
leo: he can make the king run away or take the enemy’s queen…\\
board: left: attack\right: check\\
an: …?\\ I don’t understand well this kind of stuff, but…\\
an: if the king runs away, the white queen will be taken…\\
board: the black queen can capture the white queen!!\\
leo: yes! That’s why the white queen has no other choice than capturing the black queen.\\
leo: but if she does that, a strange situation is created…\\ do you understand?\\
an: eh~~~~?\\ … hum…\\
an: the black piece doesn’t have any spot where to move…?\\
leo: yes!\\ the last remaining piece is the king, but…\\
board: the black king’s movement range (marked with an x) are all inside the attacking range of the white rook and the white queen\\
leo: it cannot move because it will be checked no matter where it goes!\\
leo: this situation is the so called stalemate!!\\
leo: it is a brilliant move to change a lose into a draw!!\\
leo: anton is really bad at using his head after all…\\
leo: well, the gist is that…\\
leo: you can obtain a draw even if you are in overwhelming inferiority!\\
leo: there is even a theory that says that it is a rule created in the past so that influential persons would save their faces during a match.\\
leo: so that they would intentionally have the chance to “turn things around with a draw” instead of giving up!!\\
leo: this is another great charm that chess has!!\\
an: wow…\\
leo: the turk was built so that it would always play with the white,\\ it always won, so I didn’t know such a thing…\\
leo: now that I have learnt chess, I can finally understand how incredible kuro is.\\
leo: he has a polished technique that is always a step ahead…\\ in some way…\\
leo: his paly stile resembles that of that person…\\
kuro: stalemate!\\ next!!\\
reb: kuro… if you don’t feel well then…\\
kuro: don’t worry, I’m ok.\\
reb: even if he doesn’t want to sit, it is clear that he is slowly getting tired…\\
reb: we can stop at any moment and yet, why does he obstinately refuse…?\\
reb: and also considering the turk, this situation is not good for kuro…\\
reb: what are kempelen’s intentions…!?\\
kem: a bait.\\
kem: you need a bait to gather customers,\\ what should I sell you in order to increase your customers?\\
? eeeh~~? That’s impossible, dear guest.\\
?: the regence now has a really strong chess master kid.\\
?: such a fading underground café like ours cannot compete.\\
kem: it is not necessarily like that,\\
kem: you cannot have predators if you don’t have a bait.\\
kem: dogs search for meat,\\ cats for fish…\\
kem: kids for sweets,\\ old men for youth.\\
kem: and the strongest chess masters,\\
kem: search for an even stronger chess master.\\
?: could it be that you are talking about the strongest chess master of the regence?\\ impossible, he doesn’t show himself lately.\\
kem: I wonder about that.\\
kem: the rumours reached all the way here,\\
kem: if the strength of that kid is real, then he could take bite at it.\\
kem: or rather…\\
kem: I have set the bait to pull him in!!\\
kuro: next!!\\
kuro: next!!\\
?: he is such an incredible child…!\\
??: I head the rumours, but I didn’t think he was so strong…\\
???: almost all the strong people he has challenged in the last week have suffered a total defeat…\\
????: impossible… the chess masters of the regence…\\
????: the pride of the france… no, of the entire world…\\
????: kneeled in front of a single kid!!!\\
?: the strongest in regence is…\\
?: ... what?\\ has something happened at the entrance…?\\
leo: long time no see…!\\ champion of the regence, no…\\
leo: of the world…\\
leo: Francois-André Danican Philidor!!!\\
phil: are you the rumoured kuromu?\\
phil: I am philidor…\\
phil :what about playing a match with me?\\
kuro: … sure.\\
kuro: I wanted to meet you after all.\\
side: the match between the strongest in the next issue!!!\\

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