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Chrono Monochrome 27

Match 27: Versus philidor

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Aug 17, 2014 10:09 | Go to Chrono Monochrome

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Match 27: Versus philidor\\
kuro: I wanted to meet you after all.\\
reb: eh…?\\
reb: kuro…\\ why do you know this person…?\\
kuro: after coming here at the regence I remembered, when I was a kid…\\
kuro: prepare yourself!\\ chess monster!\\
kuro: black sword activate! You will fall by kuromu’s sword*!\\
tln: kuro means black in japanese, so there is a double meaning here.\\
near the guy: where did you get that wrap…?\\
?: come one, stop, kuro!\\
kuro: the new technique I saw yesterday on the TV was incredible!\\
kuro: I want to become an hero too!!\\
kuro: that’s why you have to buy me the real black sword!\\ otherwise I will not stop my attacks!\\
?: that’s how a villain would behave, kuro…\\ and by the way didn’t you want to become the king of chess?\\
kuro: a king can become an hero too, so it’s fine!\\
near kuro: so buy me that sword!\\
?: I see… let’s do this then.\\
kuro: what is this?\\
?: a book that will make you into an hero.\\
kuro: this is just a book about chess!! You liar!\\
?: it is not like that, the one who wrote it, philidor, was an hero of the chess world.\\
?: look,\\ he was a chess master of the 18th century, but even now some strategies have his name.\\
?: it is a really incredible thing, you know?\\
?: and it happened because in the last few hundred years no one was able to surpass his strength.\\ and in that book there are the secret of the strength of that hero…\\
?: I think that even by just looking at the illustrations…\\
?: you will be closer to become a chess hero.\\
kuro: in that book there was written about the regence as well.\\ considering how close we were from this café when kempelen left us behind, maybe he…\\
kuro: maybe we should try to see…\\
kuro: who is stronger between me (a chess master from the future)…\\
kuro: and the strongest chess master of the 18th century…!!\\
kuro: this is like a dream…\\ the hero of the chess world is in front of me…!!\\
phi: it seems that you took good care of my comrades of the regence…\\
phi: I heard the rumours about you.\\
phi: to think that such a puppy would lay waste on our battlefield…\\
phi: tres bien!!\\
phi: who is kid!\\ he is incredible! Fabulously incredible!\\
phi: you are so strong and cute, that is against the law!\\
kuro: shiiiiiiiii\\
phi: here take some sweets,\\ what do you prefer between nougat and chocolate?\\
kuro: buaaah… well…\\
phi: what does this bunny mademoiselle prefer? I will give them to the other kids as well~~~!\\
?: he is here, I never saw someone who likes kids like him…\\
mira: he behaves just like he is their mother or something…\\
mira: try to understand your place here a little philidor.\\
mira: the chess masters of the regence were all defeated by that kid, our dignity went to the hell…\\
phi: what is it? Could it be that you are sulking, Mirabeau?\\
phi: I remember that when you were a kid you would always cry every time you lost.\\
phi: every time you won a match against me because I was playing with an handicap, I gave you some chocolate,\\ it was so valuable for you that you put it in your pocket, it would melt and you would cry anyway.\\
near phil: ahahahah you were so cute then\\
mira: you should be conscious of your position here!!!\\
reb: he looks like a really sociable guy…\\
near reb: he doesn’t look like a champion…\\
kuro: yeah…\\
phi: well then!\\ I have replenished your sugars, so let’s have a match!!\\
phi: it is quite strange that you cannot seat in front of people,\\ I guess it was really difficult for you standing for all of this time.\\
kuro: y-yes…\\
kuro: I feel a little off…\\ I was together with kempelen until now after all (you shitty dog!)\\
phi: I will concede a pawn as an handicap, ok?\\ and you will also play with the white.\\
kuro: y-yes!\\
?: just one pawn of handicap against the world champion?\\
??: you cannot consider this a real match.\\
mira: you should give up as soon as possible! You will not be able to win no matter how many times you ask him to redo your moves!\\
an: they are all exaggerating a little…\\
leo: no…\\
leo: that person is on another level,\\ I have witnessed some of his matches before, but they all ended in just the blink of an eye…\\
leo: everyone has also read the instruction manual known as “philidor’s analysis”, but…\\
leo: we were unable to understand his explanations.\\
leo: by looking at that man’s chess you will understand…\\
leo: that he is on a totally different dimension…!!\\
phil: well then…\\
phil: let’s begin the match!!\\
box: kuro & Rebecca Vs Philidor\\
kuro: my opponent is the world champion…\\
kuro: I wonder what I can do with my moves against him…\\
kuro: this is interesting…\\
reb: kuro, again…!\\
phil: …\\ this kid…\\
kuro: at the third hand he goes in e6…\\
kuro: what philidor is using is…\\
kuro: the france defence!!\\
kuro: it is a standard move where you rely the hardness of the pawn formation to attack from the two sides!\\
kuro: he is aiming for a counter,\\
kuro: in that case it is time to scare you.\\
kuro: shirov-anand variation!!!\\
kuro: it is a strategy that continues to be active even among the contemporary chess players, it was devised by shirov and anand!\\
board: you withdraw the knight that you put forward in order to prevent the black’s attack.\\
kuro: you predict the black’s attack and make the knight temporally retreat…!\\
kuro: you reinforce the pawn’s defence, and prepare a formation ready to catch anything!!\\
kuro: C3!!\\
kuro: so what will you do now? you cannot do anything anymore…\\
phil: excuse me…\\
phil: could we start once again from the beginning?\\
phil: and without handicap this time!!\\
mira: …!? Philidor is the one asking for starting from the beginning…!?\\ what the hell is he doing…?\\
?: more importantly he will not give any handicap this time…!\\
?: did he acknowledge that kid’s strength after just a few moves…!?\\
phil: I don’t mind if you want to make it count as my defeat by default,\\
phil: I just want to start once again from the beginning against you…\\
sfx: gacha\\
phil: thanks.\\
phil: you make the pawn in C3 support the centre and make things unfold from the king’s side…\\
phil: this is not just a case, it is really interesting…\\
phil: but this is a strange strategy,\\
phil: this kind of chess should not exist…\\
phil: kuromu.\\
phil: I’m in wonder, this is the first time I meet someone like you.\\
phil: someone who understood my theories.\\
phil: but the things that surprises me the most is,\\ why do you…\\
phil: know the future of my own moves?\\
phil: … you will not answer, huh?\\ it’s fine, in that case…\\
phil: we will play until your chess will give me the right answer!!!\\
leo: … just stop.\\
leo: it’s late, we have to close the café.\\
leo: a defeat is a defeat.\\
side: the first defeat… what in the world happened!?\\

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