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Chrono Monochrome 28

Match 28: at philidor’s mansion

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Aug 19, 2014 15:43 | Go to Chrono Monochrome

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Match 28: at philidor’s mansion\\
Side: he was defeated by the strongest chess master of the 18th century…\\
Box: one week later\\
Sfx: gyun\\
Reb: are you really going?\\
Kuro: yes.\\ kempelen is not coming back either. This could be the best course of actions.\\
Kuro: it is fine for you to wait for me here at the regence together with anton and the others, right Rebecca?\\
Over leo: go anton!!\\
Reb: forget it! What will you do if he will discover your secret!?\\ once you get involved with chess you forgot about everything else!\\
reb: and things will become even worse for us if they discover your secret and kempelen gets in troubles!\\
reb: in any case I will come with you!\\
kuro: ok… in that case let’s go together to meet…\\
kuro: philidor!!\\
inserted: once again in front of the champion!!\\
kuro: according to Mirabeau this is the right address, but…\\
reb: such a big house… his primary occupation should be that of a musician.\\
kuro: I wonder if one day Mozart will live in an house just like this one.\\
kuro: … I-\\
kuro: I lost…\\
?: so it impossible after all~~\\
??: yeah, that should be expected.\\
kuro: it is my total defeat…\\
kuro: I was not a match to him even by using strategies that come from the future…\\
kuro: so this is the real strength of the chess master which name still echoes even after hundreds of years…\\
kuro: philidor’s real strength…!!\\
phil: it was quite interesting. I never thought that I could see my same moves coming from the future…\\
phil: but, it seems that you weren’t the one who created such strategies after all.\\
phil: you are still too inexperienced after all.\\
?: what is he talking about?\\
??: who knows…\\
phil: and as proof of that, you let run away your chance to end the match into a stalemate.\\
kuro: eh…\\
phil: … you don’t understand eh?\\ well, you are still young after all…\\
phil: I’m looking forward to your progresses.\\
reb: after that he spent all of his time looking for the stalemate…\\
reb: if you are so troubled…\\
reb: shouldn’t it be faster to ask philidor directly?\\
reb: I saw him having such an hard time that I said those words without thinking, but\\ maybe I was too careless, considering the turk’s secret…\\
kuro: he is not answering, could it be that he is out?\\
reb: he should have some servants in such a big house, but…\\
voice: gyaaaaaaah\\
kuro: that sounded like mr philidor’s voice…!\\
kuro: !\\ it’s open!!\\
reb: kyah…\\
reb: a duck!?\\
reb: why is a duck here…?\\
?: pon~~~~…\\
?: you cannot escape anymore…\\
?: prepare yourself!\\
kuro: eh!?\\ wait…\\
kuro: gyaaaah\\
phil: ah~~~\\ sorry about that!\\
phil: I was going to have a bath and I wanted to wash my pet as well but it went out of control and~~~\\
phil: and then when I thought that I had caught it, I found that it was you kuromu.\\ I was so surprised~~~\\
kuro: that’s a stone statue, mr philidor…\\
reb: it’s name is pon, right?\\ it’s so cute~~<3\\
near phil: where are my glasses\\
phil: right? but it seems to not like me very much…\\
kuro: anyway it is incredible…\\
kuro: to think that we are inside of an house…!\\
phil: this is a greenhouse. It is really popular in England right now.\\
phil: it filled with things related with my work, and everyone here are friends who heal my soul and body!\\
kuro: you are bleeding, you know…\\
reb: more importantly kuro, don’t forget the reason that brought you here!\\
phil: eh?\\
kuro: hum…\\
kuro: I would like to become you apprentice!!!\\
reb: hey…\\
reb: what are you saying without consulting with me first…?\\ you came here to have an answer for that match, right!?\\
kuro: there is no meaning in just having a simple answer.\\
kuro: that was not a simple defeat.\\
kuro: mr philidor.\\ I cannot tell you the reason, but I know many more strategies than you do.\\
kuro: I won until now by using those strategies.\\
kuro: and because I was concerned with the results, I ended up with depending on those strategies…\\
kuro: I want to acquire some real strength…!\\ just like you showed me in the regence…\\
kuro: please accept me as you disciple…!!\\
phil: yeah sure!!\\
kuro: so easy!!\\
reb: he understood quite quickly!!\\
phil: I also had some disciples in the past…\\ furthermore I really like to raise people.\\
phil: heheh…\\ no matter if they are people, animals or plants…\\
phil: I find raising them really interesting.\\
phil: and the same goes for chess.\\
phil: I wonder what kind of future I will see…\\
phil: by raising the world that makes this little piece spin…\\
phil: but you know…\\ to be honest I don’t feel like doing it~~~\\
phil: you also know more things than me…\\ will I really be able to teach you~~~?\\
reb: do you really wanted to be taught by this person, kuro?\\
pon: qua\\
pon: qua qua\\
pon: qua\\
phil: I see… in that case…\\
sfx: shuru\\
both: … eh?\\
phil: I will make both of you into my disciples!!\\
phil: your assignment is just one…\\ you have to play matches against me everyday.\\
phil: however…\\
phil: one will play a move and the next one will be played by the other!!!\\
phil: try to win against me in such a manner.\\
both: eeeeeeeh!?\\
pon: qua?\\
side: the training consists in an unexpected team battle!?\\

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