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Chrono Monochrome 30

Match 30: fragment of memories

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Aug 23, 2014 11:09 | Go to Chrono Monochrome

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Match 30: fragment of memories\\
side: what is the destiny of kuro and Rebecca who were captured by philidor!?\\
an: a letter for me from philidor!?\\
leo: it says that it is addressed to the people who were together with kuro. What is written in there?\\
an: I cannot read…\\
leo: ah, this is french. Let me see…\\
near leo: and here I thought that something important happened\\
leo: well…\\ “because of a certain development, I will train those two in chess”\\
leo: “the time they will spend here depends on kuromu!\\ give my regards to your papa”…?\\
leo: … papa?\\
leo: maybe he means your master?\\
reb: we will cover the fact that we work for kempelen in order to hide the turk’s secret!\\ we will be careful in deceiving philidor!\\
near: reb: we are going!\\
an: … she said that, but this is…\\
an: and by the way, I’m sure that they became his disciple because of that guy’s selfishness!\\ he even involved Rebecca in all of this…\\
an: is chess really so entertaining…?\\
an: dammit! I don’t understand even if I think about it!\\
an: let’s only think about working!!\\
box: a few days later, philidor’s mansion\\
inserted: they became defeats collectors…\\
phil: a total of 50 defeats~~~!!\\
reb: shut the hell up!!\\
kuro: he left here food for us today as well… (good night)\\
reb: don’t let him fool you by this trifle things!\\ I will open these chains in a way of another!!\\
kuro: but how will we be able to complete this task…?\\
kuro: I have the feeling that it will be impossible, as things stand now…\\
reb: hey kuro, isn’t there a trick to win at chess?\\
near reb: ah, you are lost in thoughts again….\\
kuro: eh?\\
reb: in this way I will get old before being able to marry kempelen!\\ we don’t have any other choice than winning a fair match!!\\
1: she tried to break the chain\\
2: she tried to break the pole\\
3: she tried to beat philidor\\
kuro: Rebecca, you tried several things every single day…\\
kuro: well… from time to time you can use tricks, but…\\
kuro: in truth, the process of analysing the chessboard doesn’t consists in exhaustive calculations, but rather in the recognition of certain patterns…\\ I think that the key is flexibility, in order to find the most efficient way to reach the enemy’s king and create in the beginning a strategy that aims in capturing the important pieces.\\ for example, the attacks made by the queen and the bishop toward square h7 is known as table attack and…\\
reb: hey\\ wa-\\
reb: barrow style worm drive regulator!!\\
kuro: … what!?\\
reb: well… I thought that I had to say something smart…\\
reb: anyway, I will never understand such a specialist explanation.\\ make it simpler…\\
reb: can’t you draw pictures like kempelen does?\\
near reb: this is why genius are…!\\
reb: bring me a instruction book!!!\\
reb: … so basically!\\
side: philidor’s monocle\\
reb: about the moves of these two guys first!\\
near kuro: these two guys…?\\
kuro: yeah…\\
reb: the bishop and the knight are suitable for raids!\\
box: an example on how moving the knight and the bishop\\
left box: wrong way\\
right box: good way\\
right ex: if you move the bishop in that position the pawn in the front will get in the way, and the bishop will get in the way of the pawn in the rear.\\
left ex: if you move the bishop in one of those three positions, then it is a good move.\\
reb: they look like two pieces that display their power if deployed in the centre!\\
reb: and the knight is particularly annoying because it can fly…\\
reb: so it is an opponent that should be defeated as soon as possible!\\
reb: the bishop is also fast, so it should be easy to defeat as well.\\
kuro: I feel pain in the chest even if these are simple graffiti.\\
reb: once the bishop and the knight has been deployed, there is…\\
reb: “the castling”!!\\
reb: if you use this move you can move both the king and the rook in a single turn!\\
box: how to do the castling\\
right: the casting from the king’s side\\left: the casting from the queen’s side\\
ex: in just one turn you can swap the king and the rook \\
reb: but it is limited by some activation rules…\\
1: there must not be any pieces between the king and the rook\\
2: the rook with which the king does the casting must not have moved\\
3: the king must not be in check when performing the casting\\
4: the square where the king is moving must not be in the range of attack of an enemy’s piece\\
reb: these should be the merits of the castling, right?\\
above: a team of three people protects the king\\
king: I’m going on the margin that is a safe place!!\\
rook: I’m going to the centre where is easier to attack!!\\
kuro: incredible! You are incredible Rebecca!!\\
reb: (hohohoh…) I’m not a mechanic just for show, I’m good at drawing pictures…\\ furthermore, I know that beginners must be very careful of the queen and the bishop’s diagonal movements because they could lost track of them easily!\\
reb: … hey\\
reb: why even philidor is here!!?\\
phil: (ahahah) well you know, pon ran away…\\
phil: you are better in explaining things than me, you know?\\ maybe I should become your disciple…\\
reb: you…\\
reb: if you would give me a proper training I would not have to do all of this stuff!!\\ and remove these chains, you pervert~~~~!!\\
phil: ahahahahah good night~~!!\\
kuro: she is fighting even inside of her dreams…\\
kuro: in any case her explanations were really easy to understand…\\
kuro: I have played chess since I was really little, so I never thought too much about the basis…\\
kuro: even during the chess lessons I only went through a special training and never took the normal course…\\ and when I was bored because I didn’t have an opponent to play with, I…\\
kuro: w-what the hell is this memory!?\\
kuro: why am I remembering nene’s…!? at that time my head was only full of chess, right!?\\
kuro: calm down… I was still a kid and in the past I did that only a few times…\\
near kuro: uuh.. that’s part of my black history…\\
kuro: but why am I remembering her panties…? No wait…\\
kuro: at that time I’m sure that…\\
kuro: there was someone near nene and satoru…\\
?: kuro: the trick for a certain victory is…\\
?: to look at the xxxxxxxxxx.\\
kuro: that’s right, at that time…\\
kuro: they taught me something…\\
kuro: what was the thing that they taught me…?\\
kuro: I have the feeling that…\\
kuro: I have forgot a lot of things after fighting against siross…\\
box: third day\\
kuro: dxe4\\
kuro: things are going well today!\\ both the knight and the bishop have been deployed… and the casting is complete!\\
kuro: this is the ideal formation!!\\
kuro: with this we can…\\
reb: Nc4!!\\
phil: I will take the pawn~~~\\
reb: noooooooooooo!?\\
reb: ah…!\\
reb: the enemy’s bishop from the rear!\\
reb: I made this mistake even if I told to myself that diagonal movements are dangerous…\\
bi: you are an idiot after all\\
box: her mental image of the bishop\\
reb: we were doing so well…\\ I should have played Nxe5 there…!!\\
phil: come on, calm down now…\\
phil: and don’t worry! You would have lost even if you played Nxe5!\\
reb: Nxe5, Nxh3+Kh1…\\ he is right, he would have cornered me…\\
reb: I cannot win!!!\\
reb: there is something strange with this task after all!\\ even a champion cannot win if he is dragged down by a beginner!\\
kuro: calm down Rebecca…\\
reb: open you eyes, kuro!\\ philidor could be strong at chess, but…\\
reb; at the end he is just an old man who spends all of his days playing chess with kids he has confined in here!!!\\
phil: you are right!\\
reb: did you just realized it!?\\
phil: to think that they would resemble those two so much…\\
kuro: eh?\\
phil: now that you have told me such things, I don’t have other choice to show you…\\
phil: from now on I will play with Rebecca!!\\
phil: and you will not have anything to complain if I win, right, little children?\\
side: in the next issue the new combo will be on display…!?

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