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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

Chrono Monochrome 31

Match 31: I can see it

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Aug 24, 2014 09:45 | Go to Chrono Monochrome

-> RTS Page for Chrono Monochrome 31

Match 31: I can see it\\
phil: Rebecca, you will move kuromu’s pieces.\\
kuro: philidor will alternate with Rebecca…\\
kuro: I wonder what kind of strategy will be created…\\
phil: well then…\\ let’s begin the match!!\\
box: kuromu Vs philidor & Rebecca\\
inserted: an heterogeneous combo… for an heterogeneous battle!!\\
kuro: e4!!\\
phil: it is your turn, mademoiselle.\\
reb: eh?\\ hum then…\\
reb: e5…\\
kuro: it is a defensive formation that stresses balance over the possibility to counter attack…\\
kuro: it is a board without any openings.\\
kuro: Rebecca has learnt the theory, so she is making few mistakes.\\
kuro: this is the level we have reached after so much effort.\\
kuro: but after this phase, in the middle game, we generally make a lot of mistakes…\\
kuro: what are philidor’s intentions…?\\
kuro: I want to look at…\\
kuro: his moves!!\\
kuro: cxd4!!\\
reb: exd4…!?\\
reb: dammit! I did it again…\\
reb: I forgot of the diagonal moves!!\\
ex: because she move the pawn in e5…\\
ex2: the wall that protected the two black bishops has crumbled and now their attacks are on stand by.\\
phil: It’s alright… I was looking at you, after all…\\
phil: furthermore---\\
phil: on the battlefield,\\
phil: you have to always expect the unexpected.\\
sfx: pichun\\ pichun\\ pichun\\
kuro: I wonder,\\
kuro: what’s happening here…\\
kuro: Rebecca plays as she always does.\\
kuro: she makes mistakes even by following the basis.\\
kuro: when that happened I always tried to correct the trajectory…\\
kuro: but she wouldn’t understand my plan and we ended up into a defeat…\\
kuro: and yet I cannot see any of those distortions\\
kuro: on this chessboard.\\
kuro: even if she makes a mistake and the board swells,\\
kuro: it calms down immediately.\\
kuro: the moves that I thought to be a mistake…\\
kuro: bring new breath into the play and connect…\\
kuro: it’s like water.\\ the single drops of water come together…\\
kuro: creating a river…!!\\
kuro: and a flow!!\\
reb: … kuro?\\
kuro: … ah,\\
kuro: … I give up.\\
kuro: …\\ why…\\
kuro: why are you able to play such a kind of chess?\\
phil: I will answer with a question.\\
phil: why aren’t you able to do it?\\
phil: a chess master of your level should be able to see it.\\ and yet you don’t see it…\\
phil: or rather… you avoid to look at it…\\
phil: in any case I have showed you that you can win by playing in this way.\\ what is left is that you talk together with Rebecca.\\
phil: I have great expectations for you.\\
kuro: … he asked you were you wanted to go?\\
reb: obviously he didn’t ask me directly where I wanted to go.\\ but philidor’s way of playing gave me that feeling\\
near reb: you should eat more\\
reb: … when I play with you I have the feeling that you try to pull me in your moves.\\
reb: but it is a road that I don’t know and then I make mistakes.\\
kuro: ah…\\
kuro: just like when I was playing with Mozart…\\
reb: I am afraid of mistakes, so when I am in troubles I try to capture the closet enemy’s piece.\\ in that case I can at least decrease the number of enemy’s pieces…\\
reb: when I don’t understand you objective, I try to move the least as possible in order to not get in the way.\\
kuro: … so that’s what you were thinking…\\
reb: well… the strategy would crumble if I move in a bad way!!\\
reb: but when I was playing with philidor, even if I had to play a move that put me in troubles…\\
reb: my move would be used in the following moves that would develop from mine.\\
reb: it was like he made me avoid the pebble on a road where it was easy to stumble…\\
reb: and when I noticed that, I played where he would indicate me.\\
?: you don’t have to be afraid.\\ you will not get in the way.\\
?: let’s have fun when we play.\\
?: let’s swim together.\\
phil: because I will be watching you.\\
kuro: Rebecca! Tell me more!\\
reb: hey…\\
reb: don’t touch me carelessly!\\
reb: I forgot that we are chained together… sorry kuro~~!!\\
box: kingdom of france, province of Lorraine\\ Nancy\\
sh: … it is such a terrible thunderstorm. Probably there is a rainfall now in paris.\\
sh: putting the rainy weather aside, we have to thank you for all the troubles you had to come here.\\
sh: king of austria’s strongest ally…\\
sh: Luis XV… king of france.\\
sh: and Madame du barry.\\
lui: no… we are really happy to meet emperor Joseph.\\
lui: as expected from siblings… you resemble Antoinette a lot with your beautiful face\\
box: luis XV\ king of france\ known as the “most loved king”\\
du: well… his majesty’s face is also so beautiful <3\\
du: you always make me throb <3\\
box: madame du Barry\ luis XV’s lover\ of humble birth\\
over them: you majesty\\ barry\\
sh: we would like to get to the point, so it is better if madame Barry leaves us alone.\\ this is what he is saying.\\
lui: Hapsburg are bigot as always.\\
lui: she will remain here… tell everything to her as well.\\
lui: if you took all the troubles to call me, then…\\
lui: it must be about the monochrome.\\
lui: this is…\\
sh: the record of the games played by Prussia during the last monochrome matches.\\
lui: it seems that they got quite a chess master lately…\\
sh: lately they are focusing on small countries and making a killing out of them.\\ and those small countries cannot turn them down because of their substantial military power…\\
sh: they try to defend themselves with all of their might in the monochrome…\\
lui: I heard that Anhalt’s chess master died…\\ I have to agree that what Prussia is doing lately is intolerable.\\
sh: because of that emperor Joseph has a proposal for france…\\
sh: in the next monochrome france should use its strongest player…\\
sh: philidor to crush Prussia…\\ that is what he is saying…\\
inserted: the proposal of a fierce struggle… what is there under that calm expression!?\\

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