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Translations: One Piece 885 by cnet128 , Gintama 660 (2)

Chrono Monochrome 32

Match 32: the secret agreement in the lord room

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Aug 26, 2014 16:41 | Go to Chrono Monochrome

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Match 32: the secret agreement in the lord room\\
inserted: what is happening to kuromu’s sworn enemy, Prussia, while he is growing…?\\
box: Nederland federation, Den bosch*, saint John’s Cathedral\\
note: now it belongs to Holland\\
?: who the hell is this guy!? He is using moves I have never seen one after another…\\
?: as if…\\
?: he has the strength of a demon!!!\\
fed: things from the prussia’s side are all in order…\\
fed: urbes* and the others should have laid the trap by now…\\
TLN: it should be shwaltz von nahat, Joseph’s attendant\\
fed: those gooses from the Bourbon family…\\ should eat the bait as whole…!!\\
box: france kingdom, Nancy\\
lui: make philidor crush Prussia…!?\\
lui: do you want to send him on the monochrome…?\\
sh: yes… the power of france’s representative is necessary…\\ that is what he says.\\
lui: this is interesting…\\ I hate Frederick as well. I have fought a lot against him together with the madame de Pompadour*.\\
note: luis xv former lover, she has half Prussian.\\
lui: but well… he is still an upstart without any grace.\\
lui: he is lightly using the monochrome…\\
box: one example of when a conciliation is broken\\
box over the soldiers: great country
under the soldiers: this is too troublesome, crush them!!\\
black bubble: monochrome\\
box: over the king on the left: referee country\\
above the skinny king: let’s talk for a little more, please!!\\
box near the skinny king: small country\\
text on the right: the monochrome is a settlement out of court that keeps in check the military power of great country and gives the right to speak to small countries.\\
lui: in origin the monochrome was organized so that disputes would not be born after diplomacy and mediation failed\\ in a certain sense, it was the last fortress to avoid war.\\
lui: to twist its original meaning into a method to capture small countries is terrible!\\
sh: exactly… this is the reason why we should crush them immediately.\\
lui: but, use philidor, you say? He doesn’t seem suitable for this…\\
sh: we will prepare 10 millions of livres* as compensation if we lose against Prussia.\\
note: around 100 millions of dollars\\
ba: 10 millions of livres!? You can built several castles with all of that money!!\\
lui: hey, it is not like we can prepare so much money…\\
sh: I’m sure you can.\\
sh: and in the case france loses…\\
sh: you have also to promise that you will sentence philidor to death.\\
lui: … no,\\
lui: he cannot allow such a thing after all…\\
lui: if we lose philidor then…\\
sh: well, philidor is the strongest in Europe…\\
sh: prussia’s new chess master cannot compare to him.\\
sh: the truth is that he is still undefeated in the monochrome…\\
sh: during the seven years war he repelled prussia’s chess masters one after another,\\ I have also heard that he has even beat assassins to their own game.\\
sh: furthermore not only we will get rid of a thorn in the side like Prussia…\\ but if we will make it public that you will kill him, we can increase the price for our own victory as much as we want.\\
sh: they will become dazzled by the first-rate bait, and we can give them the coup of grace once they will be desperate.\\
sh: if we win, we will ask Prussia for compensation money,\\ and we will make them weak …\\
sh: it is impossible that something goes wrong.\\
sh: originally Austria should fight, but it has been decided that our representative is an automata…\\
sh: it could have been maria teresa’s choice, but I cannot stomach to leave the fate of my country to a machine.\\
sh: therefore it is up to france…\\ I would not say that you should be austria’s substitute, but we will take care of all the necessary arrangements.\\
lui: I see…\\
sh: it is a war that you will win no matter the circumstances…\\ therefore what you put at stake does not hold any significance.\\
sh: it went well.\\ france’s finances are experiencing great difficulties because of luis’ misgovernment…\\
sh: it is inevitable that he would be attracted by the prize money…\\
sh: ah… don’t change your clothes until we are outside of france, please…\\ Prussian military clothes would look suspicious, so be patient for a little longer…\\
sh: … but I’m sure that king Frederick will praise you for this.\\
sh: they would not have agreed if they would not have met the leader of an allied country.\\
sh: even if you have an incredible chess master, you cannot do anything if you king is an idiot.\\
phil: … it changed into a storm…\\
phil: the matches we have every single day are decreasing, while the number of moves per match increase…\\
phil: it seems that they finally work well together…\\
phil: did you became able to see it…?\\
phil: kuromu…!\\
phil: it seems like a cold… maybe he caught it because of the rain.\\
reb: probably it is because he continues to play chess without using the turk.\\ he also had troubles at the regence and he began to eat less lately…\\
phil: I will move him in my bed. Would you go to buy me medicines and food suitable for sick people?\\
reb: what about the chains…?\\
phil: you are free for today.\\
phil: you would not run away in such a situation, right Rebecca?\\
kuro: then, what about that girl’s panties?\\
?: well~~~… lace I think…\\
?: and nene-chan is wearing normal panties today <3\\
near kuro: you are right!\\
nene: kuro!!\\
?: and by the way satoru has his eternal briefcase!\\
?: don’t say such equivocal things!\\ otherwise I will get angry…\\
near kuro: they are like mine, but I have the monochrome ranger ones!\\
?: angry…?\\
sato: I-I was joking!\\
nene: but, how are you able to understand what people are wearing…?\\
?: well~~~… I cannot say it with words. I would say that I understand the moment I look at people…\\
near nene: stop kuro!\\
?: maybe it is the way they walk or the ripples on their clothes… or maybe some subconscious moves they make.\\
?: girl’s underwear is particularly characteristic, therefore it is easy to understand it from the way they move.\\
sato: you notice a lot of those things, senpai.\\
?: well, maybe it is in some way connected with chess.\\
?: even if it is a board game, the ones sitting in front of you are people,\\
?: therefore the pivot for winning the game is to be aware of the others.\\
?: when you play chess, it is like diving in the bottom of a river…\\
?: when you stand on the water’s surface the ripples are like guideposts…\\
?: and the more you dive into water the more fragment of their thoughts you scoop…\\
?: remember this, kuro…\\
kuro: mom…!!\\
phil: ah… you are awake.\\
phil: are you alright?\\ … oh, your fever is still pretty high.\\
kuro: that chess style that looked like water…\\
kuro: that’s right… in the past I…\\
kuro: philidor!!\\
phil: yes?\\
kuro: could you have a match with me right now!!?\\
phil: did you become aware of something?\\
phil: but not now~~\\ making your body rest is also part of training.\\
phil: and Rebecca is out too\\
kuro: but…!\\
phil: there is no need to be impatient.\\
phil: you will become strong, I know it.\\
phil: and I will be with you until that moment…\\
phil: now dive deeper and deeper in your sleep and rest.\\
inserted: time to rest. Together with your gentle growth…\\

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