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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Chrono Monochrome 33

Match 33: Francisca

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Aug 30, 2014 10:27 | Go to Chrono Monochrome

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Match 33: Francisca\\
Side: in the 18th century kuromu is being trained by the strongest chess master of the time, philidor!\\
Box: three days later\\
Phil: ottoman bench\\ cushions.\\
Phil: and almond milk.\\
Phil: furthermore hot water!\\
Near kuro: ah, it is an hot bath just like in my time!\\
Phil: they were selling water earlier, so I brought it!\\ it is also getting colder, you can take a bath after Rebecca returns from shopping.\\
Phil: I’m really expecting great things from you in the next match.\\
Kuro: … yes!\\
Kuro: ah! She is back!\\
kuro: welcome back!\\ rebe-\\
kemp: oh my…\\ I hit something short so I thought it was a mop.\\
kuro: eh…? This voice is…\\
kemp: why are you so slow?\\ could it be that you played chess so much that you forgot the face of your master?\\
kemp: shitty dog.\\
inserted: time has passed but he didn’t change… the intrepid baron is once again on the stage!!\\
kuro: l-…\\
kuro: long time no see, kempelen…\\
reb: hum… he is our papa!\\ I dropped in at the regence and met him and after telling him about our recent circumstances, he decided to come here…\\
kuro: ah that’s right, that was what we told philidor…\\
phil: I see, your papa huh…\\
phil: so now you have the habit of making other people’s children call you papa!\\ I wonder if that’s some kind of popular thing in Vienna’s imperial palace…?\\
kem: no you are totally wrong.\\
kem: they never called me their papa, but probably they adore me like a father.\\ because I don’t have the habit of restraining them with chains while I rise them up.\\
reb: eh!? Wait… kem… I mean papa, what are you saying…?\\
kuro: eh!? Why does he know about that!?\\
phil: you avoided the regence because it was of too much troubles for you to be found by me there and listen to my preaching!\\
kemp: high pressure is bad for you.\\
phil: don’t treat me like an old man!\\
phil: masochist\\
phil: overprotective.\\
phil: bondage fanatic.\\
kemp: prison demon.\\
kemp: sideburns\\
kemp: child faced pervert!\\
kuro: those two don’t get well together…\\ Rebecca what the hell are you saying!?\\
near reb: kempelen is so dreamy when he is cold…<3\\
reb: by the way… do you know each other?\\
both: well I would not say that he is my acquaintance…\\
both: he is my idiotic disciple\\ he is my idiotic master.\\
kuro: eeeeeh!!?\\
reb: they really surprised me then…\\ I never thought that they could be master and disciple!\\
reb: don’t look, kuro!\\
kuro: I’m not looking, don’t worry…\\
reb: I’m taking a bath and yet he didn’t remove these chains!\\
kuro: yeah really…\\
kuro: I can smell soap…\\
reb: it‘s so warm~~~! It really makes you feel like a noble to take a hot bath~~~<3\\
note: at that time, the common people did not have the habit of taking baths, and when they took one they would normally go into a river, therefore they mainly took baths in cold water.\\
TLN: and by the way not even nobles were that clean. At that time perfumes were used to cover the body odour of nobles who didn’t wash themselves for days.\\
Kuro: p-p-probably they are still fighting! They said that we kids would get in the way and sent us away…\\
Reb: kempelen and philidor?\\ don’t worry! The two of them seemed to get along fine.\\
Near reb: the almond has such a good smell~~~ <3\\
kuro: what are you talking about…?\\
reb: they are all like that in my guild too\\
reb: they get along so well that they argue with each other!\\
reb: and those tools left in the greenhouse!\\ I’m sure that kempelen used them.\\
reb: philidor would not have left them there if he really hated kempelen.\\
kuro: but there is too much stuff for just one person, right?\\
reb: I sure that he also had another disciple.\\ aren’t these chains the proof?\\
reb: they met after a long time, so they feel awkward after all right?\\ we don’t have to worry, I’m sure that now…\\
reb: they are talking while playing chess.\\
phil: around a month ago I received a record of a chess game from luis xv.\\
near phil: you are so weak that it doesn’t make me even laugh\\
phil: the automata called turk…\\ you have created once again something interesting.\\
near kemp: you are the one who trained me after all, right?\\
kemp: I suppose so.\\
phil: and I also know that the turk…\\
phil: is austria’s representative for the monochrome.\\
sfx: kon.\\
phil: from that moment I expected your visit.\\ it is normal for chess masters from allied countries to play together in order to improve each other.\\
phil: putting aside the fact that is an automata, I wondered when Austria would have tried to approach me.\\
phil: but the one who appeared in front of me\\
phil: was not you or an automata, it was kuromu.\\
phil: and his moves are similar to those I have seen on that chess game record.\\
phil: a chess that is not supposed to exist in these times…\\
phil: the turk is kuromu, right?\\
phil: from the way he behaves, he doesn’t know about the monochrome, right?\\ why did you involve him in it?\\
phil: you should know very well how dangerous a battlefield is.\\
phil: furthermore kuromu resembles…\\
phil: her, the girl who trained with you…\\ in this greenhouse.\\
kemp: we arrived from Austria, I am Wolfgang von Kempelen\\ and this is a court lady of maria Teresa…\\
kemp: the representative of the monochrome for Austria,\\ Francisca.\\
phil: I received a letter from maria Teresa.\\ you are a chess master younger than I have expected.\\
near phil: ahahahah\\ you are so cute~~<3 what do you prefer, nougat or chocolate?\\
fra: I-I-I!\\
fra: will do my very best!! Take me as you disciple!!\\
phil: … is that some kind of Austrian custom?\\
kem: no… it seems to be a kind of greeting from a far country in the east…\\ she is from an emigrant mercenary family.\\
fra: I’m sorry! It is an bad habit of mine!!\\
phil: I see… but this is really troubling…\\ I have never had a disciple, and yet there is someone who wants to be taught by me~~\\
kemp: francisca!?\\
kemp: you were so nervous that you forgot to catch my breath… there are limits to idiocy.\\
fra: wolf-kun you are too mean~~~!!\\
TLN: I will add suffixes to the names when francisca talks because of her japanese heritage. I do not do the same thing with kuromu because supposedly he is not talking is Japanese (or at least he only thinks to be talking in japanese), because his words are understood by germans and French.\\
Fra: but I’m sorry wolf-kun…\\
Fra: you had to go through a lot of troubles because I became the representative…\\
Kemp: I don’t mind.\\
Kemp: I’m your fiancé, so it is normal for me to do such a thing.\\
Phil: she looks like a dunce, will she really be alright?\\
Near fra: let me fill the cups… ah!!\\
Kemp: you do not have to worry.\\ once she is in front of a chess board…\\
phil: I see…\\ she looks like an interesting kid.\\
kemp: she is…\\
kemp: too pure to stand on the battlefield…\\
phil: … why does kuromu resemble her so much?\\
phil: could it be…\\
kemp: I don’t know. He is just a boy that I have found.\\
kemp: it is only that…\\
kemp: I will tell you only this,\\
kemp: the both of us can fight only through the turk.\\
phil: in that way…\\
phil: kuromu will become the next sacrifice.\\
phil: just like francisca, who was sent to the monochrome when she was still too immature…\\
phil: and died.\\
inserted: on the mirror is reflected his own face. Mirrors connect both the past and the future, but what do his eyes see…!?\\

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