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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Chrono Monochrome 34

Board 34: chance meeting rondo

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Aug 31, 2014 10:44 | Go to Chrono Monochrome

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Board* 34: chance meeting rondo\\
TLN: I think this is more suitable than match\\
side: a dancing evening in Vienna… the guests are all peeking to…\\
box: 20 years ago\\ Austria, Schonbrunn imperial palace\\
?: congratulation for the birth of her majesty new son…\\
?: finally the Czech administration is under her rule.\\
?: Prussian are increasing their forces… that’s quite suspicious.\\
?: I don’t know that person.\\
??:well…\\ he is the son of Engelbelt of the custom house.\\
??: he was allowed to visit Schonbrunn only recently…\\
?: he shows here his face a lot, considering that he is a countryman from hungary\\ he must be desperately trying to make connection in the imperial palace in order to get a successful career.\\
?: oh my… he is so arrogant that he invites people to dance.\\
kem: Hungary is still treated like an annexed country even after they have acknowledge its autonomy…\\
kem: discrimination never changes.\\
inserted: the gear of destiny suddenly moves…\\
kem: she looks like a puppy…\\ she has a strange face. Could she be from the east…?\\
kem: no, more importantly…\\
fra: kyah!?\\
fra: ah…\\
fra: I never thought that someone would invite me to dance…\\
kem: why?\\
fra: because, as you can see, I’m clumsy…\\ and I am really bad at dancing.\\
fra: therefore… I would go back to sit and eat…\\
kem: you are so modest.\\
fra: I’m not good at lying, so I always say the truth!\\
near fra: sorry\\
kem: then what are you good at?\\
fra: nothing in particular…\\
kem: you are being modest again.\\
kem: what about singing?\\
fra: I sound like a goose.\\
kem: painting?\\
fra: a cat’s paws are more skilful than I.\\
kem: embroidery?\\
fra: my fingers are more delicate than silk.\\
kem: … let’s stop.\\
fra: eh?\\
kem: if we dance more than this there will be problems for you…\\
kem: … because I’m Hungarian.\\
fra: that’s wonderful… you have so many fabulous horses there!!\\
fra: I’d really like to go there.\\
fra: ah… talking of horses made me remember.\\
fra: it is the knight.\\
kem: pardon?\\
fra: my strong point is…\\
fra: that I like chess!!\\
jo: cobenzl! You still didn’t find a dancing partner?\\
jo: well it is impossible for you after all,\\ machinery, hydraulic power, physics, horse riding, dance, languages…\\
jo: in this year he showed talent is many different fields, he is a celebrity that rarely appears in front of you.\\
jo: it seems that even her majesty got interested in him~~~\\... hey, are you going to challenge him once again at chess?\\
con: have a match with me kempelen!\\
kem: you are better at making the pieces on the chessboard dance than dancing with a woman, right?\\
jo: he even has reached the point of talking like that with a count\\
jo: I’m too afraid to do such a thing~~\\
kem: I heard that the last count that he discovered to evade taxes was shouting out that he would have hanged Eysler himself from the prison.\\
jo: it’s only rumour.\\ speaking of which, I also heard the rumour that you got quite infatuated with francisca.\\
con: what!?\\
con: that doggy from the east!?\\
jo: they are even talking about a engagement.\\
cou: you danced with other girls even if francisca was there!!\\
near cou: you are an enemy to me… no to all the women!!\\
kem: I separate my job (social relationships) from my private life (francisca).\\
kem: also francisca is not good at dancing,\\ it troubles me when I invite her and she gets depressed.\\
jo: … he is putting an effort in it.\\
near jo: kempelen is spoiling her~~~\\
cou: francisca~~~\\
fra: ah! Thank you wolf-kun!\\
fra: you are reviewing your moves. Against how many people will you have matches today?\\
near kem: it got a little dry\\
fra: hum, against her majesty, kaunitz-sama…\\ nagel-san was quite strong!\\
kem: as expected by a mathematician. But you won anyway, right?\\
fra: yeah sure!\\
fra: her majesty organized a match against the bohmen federation is 3 days!\\
note: the modern Bohemia. Maria Theresa had a lot of difficulties with their king\\
kem: … again? I know that you like chess, but lately you are having a lot of matches with people from other countries.\\
fra: it is interesting to play against strong people~~~!\\
fra: ah! Is this your new plan!?\\ can I see it?\\
kem: eh? Yeah…\\
box: francisca is a strange girl.\\
box: she is really bad with things that generally interest women,\\
box: and yet she doesn’t fret on such a thing,\\
box: instead she has a strong passion for chess, something that appeals to men’s tastes,\\ and she is incredibly strong at it.\\
fra: this is incredible, wolf-kun, this automata, I mean!\\
kem: yeah,\\ I found the works from the other countries really interesting, so I want to try to build one myself.\\
kem: Von Kanson*’s domestic duck is particularly incredible.\\
note: an automata creator who roughly represents the automata creators of the 18th century.\\
fra: eeh!? So this is a machine!?\\ here it is written that it can eat, sing and even flap its wings!?\\
fra: it is incredible!\\
box: it is not only chess, he earnestly admires anything that moves her deeply,\\
fra: hey, can you built an automata that plays chess!?\\
fra: I’m sure that you will be able to do it!!\\
box: and she doesn’t even care about the social standing of commoners.\\
fra: wolf-kun?\\
wolf: you have… something around your mouth.\\
fra: eh!? Where…?\\
box: I want to protect her purity…\\
box: therefore…\\
maria: francisca,\\ it has been decided that you will be austria’s representative in the monochrome.\\
kem: I will be on francisca’s side…\\
kem: holding her hand…\\
phil: you are staring at your hand since a while ago…\\ did you remember the time when you trained under me?\\
kem: are you talking about the chains…?\\ I surely thought about it, but you always have that terrible way to teach things to people.\\
over them: let’s stop hitting each other…\\
phil: you also showed an incredible resistance after all.\\
phil: … well at that time our countries were still determining the details of our alliance…\\ therefore it was normal that you couldn’t trust me completely.\\
phil: but at the same time I didn’t trust you.\\
phil: because you wanted to bring back francisca before the training was completed.\\
phil: I know that the situation turn out for the worse, and that francisca was called back to your country!\\
phil: but she couldn’t fight in the monochrome as she was then!\\
phil: a few years later, I received two letters after I came back from the monochrome…\\
phil: a letter from francisca that happily announced her marriage, and\\
phil: another letter from you, arrived an half month later, that cancelled the invitation to the marriage and said that francisca died…\\
phil: speak kempelen,\\
phil: what happened then!?\\
phil: depending on your reply, I will use france’s entire power…\\
phil: to take kuromu from you!!!\\
inserted: a connection to the past. What did happen… what is the future that awaits kuromu!?\\

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