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Chrono Monochrome 35

Board 35: the flames of resentment

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Sep 4, 2014 16:22 | Go to Chrono Monochrome

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Board 35: the flames of resentment\\
side: philidor in the past has trained francisca… what happened to her?\\
phil: I like to raise things.\\
phil: and the thing I hate the most are the people who break what I have raised.\\
phil: I have enough of losing my precious disciples.\\
phil: I have the right to know how francisca passed away.\\
kemp: … after we went back to Austria, there were a series of monochromes…\\
box: 16 years ago\\ Italy basilica di San Pietro\\
inserted: a move with a country on stake!!\\
box: they were a difficult battle boards for her, because of her shallow training.\\
box: and yet she managed to continue to protect Austria,\\
box: what she saw really hurt her.\\
box: I went together with her using the fact that I had to study abroad as pretext.\\
?: congratulation for your marriage, kempelen!!\\
kem: you forcibly called me out for this…\\ I am busy, you know.\\
jo: stop saying that, we met here in Italy by mere chance, so we should get along.\\
co: they increased the number of students who go abroad.\\
near co: wanna play?\\
near kem: no thanks\\
kem: they want to raise the youth, in order to increase their national power.\\
jo: Prussia has once again increased its territories through war.\\
kem: it seems that they are on the verge of a war involving America, England and France.\\
jo: what about elisabetta (the Russian empress)? She had a lot of conversations with her majesty.\\
kem: you should study the current state of affairs. You make me laugh, considering that you are studying to become a diplomat.\\
jo: it’s so funny to teach manners to a count~~~\\
kem listen ok?\\ the origin of all of this is the Hapsburg royal succession incident.\\
kem: generally the emperor of the sacred roman empire is a man.\\ but the previous king Carl VI died with only a daughter, maria Teresa.\\
kem: then king carl changed the laws so that a woman could succeed him, and the other countries would agree.\\
co: eh…? But I’m sure that at school I have learnt that…\\
kem: exactly. After the king’s death, several countries have betrayed him and began a war.\\
kem: and the head of the countries that betrayed the king was Prussia!!!\\
TLN: here for countries you have to consider the different small german principalities that constituted the sacred roman empire, that had the right to elect the emperor. Furthermore say that Prussia betrayed the king is incorrect, as Prussia was not part of the empire. The king of prussia was part of the assembly that elected the king as Elector of Brandenburg, so it was the elector of Brandeburg, who was also the king of prussia, that bretrayed the king (who in any case wanted to force the most important noble families of the empire to elect his daughter after his death).\\
Box: a reppresentation of the austrian succession war\\
King: austria\\
Knight: hungary\\
b. king: prussia\\
b bishop: france\\
kem: after a fierce war, we were able to desperately defend the throne, but austria lost the Silesia.\\
note: at that time it was one of the most prosperous regions of the sacred roman empire.\\
kem: together with the life of a lot of low-rank retainers and normal people.\\
co: so that’s the reason why her majesty hates prussia…\\
jo: and now prussia is showing some suspicious movements together with england~~~\\
co: … there will be a war?\\
kem: her majesty is acting so that such a thing does not happen.\\
kem: and francisca is also fighting in secret.\\
kem: the alliance with france is entering in its final phases.\\
kem: france’s greatest rival, England, is siding with prussia, therefore they will become our allies for sure.\\
kem: it seems that the judge will be from russia that is collaborating with us.\\
kem: if we are able to hold our ground on the monochrome, we can avoid an all out war.\\
fra: at last we will fight against prussia to get the Silesia back.\\
fra: and if I win…\\
fra: it will not be a make-shift peace but a real one…\\
fra: I’m sure that our master is doing his best as well…\\
kem: I wonder what would have changed if she would have completed her training at that time…\\
kem: or maybe I should have brought her back to austria sooner…\\
fran: don’t worry, wolf-kun.\\
fran: I don’t want that you and the others go to war.\\
fra: if with chess I can protect everyone… and also you, wolf-kun…\\
fra: I will fight to the uttermost end!!!\\
box: she…\\
box: was too pure to stand on the battlefield…\\
box: her immature mind and body…\\
box: were eaten by resentment…\\
?: your majesty!\\ the Prussian army has invaded us…!!\\
box: francisca’s victory was not respected, and it ended up into nothing,\\
box: and then the seven years war begun.\\
box: and in order to make francisca recuperate, I married her and made her retire in a secluded place…\\
?: baron kempelen!\\
?: your villa…\\ your wife is…!!\\
kem: … the cause of the fire was arson.\\
kem: and what we found in the remains of the fire was…\\
kem: francisca’s wedding ring and…\\
kem: a burned sword that definitely was decorated with the iron cross.\\
phil: the iron cross…\\
phil: the symbol of prussian’s ancestors… the Teutonic Order!!\\
phi: … in other words francisca was assassinated…!?\\ what did maria Teresa do…?\\
kem: I made a petition to her.\\
kem: but we were in the middle of a war… so both the investigation and the trial were not satisfactory and we could not find the truth…\\
kem: … I know that sooner or later, if I continue to involve me with the monochrome, I will find the people who killed francisca.\\
kem: and then I…\\
kem: will compose my song of victory…\\
kem: with the chess that she loved so much.\\
phil: so you created the turk, and recruited kuromu…\\ you are quite selfish.\\
kem: I don’t think so.\\ so what will you do now? will you take him from me?\\
phil: I better not… francisca will cry if I have a quarrel with you.\\
phil: furthermore, now that you made me meet kuromu…\\
phil: I will probably regret leaving his training unfinished.\\
phil: that said, there is only one thing I can do as a master.\\
phil: I will polish kuromu more than francisca!!\\
kem: you are quite proactive about this.\\
phil: did you forget?\\
phil: you are one of my precious disciples as well.\\
inserted: no chapter next week\\

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