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Chrono Monochrome 36

Board 36: the proof of growth

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Sep 16, 2014 16:16 | Go to Chrono Monochrome

-> RTS Page for Chrono Monochrome 36

Guys at substitute scan will drop the series after chapter 5. Therefore if someone else is interested in this manga, he can contact me. I have the raws, and the proofed translation (credits to juubuntaitaichou like always), so the group should only clean the raws and typeset.
The most important thing is that you have interest in the series.

Board 36: the proof of growth\\
Side: they take each other’s hands as part of a team, toward the battlefield!!\\
Reb: … do you want to try to not put the bandages for today?\\
Reb: the wounds have almost vanished.\\
Kuro: because I’m not using the turk’s levers in a while…\\
Kuro: I want to ride into it as soon as possible…\\
Reb: in that case we have to do our best!\\ and kempelen is also here too…\\
Both: we will win against philidor!!\\
inserted: you need to maintenance the machine from the outside, in order to make the mechanical parts inside work!!\\
phil: … kempelen,\\ can I ask you one last thing?\\
phil: I know that considering the current state of kuromu’s body and his tenacity toward chess…\\ his only way to fight is through the turk.\\
phil: but…\\
phil: you should tell him the truth about the monochrome.\\
kem: what would I gain by telling him? He could get agitated and increase the risks he will face.\\
kem: the secret is in the box…\\
kem: and the box exists,\\
kem: so that no one knows the secret.\\
phil: … I see…\\
phil: do as you wish.\\
phil: kempelen…\\
phil: I understand really well what you are thinking…\\
phil: but I have a different plan.\\
phil: hey kuromu, what about betting something on this match?\\
kuro: eh?\\
phil: if you will win this match, then…\\
phil: I will tell you one of my secrets.\\
phil: and if I win, you will tell me one of your secrets.\\ that’s right… maybe I will ask about some of yours yet not known moves~~~\\
kuro: I see…\\
reb: it sounds interesting!\\ hey! Just a move of chess doesn’t seem a bad price, right?\\
near reb: and there is no problem in telling him\\
kuro: well… you know, I don’t have any secret that I would like to ask him after all…\\
reb: some unknown episode of kempelen’s training maybe!\\
kuro: to ask such a thing would put our life in danger, you know…?\\
kem: we don’t need side attractions.\\
kem: hurry up and play.\\
near reb: eh? Why!?\\
kuro: what is this… Tension I feel in the air…?\\
kuro: … this sudden and unnatural bet…\\
kuro: the situation is strange after all…\\ eh? Talking of strange things, these two were master and disciple, right…?\\
kuro: why didn’t kempelen bring me here directly to meet with philidor…?\\
kuro: he also knows where the house is, why did he leave us at the regence…?\\
kuro: was there something that he could not do…?\\
kuro: could it be that kempelen did not want that we would meet philidor for the first time together…?\\ did he wanted to hide our secret to philidor…?\\
kuro: the turk…? No, as things stands now he should have already discovered the secret…\\
kuro: a secret that I don’t know…?\\
mo: you are suitable to be the representative of the monochrome,\\ kuro…\\
kuro: then if I will win…\\
kuro: I want you to give me answers about the “monochrome”.\\
phil: tres bien!! That settles it!!\\
phil: but don’t relax during the match.\\ well then…\\
phil: let’s begin!!\\
kuro: d4!!\\
kuro: c4!!\\
kem: my shitty master’s bad hobby…\\
kem: is not just to chain his disciples.\\
kem: with this, no matter if he wins of loses, the shitty dog will have no other choices than be interested in the monochrome.\\
kem: furthermore another of his bad habit is how…\\
kem: now there is the chance that I will be the one to answer to those questions.\\
kem: this is the same training I went through with…\\
kem: francisca…\\
kem: the checkmate is almost impossible…\\
kem: because it is a method to polish your abilities to end things with a stalemate.\\
kem: by chaining them together he has cut any path of retreat,\\
kem: not only he made him take the fate of another person on his shoulders,\\
kem: but made him play in a totally disadvantageous situation…\\
kem: this is a specialized training…\\
kem: in order to not lose in the monochrome.\\
kem: on the monochrome’s stage, where the national interests are on stake,\\ a draw is allowed, while a defeat will never be forgiven…\\
kem: a chess master that doesn’t lose will survive longer than a chess master who wins.\\
kem: in other words, the passing mark for this training is the stalemate!!\\
kem: against someone like philidor, the world champion, that should be the shitty dog’s limit.\\
kem: and if it ends up in a stalemate the bet will also be void…\\ philidor doesn’t have any intention to talk…\\
kem: therefore, he wants me to do the talking…\
kem: about the monochrome\\
kem: after I have witnessed this fight!!\\
reb: kuro…\\
reb: I wonder why…\\
reb: no matter how much I am afraid…\\
reb: I have the feeling that I will be able to take another step forward as long as you are near me.\\
reb: since the first day I met you, I felt relieved as long as you were standing behind me…\\
reb: Nxd4!!\\
phil: this is difficult!! It is totally different from the matches we had until now!!\\
kem: to be able to pull it through even considering the compulsory mistakes of a beginner…\\
kem: this was the stage that francisca and I weren’t able to pass…\\
kem: the maturity that comes with ability to play moves that make the impossible possible…\\
kem: a play style that doesn’t make you lose!!!\\
phil: if he plays Qh8, it will end into a stalemate…\\
phil: you grew a lot, kuromu…\\
kuro: f8=N+!!\\
phil: eh?\\
kuro: why are you relaxing?\\
kuro: the show begins now.\\
inserted: a move that overturn common sense and realizes the unimaginable…!!\\

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